The Adventures of Fabio Baerbak

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    The Adventures of Fabio Baerbak.
    Fabio Baerbak and the Magnificent Meat market.

    Fabio had not been out in ages he needed to get his swerve on, so when party night at Miguel’s came round he decides that this will indeed be the night and heads out. Miguel’s is a massive club with capacity of around 3000 people and lots of nooks and crannies to be alone in. The sounds were funky and the girlies were hot so all in all times were good. After dancing with a nice girl with big ass and bigger tits Fabio found himself with a hardon that was threatening to tear through his jeans.
    Fabio decided to take a break and consider what to do with his weapon so he decided to take a break on the bench. The bench is a long seat that sits opposite the main dance floor, usually by halfway through the night you can see on it a gallery of all the people who could not quite manage a full night of drinking, it offered a reasonable view of the club as you sought out your next victim and it was also quite dark and even though it was in the open people did make use of that fact.
    Fabio took a look around the club, there were some hot girls wearing next to nothing but he could hardly think straight with all the blood flow going down, he looked to his left and then he saw it, she was lovely, maybe 5 foot 8 or 9, dark hair, very dark eyes, maybe middle eastern with a voluptuous body 34 E at least and a nice firm ass too. With her was some lucky guy making the most his good fortune and going for it, he had worked one hand up her small tight top and was massaging her left boob and she was slowly but surely working her hand down his jeans.
    Fabio could not help but keep watching these two going at it and getting even more turned on by it, they were no more than three feet away from him on the bench so he did not miss much like the fact that she was not wearing a bra and the boy was not far from getting them out for everyone to see.
    That was too much for Fabio who had worked a hand into his pocket and was trying to massage some relief into his hardon but it just was not enough, so trying to move as silently as possible he shimmied across to a drinks table (they were seemingly set into the floor every few feet next to the bench itself) to get some cover and unzipped himself and eased out his hardon. It sprang out to its full 7.5 inches almost immediately and he grabbed a hold of it sliding it up and down slowly at first, totally turned on by the danger of the situation, feeling it grow in his grip. It felt incredible jerking off in the club with the music playing with hundreds of people only feet away but totally unaware of what was going on.
    There he was his dick in his hand in one of the busiest night clubs in the are and no one noticed, he had managed the skill of the highest order hiding in the open becoming one and yet apart from the crowd. The sense of danger was there like a pit in his stomach and making the veins of his dick bulge out making it look enormous compared to most times he thought he was hard after fantasising about his busty curvy tomboy of a flatmate. At any moment he knew he could be grabbed by the bouncers and marched out for being a pervert and probably banned for quite awhile at least until they forgot his face but he felt so damn good he could not stop.
    By moving to the table to cover his glory Fabio was now a whole lot closer to the couple and he could hear and see everything, the moaning of the lucky boy as the girl jerked him off with her hand down his jeans, he could see the fullness of her chest that was now nearly all out of the itty bitty top it had been packed into just moments before. Then a crazy thought came to mind, Fabio quickly figured if it went south he could act drunk or play it off as he was simply moving so with that he extended his hand towards the girl’s ass and gently touched it, it felt incredible doing something so crazy in a place like this.
    Now Fabio was really getting into it he was free to squeeze and play with this lovely ass while this girl and her boy kept on oblivious to his part in it. She felt soft and warm and the second he touched her skin and the fabric of her trousers electricity flowed from his hand to his dick he nearly came on the spot. He enjoyed the next best two minutes of his life before removing his hand and aiming down before blowing his load against the underside of the table then quickly making his exit to the toilets to clean up leaving the couple blissfully unaware of how happy they had made him.

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