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    There once was a man named Sam Frank (a.k.a Michael Boyd, Jim Boyd) who had just enough iota of English written talent to connect a noun and verb, subject and predicate... well you get the idea. Beyond his obsession with large endowments was his fascination with celebrity large endowments. Unfortunately, since he was socially inept, had the satorial tendencies of a vagrant AND lacked the God-given common sense of a marsupial, he depended upon second, third, and thirty-seventh hand information in which to base his opinion.

    Unfortunately, all the stars alighed themeselves one evening, and he found himself on the outermost fringes of pornographic media, and by that virtue, head of a group called the Hung Jury. Armed by the power of the pen, Sam Frank compiled a list of all the heavily equipped stars in Hollywood crica 1980-1990, dead or alive at that time, and released his penile masterpiece to the world. Since that time, A, B, and C list actors, some who had not gotten work in decades, sprung to the top of the Hollywood party scene by pure virtue of rumor.

    What I would like to hear, ladies, but gays too as a large segment of Hollywood is gay, are verified facts of celebrity endowments, unvarnished truth-bone-pressed-along-the-top truth, of celebrities you have encountered.
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