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    I thought it would be cool if we all just took the time to tell everyone about the last sexual experience we had, be it if it happened last year, last month or 2 seconds ago. Hopefully we can get a strong interesting thread going here and remember to keep updating us we your antics! Curious minds want to know.

    As much detail as you can.

    My last SEXPERIENCE actually happened some months ago, I know LAME!!! I'm 25 and a friend, who was also the same age, came to visit me. He and I had went out with two girls and after a ton of drinks and a lot of sex talk we were all horned up and ready for some pussy. The two girls we were with were both teases so we decided to ditch them and head over to these two sisters' place about an hour away. They had told us they had been drinking and that they wanted us to pass through. now a lil background on these girls. They were more my friend's friends and they were 18 and 19 I know young fresh pussy. The elder sister and my boy had been hooking up over the past 2 years so needless to say I was supposed to keep the other sister company.

    We got there and we were ready to go. I took her into her room and my boy took the other sister into the other room and we just started fucking. You could still see the youth in her pussy and it slightly made me a lil uncomfortable,I'm not going to lie. Here I was at 25 and I'm about to dive in on this bald young puss. But as any man would, I dove right in and man did it feel good. She was tight as all hell but I could tell by the way she rode me that this was not the first time she had fucked. We kept fucking and fucking and every time we would get a lil vocal she would stop to make sure her parents weren't up due to the fact that her room was over her parents' room. At the end of the night I let loose in her pussy. In a condom of course. I usually pull out just incase but this time I had to stay inside.

    Anyway just as I had finished I found out my boy had been done for a while now and was kind of in the middle of a fight with the girl because she wanted more from the relationship. That part of the story is his issue lol.

    Ok it's your turn.
    What was your last SEXPERIENCE?
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