The Affair

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    She looked up at him, not quite knowing what to expect. But one thing she did know; it would be good. If not great. She barely noticed her hair was still wet from the shower, or the clean smell of the soap that had just rinsed from her waiting body.

    He grabbed the towel that was wrapped around her body and yanked it off, dropping it on the floor. Her nude body was standing before him.

    "I told you to be naked and in bed", he told her as he pulled her hair. She liked her hair pulled, and he knew it. But even more, he was happy to oblige. He brought his lips down close to hers. She opened her mouth to accept his kiss. Would it be hard? Would it be soft? Or perhaps a mixture of both. She would not find least not yet. At the last second he pulled away and gazed in her eyes.

    "First you must pay for your disobedience."

    She giggled as he shoved her on the bed face down. Knowing what was going to come next, she started to fight. But it was no use.


    The sound was loud against the silence as his hand met her bare bottom.



    She laughed again as he said, "Next time you will listen to me......or else."

    "Or else what?" and the giggling was now laughter.




    "Okay, okay", she squealed. "I've learned"

    "I don't think so."




    Each swat seemed to be harder than the one before. She felt the sting grow more intense. Half excited and half not knowing how long he would continue she again decided to fight.

    But it was still useless.

    "Oh know you don't. That means we will have to start over my dear."

    "No, no", she blurted out half begging. "Really, I'll be good."

    He knew that spanking was exciting, and it was fun for both of them. No matter how hard she begged for him to stop. He remembered the time he pinned her down and spanked her with a wooden spoon. She squealed and laughed and begged for him to stop, and was half relieved when the spoon actually broke during one of the swats.

    This time he was just using his hand.

    He finally decided she had endured enough for now, as he lightly put his fingers between her legs to see how much she had enjoyed it. He knew she would never admit it, but he had another method of testing.

    Yep, she was moist all right. Taking off his pants and underwear he was already rock hard from the excitement.

    "Now I am going to give you something else", he exclaimed.

    "Oh what ever could that be", she said with an innocent wonder in her voice. Of course she already knew as she heard his belt buckle unhook. It didn't take long before she felt him starting to penetrate her.

    "You're tight", he noted.

    "Its been awhile dear."

    "Then I had better take care of that".

    He slid it in a little more and felt her glorious wetness on his cock.

    She let out a moan and a gentle "yes" as she knew what was coming.

    The pace quickened as she relaxed.

    "Oh baby! I love it when you are rough with me."

    "I know," he replied, and then swatted her on the ass again.

    She let out a giggle and his pace increased.

    "That's it baby......that's it."

    But he didn't want it to end.........not yet. There was much more exploring to be done.

    Gently, but not too gentle of course, he grabbed her by the hair again and lead her to the floor. As he stood over her she knew what to do. What he liked. No, what he LOVED!

    His hardness was now at its peak. He had never gone soft with her as he did with his wife. That sex was, well......boring. So predicable. So full of rules and don'ts. Sex with this woman was full of passion, life, and exploration. Something they both needed.

    As she took him into her mouth she could hear his moaning. And she worked her magic well. She had often wondered if she would ever please a man again after her divorce. The lonely nights were often unbearable. The tears plentiful. She wondered and doubted. But this man, oh, he appreciated her like no other. They had fun and laughed and fucked for hours.

    She could feel his head growing in her mouth. It wouldn't be long. But still he did not want it to end. Not yet.

    "Get on the bed," he told her.

    She got off her knees and laid on her back on the bed. She liked him to take charge, and he was very, very good at it. Especially in bed.

    He buried his head between her legs as she let out a small sigh of approval.

    "Oh you know I like that."

    He then moved up into the 69 position with her still on the bottom. They enjoyed feeding off each other's juices and passion. He would explore her completely down there. The warmth and the wetness were intoxicating.

    He would often push his cock down her throat just a bit too much. But he always let off when he heard her start to gag. That would most likely ruin the mood.

    His fingers inside her as his tongue and lips moved masterfully. Or so she said.

    "Oh baby, I'm ready," she let out with a half moan several minutes later.

    The gutteral sound he heard was music to his ears. And he could feel her throb and contract around his fingers. But as he often did, he kept going. And in a few seconds another wave came over her.

    Oh she was in heaven. Or something close to it as he lead her off the bed by the hand.

    She knew the position he was guiding her toward. It was one of his favorites, and she enjoyed it to.

    But first he gently kissed and nuzzled the back of her neck. That was what she enjoyed the most. And he breathed his hot breath into her right ear as he whispered, "Are you ready to get fucked?"

    "Oh yes", was her reply, as she was still trying to gather herself after the tremendous orgasm.

    He had her put her hands on her dresser, and lean over while still standing. He would have perfect access to her from behind, and it took almost no time at all for him to enter her again.

    As their bodies slammed against each other with the familiar sounds of sex, he reached to grab her hair again. But this time he pulled really hard.

    "Aaaaaaaa", she let out. "Fuck me baby. Fuck me harder."

    He knew she was loving it. And so was he.

    Sweat started to bead up on his face and run down his back. He loved so much to fuck her. And she knew it.

    The slams grew faster and louder. He reached up with his other hand and grabbed a handful of hair with that hand also.

    "You like it when I'm rough don't you?" he asked, knowing the answer.

    "Yes. yes I do", she managed to say.

    "Yes, what?"

    "Yes, I like it when you fuck me rough."

    He increased the pace even more, as if that was even possible. The sweat was drenching them both. The musty smell of good sex filled the air.

    She liked that he could go for a long time. More than one of their sessions had lasted several hours. But she knew he wasn't going to last for that long this time.

    "I'm going to cum in your mouth", he said to her.

    This was something he had never done before her. And she wasn't used to it either. But with each other it became how he usually ended their sessions.

    After another minute or two he finally said, "!"

    He pulled out as she simultaneously turned and dropped to her knees, quickly taking his cock into her open mouth and wrapping her lips around it. He always saved up for her, so she would get a mouthful.

    He shot to the back of her throat, and she almost gagged at first because she wasn't ready for that much force. Quickly she adjusted and continued to gently massage his balls as he continued to empty himself.

    He had never had such intense orgasms as with her. He let out a final yell.

    As he finished she ran her tongue around his head. He noticed the gesture, but he was not yet able to speak. The intensity was so great.

    She stood up and they briefly hugged. He thought of fucking her again. One of his "strengths" was that he was very virile, and could often keep going even right after he had finished.

    But time was short, and so another episode was over.

    "Do you want to take some tomatoes home?" she asked.

    "Sure", he said. "I like tomatoes."
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    Who would refuse an offer like that? Mmm...tomatoes!

    ...and a nicely written story before it too.
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