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    this is a story i got published in handjobs magazine figured id share it here

    This had seemed such an idea when Daryl suggested it and it was something I had never done before but now that we were here I soon realised why I had put off visiting saunas for so long, as soon as we arrived got undressed and wrapped up, we got separated, Daryl was my chaperone for the evening and yet he had vanished, I suddenly felt very naked.
    “Daryl! Where the fuck are you?” I yelled, tightening the towel around my waist, plodding past dozens of rooms full of the sounds of people enjoying themselves “lucky bastards” I thought
    I turned the corner finding 2 rows of cubicles, in a block, I walked past each one I realised a lot of guys were stood v close to the walls, “how odd” I thought but I brushed the thought aside and kept walking, I saw in the door way of one of these cubicles a bald older man just standing there watching people, his ice blue eyes sending shivers down my spine.

    Turning to look up row b of cubicles I found Daryl in the one opposite the older bald man jerking off, “what the fuck you doing?” I asked entering with him; he shushed me and beckoned me to join him in looking through the peep holes

    There on the other side was the skin head man still stood by the door of the other cubicle, minus the towel, and at least 11 inches of thick hard meat in his hand stroking it for the pleasure of the peep holes a look of macho pride and mocking “come and have a go if you think you can handle this”
    Suddenly a young lad appeared and he turned cock still in hand, with a nod of his head he was joined by the younger guy now transfixed by the sight of his pendulum dick, their door closed and with a sneer he shoved the guy to his knees and hit him hard across the cheek with his cock, the guy moaned and opened his mouth to receive his reward ,with out warning the guy rammed all his shaft down this poor kids throat causing him to gag and choke but he held him there, looking directly at the 2 peep holes, a look of pure animal lust on his face as he face fucked the guy, a part of me sensed this guy didn’t care who or what he was filling, the thing that was getting him off was knowing he was being watched

    The kid didn’t mind too much either as the rougher the guy was the harder his dick got, I couldn’t help but envy the guy, what I wouldn’t give to have a guy fill my mouth that much, I looked over at Daryl he’s hard as a rock, I look back at the action

    The rough hung top stood the kid up and bent him against the wall, he roughly fingered the guy who was hard as a rock and then he lined up his monster, I froze and said a small prayer for the poor guy, because the look in this guys eyes suggested he wasn’t about to ease his way in, but something in the way the bottom looked back at him suggested he wanted the same thing the top did

    in one hard thrust he was in there balls deep, this mustn’t have been the bottoms 1st time that night because he merely grunted at the intrusion, I was both shocked and impressed all the same, if he were to fuck me he would need to ease that sucker in nice and slow, but this kid was taking it like a true bitch boy.

    he began fucking the guy hard panting and grunting with each hard thrust in, the bottom was practically pissing pre cum and loving every moment, he began moaning under his breath “fuck me daddy, oh yes harder” the top was more than willing to oblige the whole time his ice blue stare didn’t leave the peep holes where he knew me and Daryl were getting off on this display of pure raw animalistic sex

    he thrust in hard with a loud “Fuuuuuuuck” as he unloaded a big load, trickling out the guys spent ass, the bottom went to go but the guy pushed him against the wall and growled something in his ear the bottom seemed to tingle with excitement as the guy slapped the bitch boys ass hard leaving a big red hand print.
    Still whispering in his ear, he began thrusting again, this time more slow and deliberate, the bottom was in ecstasy

    I was impressed he had got hard again as quickly as he did, and it was clear from the bottoms moans he was hard as a rock again
    he kept up a hard steady pace he paused, all eleven deep in his bitch bois ass he growled “you ready?” the bottom nodded furiously, the top smirked and readjusted his positioning till he found his goal, he pulled out till just the tip was in and then rammed his big schlong hard back in the guys ass, hitting the golden spot, the bottom practically screamed as with that one thrust he was sent over the edge and shot a big load, the top closed his eyes and let the bottoms orgasm subside enjoying feeling the guys ass twitch around his hard cock

    satisfied his work was done the top pulled out with a sloppy popping noise, he left the bottom spent on the floor but not before shooting me and Daryl one last blazing stare that said “I hope you enjoyed the show, want to be the encore” he picked up the towel wrapped it around his waist and left
    after finishing our business in the cubicle, Daryl and I left and went and sat in the lounge area, as he went passed Daryl and I blushed, a guy leant over “be careful of him, he’s always chasing the new guys, breaking them in for the night so to speak” we explained we had seen and the guy laughed, “that sounds about right”

    as the night progressed I saw him go off with a couple other guys who always left the cubicle grinning from ear to ear, till his sights were set on me, a large part of me longed to say yes but I knew I wasn’t ready for the torturous bliss that sex with him would have been so I politely shook my head and kept walking,

    as I sat on the bench getting dressed again I noticed he was sat almost opposite me, out of his pocket fell his wallet, I went to politely pick it up, coming face to face with the monster in rest (still intimidating) as I did I noticed the birth date in his ID I looked at him startled, that can’t be right? I gasped, he nodded smiling a wicked smile, “guess I got lucky genetics” he smirked putting on his pants and leaving.

    When I told Daryl he refused to believe me “no one that old could get an erection that hard for that long” he exclaimed, I merely shrugged, and quoted him back to Daryl “I guess he was just born with lucky genetics” I began laughing, Daryl sipped his coffee thoughtfully “I just hope I’m that randy when I’m his age” he murmured and we both burst into laughter
    My 1st time in a sauna may not have been how I imagined, but I did learn one thing, sexual prowess gets more powerful with age, our silver daddy proved it
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    Really nice :D
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