The Birthday Party


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Nov 1, 2005
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Some years ago my wife and I decided to go away to celebrate my 50th birthday. We found a cottage to rent that had a jacuzzi hot tub, and that sealed the deal. My wife loves the jacuzzi, she is guaranteed many orgasms from the gushing water. When we arrived at the cottage, we found our landlady, a pleasant woman maybe about my wife's age (59) and a tall young man she introduced as her son, Jake. Jake looked to be in his 20's. Jake brought in our luggage, and our landlady said he would stay to make sure the hot water was on, the fridge worked, etc. Now Jake was a tall, skinny white guy and I noticed he showed a bulge in his jeans. My wife, obviously, didn't miss that either. After the landlady left, and Jake was busy filling the hot tub, my wife sent me out for more beer and snacks. And condoms.

When I returned, I called for my wife, and I heard her say, "Out here!" meaning she was in the hot tub outside (it was in a well-fenced yard). When I went outside, I indeed found my wife in the hot tub, with Jake! They'd gotten into the beer we had bought, and the grass, too, the smell of pot hung thick in the air.

Jake hung thick, too. Well, he was in the water, not touching my wife but I could see the guy was big. He looked uncomfortable. "So, what's going on?" I asked. My wife offered me the joint, and I took a puff figuring it wasn't going to make things any worse. "Jake helped fill up the tub, so I invited him in." My wife had been running the jacuzzi and had already given herself several orgasms while she was talking with Jake. Jake looked at me nervously. I opened a beer, and said, "I'll be right back", I knew what was going to happen so I got some condoms from the bedroom and returned.

When I returned, my wife had Jake up and in her mouth, she was giving his long rod a blowjob to beat the band. My wife had been quite promiscuous in her younger days, and was quite a size queen, too, which always seemed unusual since I'm quite below average in that department but we'd been together over 25 years at that point. Anyway, Jake clearly wasn't used to getting deep throated, he looked like he was going to pass out. My wife took his big tool out of her mouth, I'd say he was maybe 9 or a little more, not thick which suited her since she prefers length to girth (of course, with me she gets neither, LOL!).

"Can I pick 'em?" she said, with a laugh. Jake blushed. He clearly was still uncomfortable, although now he was very, very erect. I took off my clothes, got into the tub, and handed Jake a condom. "I don't know if that's going to fit you, pal, but I want you to put it on. And no, I'm not interested in sucking you, don't worry. It's your fun time, buddy."

"I don't suck covered cocks," said my wife, going back down on Jake and taking almost all of him in her mouth. He looked like he was going to swoon. "The Big Boy's not going to last long, honey", I told her. "You want him to fuck you, you better do it now."

My wife hardly ever takes my advice, but she did this time. She rolled the condom down Jake's long shaft. It covered about 2/3 of his length. I took a position behind her, letting her float in the water with my arms under her shoulders, giving me a good feel of her breasts. I rarely see her nipples that erect. Jake moved between her legs, and put the head of his big cock at her entrance. She was looking at his monster. He entered her, at first slowly, then with a convulsive lunge that put him in to the short hairs.

My wife moaned, and Jake shuddered as his orgasm exploded. My wife swooned in my arms. After a moment, I said, "Now that didn't take long, did it?" She laughed. Jake was kind of embarrassed. "I'm sorry," he said to my wife.

"Oh don't be," she replied. "That was great! I haven't had a big cock for a long time. Don't go yet, though, I'm not finished."

"Go clean up, kid, then come back," I said. When Jake returned, he was flaccid but even so was a good six, longer and thicker than I am erect. We shared another joint and beers, then my wife asked Jake to sit on the side of the tub. She took his pole in her hand and commenced another deep-throat on him. Almost at once, Jake was stiff and at attention. My wife applied another condom, I took my position behind her holding her and Jake lifted her hips in the water as he prepared to enter her for round two.

This time Jake acquitted himself admirably. He gave my wife a righteous rogering, plunging in and out, taking his long dick almost entirely out of her pussy, then plunging in, then building up a head of steam, then easing off. She easily had three, four, five orgasms as she moaned and said "Oh that's good, that's really good."

Jake was going like a bat out of hell. Finally he snorted, "I'm gonna come!" and my wife said "Oh yes baby give it to me!" Jake was thrusting like a rocket in her hot pussy, and suddenly he was throwing his head back as I felt my wife arching in the water as he shot his second load. She almost passed out, but I had her securely.

Afterwards, we got dressed and as I walked Jake out the front door, I asked him "How old are you, son?". "Twenty-six," he answered.

"And how old is our landlady, your mother?"

"Fifty-six," he replied.

"How old do you think my wife is?" I asked.

"Oh, I dunno, maybe thirty-eight, thirty-nine," he said.

"Well, the woman you just fucked twice, my wife, is fifty-nine," I said with a chuckle. Jake looked pale as he realized he'd just serviced a woman older than his mother!

Later that night she made me a nice dinner and even baked me a birthday cake.