The Beautiful South

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    easy_eros: The crow of the roosters and the cackle of the noisy hens my father raise fill the
    morning air. The sun has just begun its journey and it is low in the horizon. The
    violet haze that tints the sky, fishermen say, was a telltale sign of rain later on in
    the day. I had remembered falling asleep on the beach but woke up inside our
    cottage. Right before the rain all is blanketed by the heavy air wet with humidity.
    The sheets and everything else stick to me. To escape the heat that has been
    plaguing us the past few days, we have decided to go to the waterfalls. Its been a
    month since we first arrived. The tan stolen by city life has again been returned to
    both of us. His sun kissed cheeks glow under the mist that sprays the area that
    surround the waterfalls! Glistening beads form as the sprays settle like dew on
    burnished skin... Coming Soon
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