The Art Lesson

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    Sam, your setting on my book! This was actually
    only a mild annoyance. Sam had a great ass, a nicely
    compact, yet roundly bulbous ass. I knew that an ass
    like that had to have plenty of the kind of thrusting
    power I could use at times and so having him in my
    office with that ass was nothing for a girl to get
    angry about. However, this stupid art class was
    driving me crazy. Sam got up off my desk where he had
    been setting and talking to his girlfriend on
    my office phone. Some of the conversation was in
    French which always got my pussy wet, another minor
    annoyance. Turning around Sam grinned and said
    "sorry gurl, I'll go beck out to my newspaper." "No
    Sam" I said "you don't have to leave, really, I want
    you to stay." "It's just that this assignment has
    been a real drag." Sam came around behind me and
    stood over my shoulder. "What closs is dis your
    working on?" he asked. That sing song calypso accent
    could always fog up my panties and even after the day
    I'd had and being around him was starting that very
    fogging process. "An art class." "I was sure it would
    be a bunny class." "I was a fool for thinking that."
    I could feel him behind me looking at the book I had
    opened up on my desk. At least I think he was looking
    at the book. He may in fact have been looking down my
    sweater. My breasts were swollen this time of the
    month, and while that is slightly uncomfortable, it's
    a kick having such a big rack for a change. Sam's
    habit of sneaking peeks at me was a game we played. I
    often tried stealing glances at his package when ever
    he sat in my office and talked to me. I'm sure he had
    caught me a time or two.
    "Your art class is studying statues?" Asked Sam.
    "Not really, I'm supposed to write a paper on whatever
    and this looked like a good easy book and subject
    matter; Greco-Roman Antiquities in Art." It was one
    of the few art books in the library here that wasn't
    obviously from a middle school library. "Personly," I
    added, "I never understood what the big deal about
    these statues was." "I haven't seen one yet that
    wasn't broken." Sam laughed, "dey're two tousand
    years old, wouldn't you expect them to be broken?" "I
    always wondered why the people down through history
    didn't take better care to make sure the guys dicks
    didn't get broken off." I commented. "You go to all
    the trouble to do a nude sculpture of a guy and then
    you let his dick get knocked off." At this Sam leaned
    in close to the book pointed to the picture I was
    opining about and said, "dat guys dick is not broken
    off Chere."
    "Sure it is" I said.
    "No it's not" replied Sam.
    "You think I don't know what a cock looks like?" I
    asked. "Look, the head of his penis is missing."
    At this Sam laughed. Big and deep. It was what I
    called his banana republic laugh. When he did it he
    reminded me of the guy years ago that did the 7-up
    commercial on TV. I loved it when he laughed like
    "Lynn," said Sam laughing still. "You mean you've
    never seen a man's organ dat wasn't circumcised?"
    ...A pause, what would be the best answer here. In
    fact, I had never seen an uncircumcised cock before,
    but didn't want the embarrsemnt of admitting it to
    "I've seen plenty of pictures of them." Funny how
    something so dumb sounding can come from someone
    trying so hard to sound not dumb.
    "Well den, now your seeing a photo of a sculpture of
    one." "Neither of which looks like the real ting."
    "Have you ever seen one?" I asked, in as wise ass a
    manner as I could manage.
    "I see one everyday" said Sam.
    "Show me then"..........Did that just come out of my
    mouth? Did I just say that? Am I drunk or high or
    something?........Shit, say something
    look like and idiot now......"er, uh, I mean is yours
    uncircumcised?" That was not exactly the smooth save
    I was hoping for. Sam was doing his banana republic
    laugh again. No doubt brought on by my red hot face.
    "yes dear. I'm uncut, it's highly unusual for a man
    where I'm from to be circumcised. And as far as
    showing you goes, well dat could be arranged."
    I decided then and there to see what Sam was made of,
    so to speak. "Well now your talking then Sam. Lets go
    see this work of art of yours. I'd hate to do an
    injustice to Greco-Roman art for a lack of research"
    With that I stood and started out of my office. Come
    on I said, I know a place we can be alone and you can
    show me your Roe Man.
    So not to be put off by my possible bluff Sam started
    right in behind me. As we got out of the library and
    started down the hall he moved up next to me, darted
    his eyes around furtively and almost whispered. "Where
    are we going?"
    "There is a storage room next to the greenhouse out
    back. It's being turned into a storage room for that
    end of the building and currently, I have the only key
    to the room" Sam grinned big, very big. Who knows he
    may as big an exhibitioninist as I am a voyeur.
    When we got the the door I fiddled with the keys
    almost dropping them. My hands were starting to shake
    now and I wondered how much I would regret this later.
    The door opened wide and the closed up smell of the
    room enveloped us. It was the smell of fertilizer and
    janitor supplies, no doubt due to the rooms former
    uses. I ran my hand along the wall on the side where
    I thought the light switch was, but wasn't. I started
    to move to the other side of the door and ran smack
    into Sam, hard too. My swollen breasts were mashed
    flat into his chest and right arm. We both laughed at
    this. Sam reached to the wall I was trying to get to
    and turned on the light. The fluorescent tubes
    flickered and hummed until their soft light filled the
    room. I closed the door behind me and made sure that
    Sam saw me lock it.
    I then, in a very staged manner, turned around to face
    Sam. I rested all my body weight on one leg cocked the
    other leg out in front of me. And then like a jaded
    porn-o director doing auditions said "OK Sammy lets
    see, whatcha got." At first I thought that this
    little joke may have been lost on him. But he smiled
    knowingly and said "easy now doll, I'm the one tryin'
    to help you wit your homework. Now dontcha forget
    dat." Sam was wearing a pair of pleated, black, dress
    slacks. They looked good on him but they fit kind of
    loose and for a confirmed crotch watcher like me it
    was these kind of pants that most stymied my efforts
    to check that all important package. Sam leaned back
    slightly and unbuckeled his belt. My God I thought,
    he's really going to do it!
    Next came the top snap or was it a button. My heart
    now had begun to pound and the steam was really
    starting to fly down in the ole engine room. When he
    pulled down the zipper I stepped forward a step, you
    know just to let him know that I was interested and
    that I appreciated him taking some time out of his
    busy day to show me his excess foreskin, for my
    homework and all. He pulled the slacks down slightly
    and let them drop. They went almost to his knees. He
    was wearing a pair of black, boxer briefs! That
    exclamation point is no mistake in punctuation. I
    love boxer briefs! The lighting in the room and the
    color of his underwear short changed me some on any
    thing in the way of a cock bulge but before I had time
    to lament that Sam had raised his hands to his sides
    and tucked his thumbs down into the waistband of those
    shorts. As they started slowly down his hips I looked
    up and locked eyes with him. It was very obvious from
    that sly grin that he was enjoying this as much as, or
    more then me. The underwear went down at an
    accelerated rate and soon the dropped into the nest
    made for them by Sams leg bound dress slacks.
    And there it was.
    I was surprised first of all at its size. It
    looked to be completely flaccid. Which was the second
    thing that surprised me. My pussy was wet enough to
    sink the Titanic and Sam wasn't even a little bit
    hard. Despite its flaccid state it was at least as
    long as any other cock I had ever seen when fully
    hard. And the thickness, circumference, girth,
    whatever you call it, it was very, shall we say, wide.
    The color of it was perfect. Chocolate is my
    favorite color, nuff; said! It was turned down and
    resting perfectly at ease between two egg sized balls
    in their plump, dark, low hanging sack. The cock
    itself was indeed without a head. The foreskin went
    down the entire length of the shaft and no head was
    visible. I had only ever seen three other grown adult
    cocks in my life and, all white guys and instead of
    having the usuall tufts of fine, straight pubic hair,
    Sam's cock was encircled at the base by tight close
    clumps of nappy wirey hair. At first I thought the
    hair the size if it and the fact that it was uncut,
    gave Sam's cock a wild, primordial appearance that
    was very sexy. It suddenly occurred to me that it
    looked exactly like a turtle.
    "So where is the head?" I asked.
    "Where do you tink it is gurl? It's under da skin.
    Would you like in?" Sam grinned big. He was always
    full of those witty rhymes and come backs.
    "Sure" I replied, "what do I have to do?"
    "Just pull back da foreskin Lynn, da heads in
    I took another step forward, reached down and wrapped
    my hand around Sam' cock! Now this kind of art work I
    could learn to like. It was strange, very strange.
    Touching the penis a co-worker, at work. It looked
    strange, it even felt strange. The thickness of his
    dick surprised me and the elastic feel of it reminded
    me of bread doe. I squeezed it gently and with that
    I felt I had awakened it. I could actually feel it
    start to swell in my hand. I was reminded of those
    long thick tubes of raw cookie dough that I used to by
    at the store for my friends slummber parties. I
    lifted it up so that I could look down into the
    opening in the foreskin. The thing actually had a
    surprising amount of weight. That was a turn on. To
    think that the bigger the cock that more it weighed,
    something that have never occured to me before. I
    mean it only made sense that it would, it's just that
    I had never thought of it before. By now the beast
    was nearly at full staff. I could no longer reach my
    hand around it. That is to say that the tip of my
    longest finger and my the tip of my thumb couldn't
    touch each other with my hand wrapped around his cock.
    I pushed the skin back and sure enough the the head
    was there, safely nestled in the rolls of loose skin.
    With the skin pulled down around the shaft of the
    penis the the head looked naked and somehow surprised
    to be out in the world. Sam placed his hand on my
    breast and cradled it through my sweater and bra.
    This was something I hadn't counted on. I was so busy
    checking him out that it hadn't occurred to me that he
    may have some expectations to. Oh well, with that I
    dropped down on my knees in front of Sam. I started
    jacking him off and sucked one of his huge balls into
    my mouth. He liked this! Then the other. There was
    no way both of them would have fit. I then raised up
    some, pulled his cock down so that it was straight out
    from his body and shoved my mouth down over it.
    It filled my oral cavity as nothing I had ever placed
    in my mouth had. It was at complete full staff now
    and so long that with his cock as far down my throat
    as I could stand it, there was enough left between my
    wet slobbery lips and Sam's belly for me to hold onto
    with my hand the way one would hold a baseball bat!
    The soft sensuous sponginess of it and at the
    same time the way I had to strain my jaws open wide to
    get it in made this the greatest cock sucking
    challenge I had ever faced and at the same time the
    most fun I had ever had performing a blow job. To me
    that's what a blow-job is, a performance. A show that
    I put my whole body into and a cock as big as this one
    might just require my whole body. I laved the dark
    pink purple head back and forth against my tongue and
    lips while making moving my head in circular motions.
    My husband has told me many times that this was one of my
    show stoppers. Lots of spit and plenty of friction,
    those are the secrets. I looked up at Sam and stared
    into his eys. Guys like to look into the eyes a woman
    who's blowin' Hubby always says.Sam's legs were already
    breaking into involuntary spasm and I had only been at this for less
    then two minutes. That was OK, if he liked my style we
    would have plenty of other chances to do this and a
    whole lot more. For now I needed to get him some
    relief and then we both needed to get our asses back
    up where we belonged. Sam's hips were shaking
    rhythmically now like a the quiver before the
    explosion. I knew it wouldn't be much longer now and
    I still had one more thing I had to do. I reached
    behind Sam and filled each one of my hands with one of
    those firm, round, brown ass cheeks. Using them as
    handles I pushed as much of Sams long, thick cock down
    my throat as I could before starting to gag. Back and
    forth, back and forth, fucking my face into Sams huge
    love club. I paid close attention to the way the
    excess foreskin felt slipping around against my teeth,
    tongue and the back of my throat. Sam was now ready to
    unload. I remembered a trick that an old boyfriend had taught
    me. We called it The Magic Carpet Ride. Just as Sam
    started to shoot I pulled his dick out of my mouth
    cradled the head of it with my tongue aimed it into my
    wide open mouth and looked directly up into Sams face.
    Through his half closed eyes and exctasy induced
    stupor Sam smiled at me. With that, the first volley
    burst forth. The thick ropey blast hit me on my lip
    and the force it was shot at propelled some of it onto
    my face. I lowered my face down and let the remaining
    volleys flood my mouth. I made a mental note to ask
    Sam if all men with cocks as big as his shot this much
    sperm. There seemed to be a pint of it. I swallowed
    it down and lovingly tongue cleaned Sam's cock and
    balls of all excess cum and saliva.
    With that I stood up and asked Sam how he liked his
    Roman-Greco Artist now?
    He smiled and said as he pulled up his underwear and
    pants, "We'll to help each other wit out school work a
    lot more in de future Chere."
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    Really hot
    I love your writing
    More Please
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    memphis, tennessee
    An A+ for your first post, lileesy. The reaction of my penis responded exactly like Sam's when 'Chere' began her inspection of his foreskin. The only difference was it grew out of its foreskin on its own, instead of having to have it pulled back as Chere had to uncover Sam's big helmet. Thanks for the hardon.
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    Southern California
    good story, got me hard. Thanks!
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