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Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by Imported, Nov 9, 2004.

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    OR_Paul: Well, i have been reading a lot lately about tantric sex and it sounds pretty out of this world. Has anybody here tried it or practice it? if so what do you have to say about it and what kind of tantra were you practicing, *white or **red?

    * White Tantra - energy is used exclusively for beneficial, superior, spiritual purposes, as healing, psychic supporting, easing of the spiritual evolution, etc.

    ** Red Tantra - dedicated entirely to the obtaining of as much as possible pleasure, and personal satisfaction, in a somehow selfish manner. This direction, or deviation is quite typical for the Western practisers.
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    tantra is not just about dck control
    It is focusing on the journey the ebbs ad flows, peaks and valleys of lovemaking. If you've never had tantric sex it is like making luv with someone yu are really really sexually compatable with for a really long time with great foreplay. That's the closest thing I can compare it to.

    I have had the same tantric partner for 8 years now and I don't want to date him and don't really want sex from anyone else.
    You don't have to be in love to do it only inlove with the with your own spirit
    Then you can better appreciate the other

    It's like a random act of kindness. Helping someone who needs help. I your a nurse who does it for mare than the money. A caregiver looking after a hospice patient.
    The love of all man for simply being and realizing this is not the end ther is somewhere else to go and something else undone left to do. THE JOURNEY.
    Learning about yourself thru sex with the aid of someone who is doing the same

    I learnd thru tantra that I think to much about what I am about to say. I am not as spontanious as I had thought. I should go with my gut feelings more.
    I am more aggressive that passive-agressive. I have been more comforatable exercising all of these things in my daiy life and interactions with people in all waslk of life. Work, family, friends, in line at the grocery store.

    It sex with the purpose and potential of spiritual growth and unity.
    This LOOSE quote is not from a tantra book but it fits.

    "Imagine that you that you are a light bulb inside of a baloon. You are seperated from the light oustide of it's rubber SKIN. No light from outside can really get in and no light from you, the light bulb can get out. Imagine that the the lightbule is getting brighter and the air inside of the baloon is heating up. The baloon begins to expand as the molecules inside are vibrating faster and faster. SPIRITUAL GROWTH. The rubber SKIN of the baloon gets thinner. Slowly the light from the uotside of the baloon can come inside and yourlight can shine and be been by all aswell. At what point do the lights meet.
    UNION. Who knows?"

    But seriously, perhaps you should get into Reiki or Qui Jong and use that in the bedroom
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    LOL@tantric sex. I'll try it when i get tired of normal sex which prolly never.
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