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Taste And Nutritional Value Of Cum

Discussion in 'Ask a Gay Man' started by Peter4572, May 21, 2019.

  1. Peter4572

    Peter4572 Superior Member

    Aug 9, 2017
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    I wonder, if there is any nutritional value, in ones indulgence into tasting and swallowing, ones cum. By my opinion, it must be by far, kind of a "torture" to induce yourself in this. I imagine, it would be as a first time trying to smoke a cigarette. I mean, although it's an appalling thing to do, yet one does it. Is it out a curiosity?, or to test himself, if he can stand it?
    Nutritional now, it has not much to offer, as per many scientific studies on the matter. A spoonful of a young man's cream, it's poorer in nutrients than an orange or an apple combined with a small number of various nuts.
    Contrary to few nutrients that it contains, the impact on a guy's sense of strength, for a short time after ejaculation at least, is overwhelming. One feels so exhausted, he needs to take a deep breath until things return back to normal. Even for a donation of 10 ounces of blood doesn't get you such a..."drop dead" kind of feeling.
    What's the reason then? Why is it that, so much of an exhausting thing to do? What is the physical as well as psychological processes involved? At first, of course, there is a great emotional tension in the expectation of climax, and high pleasure which explodes literary on one's soul and body. The moment of a cum shot, a jitter hits your whole being, fulfilling you with excitement and extreme sense of pleasure. An out of control dream, of being in another dimension!
    Even, the loss of physical strength, fortunately transient, proves that something very powerful took place! So in spite of everything, we continue to do it, because the gain at all levels is so great, that we don't want to miss this wonderful feeling of satisfaction, whenever we are given the opportunity.
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