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    the pain behind your eyes
    I was watching Law & Order the other night, and during the 1st commercial break, I happened upon an advertisement for Enzyte. I have heard about it, but never really investigated it. Anyways, the text of the commercial was to say the least, suggestive. even to the part where they show a guy supposedly at a game of some sorts, and the cheerleaders were rallying aorund him for his use of Enzyte. While there were some fanatics with their shirts off just barely spelling, "LIMP" until the cheerleaders cheered the Enzyte guy on.

    I found it humorous, but then again, a little deprecating to all guys with ED over it.

    What's anyone's else's take on it?
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    Enzyte has had to change it's claims since it first started advertizing. It's supposed to make it plain that one should not expect flaccid 'enhancement.'

    The idea, I think, is that Enzyte is supposed to help a man reach his 'hard-as-nails' potential if he's been having trouble getting there naturally.

    My brother tried the stuff for about 3 months and declared it a waste of money.

    Now his doctor is treating him with Cialis and I can almost hear his "Whoopie!!" all the way from California.
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    I asked my cousin who is a Dr. and he said that Enzyte does not work. I know there are men who claim that their penis has become longer and harder with it&#39;s use. However, if this would work then we could take a pill to make our testicles larger, our feet longer and our fingers longer....
    People will purchase almost anything and although it does not work, they will swear that it does. Got to go now, I missed my eye color change pill last night and my eyes are changing back to blue...
  4. rich_cabeza2002

    Feb 14, 2005
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    No Idea if it works..but the commercials are hilarious.
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