Tens and zeroes: how we rate one another

Discussion in 'Et Cetera, Et Cetera' started by D_Harvey Schmeckel, Mar 13, 2010.

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    One thing that I really appreciate about this site is the way members use the ratings system, subverting the ten point scale and using it almost unanimously in a binary way. Giving a pic a ten is saying "yes, that's hot!" and passing it by without a rating is the alternative. In a context where comparison and competition are inevitable, we're very kind to one another on the subject of dicks. There's an unwritten rule that SUPPORT entails not using the ratings system in a way that would hurt anyone's feelings. Insults are for the politics forum, or anywhere else than putting down a fellow member's dick pics. That kind of mutual support keeps us posting-- if people jeered at one another's penises it would reduce members' willingness to show them.

    For me giving a pic a 10 is saying my dick jumped at the sight of it. Or maybe more like some switch in my brain flipped. That's not a feeling with 9 degrees of variation-- it's a "boing" or nothing. And my guess is that this is the kind of feedback we crave from one another-- hence all the 10s and so few more nuanced ratings.
  2. D_Andreas Sukov

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    I had a few 9's. I usually give 10 to anything that i find hot. For me to even bother to rate, it has to be pretty hot.
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