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    Nov 14, 2008
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    at the risk of being criticized on this forum, i actually had emma heart (i will not mention her real name on here) stay at my place while she was in LA doing shoots. she told me i could be a huge star in porn because of my size and wanted to hook me up with her management, but i got cold feet.

    even though she was in my bed and was begging me to have sex with her, i could not, because i was paranoid about diseases i might catch, even if using a condom.

    sure enough, i took her to a shoot the next day and she didn't pass her AIM test. she had to take some antibiotics before her shoot. while she was in LA, we stayed in touch and there was NON STOP drama, such as the life of a porn star. i also learned she does black guys because there's more money in it.

    true story.
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