Thank You Levi…

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    Like many I trying to deal with the cold of winter; unlike most my winter is only dealing with harsh wind, cold rain and temps in the high 40’s and low 50’s such is life in Southern CA. To think just ten years ago I moved here from Paradise – Honolulu, HI.

    Anyway either its age or it’s the winter weather I have found myself lately having fond memories of one of my favorites fashion statements; faded tight cut-off blue jean shorts. I mean it seems like only yesterday it was the seventies and every teenage girl with a tight body that I knew wore them and the shorter and more faded the better.

    I fondly remember the first girl I ever really got hot and heavy with well heavy petting at least had a bear patch embroidered on the crotch of hers. She could make me excited just wearing those shorts and with the exception of having my cherry taken earlier by a next door neighbor the best fuck I ever had was in those same shorts.

    Later when I went into the Marines she gave me that patch and I still have it today!

    But it was after getting out in Hawaii that I would rekindle my fantasies with cut-off blue jean shorts. I mean what girl doesn’t look sexy in them? I love the way their panties or even a partial crescent of their ass can be seen as they walk in front of you. Or how soft they feel as you caress and cup their ass as you kiss them and I have been lucky enough to have had more than one hot local girl with no panties on and those tight little blue jean shorts on drive me crazy with lust…

    Old Mr. Strauss couldn’t have possibly known what he had created back in May of 1873 and what it would do for young teenage boys and men in the future.

    So even though the weather out side doesn’t lend itself to it I would like to propose that we seek out posters to post themselves or loved ones in a pair of cut-off blue jeans shorts so we can all be reminded of those fond memories of our youth and summers gone by…

    Thank You Levi…
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