Taking pictures...y'know. "Piiictures."

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    Okay, so LPSG is home to one of the largest amateur nude photo galleries out there, but alot of members don't have pics up. I'm one of them. Truth is, I'm a little afraid to do it.

    I've had some pretty choice encounters in my short life and I've kicked myself repeatedly for not taking pictures in that moment. For me, I don't wanna ruin a hot situation by in the middle of the session asking, "Do you mind if I take a pic of me with your cock half-way down my throat?"

    Obviously there are many men out there who would give me the camera and tell me what their "best angle" is, but alot of guys (especially the ones I'm into) prefer a more discreet session.

    I guess what I'm asking is, how does one ask to take pictures of the deed without freaking your partner out?
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    Sep 7, 2006
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    lol...i understand that.
    it is awkward but afterwards it is hot.
    and even during if you have a digi.

    i have taken video of me looking down whilst going doggy.
    stopped the recording and let her watch whilst still fucking.
    she liked it alot,cuz she never gets that view.
    so work with your lovers needs as well with the cam.
    it is not all about the cock...experiment and play.
    above all, have fun.
    sex is very photogenic. ;)

    i would simply say....mind if we take pics? that is a trust thing.
    so make sure you have a good line of communication.
    then take pics whilst doin' the mambo.
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