Tante Yvonne

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    I believe this story is apocryphal, but it's cute anyway.

    In 1945, shortly after Charles de Gaulle became the leader of the post-Vichy provisional government in France, he and his wife Yvonne were invited to the White House to meet with President Truman. There was a lot to discuss -- the victory in Europe, the ongoing war with Japan, the rebuilding of France, war reparations, etc.

    The night they arrived, they were treated to a lavish banquet at the White House. At the banquet, General de Gaulle offered a toast to President Truman. Then, Yvonne stood up to offer her toast. "And I would like to offer a toast to First Lady Bess. My English is not so good, but I wish to express that we too wish for a peaceful and glorious future. Madame Truman, may you be filled with a penis."

    There was an awkward, stunned silence.

    Then Charles de Gaulle leaned over and whispered, "Yvonne, ma cherie, I believe the word is pronounced happiness."
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    :lol: I think that use that line in the Beverly Hillbillies movie when the french tutor was saying "Happiness (A penis) is hard to find".
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