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Tampa Cocksucker Says Hello


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Jun 15, 2007
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Austin (Texas, United States)
Do cocksuckers all have trouble throating your Big Dick to the balls?

There is a lot of BAD cocksucking out there... expecially for big thick dicks that are 9-12". I love seeing the face of some very well hung guy as I take him to the balls possibly for the first time and his eyes roll back in his head and he has that OMG!!! moment. Even better when my throat makes him cum!!!

Does one look at your huge cock elicit responses “Oh, my GOD , it’s too damn big…” or “ What do you expect me to do with that…” I will take all you have to give, and as hard as you want to give it…” My motto is… If it won’t fit, Just relax and take every long inch, slowly…. If it still doesn’t fit… GRAB MY HEAD and push it in till you MAKE me take it ALL!

I can swallow you WHOLE!!! Let me suck you, milk you, worship that gigantic cock and KNOW there is someone, finally, who wants you, all of you, and can take all you can dish out. Till you CUM, on my face, in my mouth, or all the way straight into my stomach.

I have mad skills dicksucking and can take you to the balls! love uncut! AND AM VERY HUNGRY FOR BBC! if you are hard hit me up. Also looking for other times.. I get hungry often!! Drop me a line. pic-show me what you got.. I have pics and vids...

I love to share this with kinky women too... or all by myself... smile.


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Jan 23, 2008
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I love to hear people being passionate about what they enjoy. Welcome, jizzman469.