The Bell Curve

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    The BELL CURVE relates equally to both men and women.

    This is what is important to keep in mind.

    All factors relating to general/relative clues about the size of men's peckers should correspond to the size of women's vaginas to accommodate them. Isn't nature neat!

    (A woman does have a slight advantage because the vagina will somewhat comfortably stretch.)

    I'm saying there are a lot of petite, tiny women out there who would be thrilled to have a guy who loves them. They would gladly live happily ever after with a guy with a 5 incher...a 6 incher... a four and a half incher....

    And the reverse is just as true...believe it or not...there are couples in relationships where he is_just_too_damn_big. It either won't fit or it won't stay hard. If he gets the damn thing in and gets frisky, the gal bleeds like hell for two days afterward. Oh what fun! Try making love to a spaghetti noodle. Oh more fun!

    Yes, fantasies exist. But fantasies are fantasies and life experience will teach you that one is better off if they are left as fantasies....

    A woman is interested in a man as a person. As a mate. As a companion first and foremost. She's more interested in your wit. Your personality. Your eyes. Your butt. The woman always has more invested in the relationship than the guy.

    Wanna meet a great gal? Start making wisecracks! Want great tips on how to meet women? google that dating guru. Get on his e-mail list. great tips for free.

    The woman who puts a man down for the size of his pecker is not worth being with. Move on...there's someone just around the corner who will appreciate you for who you are.

    For what it's worth.

    Bif's 2 cents....
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