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    Do not know if a thread exists in relation to this...had a quick look...Anyhoo, am thinking of putting a tatt on my bod, have an idea of a personal tribal design, one of my own, which is how they should personal opinion only there. The position for placing it came from my woman, she has a number of places on her body you probably would call erogenous zones, sexy? Definitley.

    She says she would love if I place it on my hip.. following that line where your abdomen meets hip, starting a couple of inches from my cock so it finishes on the hip just above your undies waist band. My reply.. only women get tatts there...( I have heard them called tramp stamps...for some reason or other:biggrin1:).Same response from the tattoo parlor guy when i mentioned it to him...cept my woman (who was present) piped up and said........ it would look sexy, and the reason that the majority of guys don't get a tatt there is because of their big beer bellies..... I am a man of my own mind,(cough) and tend to think about things (most things) before acting on them...and after thinking about it I think it would look kinda good..ok sexy:tongue:.

    SO, what do you think? what is your opinion? Where do you think is the sexiest part on any male, or female body?........'cept I don't think I will be going back to that tattoo parlor tho.....since the guy there liked his beer..a lot.
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    Eh... tramp stamp is the lower back tattoo, not a hip tattoo. So you're safe there. I think it would look fine... just put it where YOU want it... regardless of what your woman says, you are the one who has to spend the rest of your life with it, not her.
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