That Summer After Graduation

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    hey new here at LPSG and thought I'd have a go at this.

    We've been friends for years, best friends actually and this was probably going to be our last (but best) summer together.
    I'm Rob, I'm 6', I have brown hair and brown eyes, nice build, and an 8'' cock. Not too bad in my opinion. The friend I'm talking about is Dan. He is 5'11'', blonde hair and blue eyes, and muscular build. Now throughout highschool I dated a bit, but not enough to keep a little black book. Although, I guess like most guys, you can say I was curious about other guys. I mean during swim class in gym I'd make a few glances, ya know to compare sizes. My senior year rolled around, and soon enough so did graduation. I wanted this summer to last forevever because I really didn't want to go off to college so soon.

    One day during July I asked Dan if he wanted to "hang out". the time I didn't mean it literally. I mean we'd usually get together a couple times a month with our friends to see a movie and stuff. He asked me what are we gonna do? And I said probably go swimming in my pool.
    Before I realized it, Dan arrived, and I wasn't even in my swim trunks. When he stepped out of the car I realized neither was he.
    "You're getting changed here?" I asked.
    "Yeah if you don't mind. I didn't know if we were gonna swim right away. And I hate being in trunks longer than I have to." He replied.
    "Oh okay that's fine." I said.
    He came into my house and I offered him a drink. He denied one. So I said, "Well we might as well get dressed." It was hot out that day. As we were walking up the steps to my room I realized that no one was home and sure enough Dan asked "Isn't anyone here?" and I shook my head. He replied with a simple "cool".

    We got into my room and I turned to my desk with my back facing Dan. I turned around and Dan had his pants down with just his boxers on. His boxer hole was slightly open and I could barely see his cock dangling.
    "Oh I'll leave." I said.
    "No it's cool." Replied Dan as he pulled his boxers down. There dangling in his mid-section was a beautiful, thick 5-inch cut cock. A tight sack of balls hung below his dick and he had his pubes trimmed. He caught me staring at it. I couldn't get over how thick it was. Suddenly he put his hand on it. Now my buddy had big hands, and his hand couldn't even wrap all the way around his cock. "You'll like it?" He said. I looked up quickly and gave a simple laugh. I was blushing in the face. Then more embarrasment came. I got a hard-on. "You must really like it." He said laughing noticeing the buldge in my pants.
    I sat down quickly trying to hide it. Then the cock in his hand started to swell. Holy shit, I didn't think it could get any bigger. In length it didn't too much maybe 6" but in width. This cock was thick. Now mine was long and slender nothing compared to his. It was almost as thick as a soda can.
    I started to take off my pants. I thought, 'what the hell?'. Sticking out of my boxers was my 8'' cock with a little bit of pre-cum dribbling off of it. We both laughed.
    "Jeez, your dick is long." Dan said.
    "Yeah well your thickness is nothing compared to mine." We both smiled at eachother and laughed. He walked over towards me.
    "Do you wanna touch mine?" He said in a low whisper, almost as if he didn't want someone to hear.
    "Yes." I said, in the same quiet yet serious tone. My hand was trembling as I slowly moved it towards his throbbing thick cock. I grabbed in gently. It was nothing like I've ever felt before. It was so thick and it had some nice veins. I gently rubbed my finger over his longest biggest vein, and he shook a little bit. I looked up. "Sorry." I said.
    "It's okay, it just tickeled". I gripped his cock the best I could and slowly started stroking it. A bit of pre-cum oozed out of the tip. As I was stroking his he gently grapped mine and started doing the same.
    I stood up and took my boxers and shirt off. Standing their completely naked. He took his shirt off but left his socks on. There standing in front of me, was this hot, muscular dude, with a thick cock, and white socks. What a turn on, I thought I was gonna cum right there. A thought occured to me, I never really saw my friend like this. I mean as being sexy or hott. Maybe this was the start of something new, or just an experiment. Aren't we a little too old to experiment though? Thougts, feelings, emotions, desire raged through me all at once. But for now all I wanted was this stud. And I think he wanted the same.
    He stepped closer to me. He wrapped his arms around me and we looked into eachother's eyes. He leaned forward and kissed me. He put his tounge in my mouth and I did the same. Massaging his warm tounge. We kissed for a few minutes. I could feel his cock rubbing up against my stomack the pre-cum was making my stomach wet.
    "Do you wanna...?" I stopped Dan. I put my hand up to his mouth. I already new what he was thinking. I got down on my knees. I looked at his thick cock staring at me. I wasn't sure how I was going to suck it. Certainly I couldn't put the whole thing in my mouth, I mean I could try. I put my mouth on his throbbing head. I took my tounge and massaged it around tasting his pre-cum. I ran my tounge down his shaft, and back up again to the head. I then got down lower and sucked on his balls.
    He shivered again. That must have tickled him. I was doing something right. I did the best I could to suck and work my tounge and mouth all around his cock. I stood up and without a word he knew what to do. He got down and easily put my cock in his mouth. He got to about less than half-way and almost gagged. My long cock must have hit the back of his throat.
    "I wanted to see how far it would go." He said.
    I gave him a simple smile, and titled my head back closing my eyes. I've never recieved a blow job or any kind of sex from the girls I dated. And I don't know if it was because of the great feeling of a mouth on my cock, or because this stud of a best friend was doing it.
    "You're pretty good at this." I said, thinking I was gonna cum in his mouth.
    He laughed, taking my cock out of his mouth. He kinda blushed. "My buddy on the football team, asked me if I'd give him one, this one day after practice."

    I laughed, and thought 'hmm the myths are true.' He took my throbbing cock in his mouth working my long shaft and balls just as I did to him. After about 2 minutes though, I told him I was gonna cum.
    "It's okay." He said. "Cum in my mouth." I agreed. And he began to work my shaft harder. Oh the feeling was unbelievable. I came and my cock throbbed in his mouth, he sucked my juices.
    I let out this huge moan. He released my cock from his mouth and I fell onto my bed. He laughed. "So you liked it?"
    I looked up at him, "Liked it? I loved it."
    "Good." He said almost proud of himself, "I wanted to try that with you for awhile."
    "Really?" I asked, surprised.
    "Yeah. I noticed your bulge when you get hard, and figured your cock was pretty big."
    "Long." I said. "Now yours..." I laughed "Is...I don't have an adjective. How do you jack off with that thing."
    He laughed, "most of the time I have to use two hands." He said lying next to me. The thought of this masculine stud masturbating, and working seeing the veins in his biceps pop-out as he working his thick cock, got me hard again.
    He looked at my shaft rising back to life.
    "Already?" He laughed.
    "It's my turn." I said. "As return for your good deeds what would you like me to do to you?"
    "That's very generous." He said laughing. "I'd like to fuck you."
    I looked at him "hey if you can fit it in without tearing my ass apart go right ahead."
    I laid down on my stomach. He caressed my back, and my hairy ass cheeks. He spread them apart. Pretty wide, it kinda hurt. He then put them back together and asked, "It would be easier with lube, you got some?"
    "Yes." I said my voice muffled in the pillow, "in the top drawer of my desk." I usually used it for masturbating. He went over to the drawer and pulled it open. Inside he found lube and some porn magazines, one of them was a gay porn. He picked it up, "Where'd you get this?"
    I looked up, "Oh I got it on-line." I blushed, my friend probably thought I was a fag.
    "That's fucking awesome. Get me one." He said.
    I smiled and turned back facing my bed. He rubbed the lube all over my ass cheeks and then he gently moved his hand inside to where my asshole was, spreading my cheeks apart. Dan then rubbed alot of lube all over his enormous cock, using both hands.
    "Ready?" He said.
    "Wait." I turned to look at him, "aren't you gonna use a condom?"
    "Dude it's okay. Trust me I was tested." He said in an assuring voice.
    "Alright." I said turning to my pillow again, and thought there probably wasn't a condom big enough to fit his cock. He'd have to use a balloon. "I'm ready." I said. Gently his head touched the tip of my anal hole. It felt so nice. He pushed, using all his man force to pass the entry of my ass. He was in. I let out a slight groan, kind of a painful one. He went in a little deeper. And 1/3 of his cock was in my ass.
    "That's all the further I'm gonna go. I don't wanna hurt you." He said.
    "Thank you." I said, squinting.
    Slowly and gradually he pumped his cock in my ass. It was an awkward feeling but from the noises he was making, it must of felt good to him.
    "Ohh." He exclaimed, "ohh fuck." He worked my ass, going a little faster now. "Ohh fuck yeah." He said louder. After about 3 or 4 minutes, he said he was going to cum. "Cum on my stomach or in my mouth." I said. I wasn't really into the idea yet of him cumming in my ass. He pulled out, and I was relieved. Then he turned me over not using much force. He gripped his cock with both hand and gave it 5 quick strokes. He came all over my stomach. And let out a loud groan. I took my finger and put it in his large load on my stomach. I tasted it. It was good, and salty.
    "So..." He said. As we got our trunks on. "You wanna do that again in the pool?"
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    Tell me how you guys liked this story...
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    well, i liked it. you should write more.
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