The Birthday Wish

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    Chris felt old. Today was his 30th birthday. He wasn't old, but he didn't feel young anymore either. He felt like his life was in some weird in-between place. He had been married for a few years, and still cared a lot about his wife, but their relationship no longer had a lot of the sparkle it had only a few years earlier. He had a mortgage, a respectable job, and was losing his hair. He was a little heavier than he'd liked, but always felt like he lacked the time to get himself back to looking the way he wanted to. Besides, who was he trying to look good for?

    It felt good to have his co-workers give him a cake on the Friday afternoon before his birthday. Although there were plenty of people there older than him, he got teased about the big "3-Oh." He smiled and laughed at the parade of humorous birthday cards, and even made a wish before he blew out the candles. Birthday wishes were not serious matters of course, but his mind managed to make a wish that was something he really, really wanted. "I wish," thought Chris, "that I was a guy that Kellie would want."

    Chris did still love his wife, but for the last few years there had been someone else who he had feelings for. He was a little bit ashamed of those feelings, and would never admit them to anyone, and wasn't even sure what those feeling were. If anyone ever noticed him admiring his neighbor's 19 year old daughter, he would never admit it. Chris had assured himself that it was purely a childish infatuation based on lust and the aura of unattainability, but he often caught himself thinking about her. Thoughts of Kellie danced through his mind on the nights his wife was away, and helped him perform more passionately on the nights they were together.

    It was easy to like Kellie. She was a cute, pleasant girl who'd moved in next door when she was just 15. Chris had noticed her then, but quickly pushed those thoughts out of his mind due to her age. Her ass got rounder, her legs got longer, and her breasts got larger as the next four years went by.

    He wasn't the only one who noticed her, of course. Her parents let her start dating when she was 16, as Chris figured from the parade of pimply faced boys that visited her almost every Friday night until she left for college. Not that Kellie was sleeping with every boy she dated, but she did date a lot.

    Once when Kellie was a high school senior, her parents left her alone for the week. Chris and his wife had promised to keep an eye on her while they were way. As usually happens when a teenager gets the house to themselves, they invite people over. Kellie had been dating a boy named Curt for a few months at that point. Chris saw Curt arrive at his neighbor's house, but chose not to immediately do anything about it. Without telling his wife, he took the key that they'd left for him and decided to investigate. When Chris entered the house, he could hear the two of them upstairs talking.

    "So, what now?" Curt asked.

    "Well, we ARE in my bedroom..." Kellie replied.

    "That's what I was thinking," Curt finished.

    There was silence for a few seconds before Chris the heard Kellie's next exclamation, and it would haunt his thoughts and fantasies for the next year:
    "My God, its so big!"

    Chris wasn't sure if Curt had really unveiled a mammoth male member, or if Kellie was using the time-honored female tradition of lying about penis size, but the mental image of her marveling at a large dick aroused Chris quite a bit. He left Kellie's house and proceeded to give his wife a very memorable evening.

    Kellie had gone away to college the next fall, only to return the next summer. That summer was pure hell for him, as he desperately tried to ignore the constant wearing of skimpy outfits, bathing suits, and many late night rendezvous she was having in her room. Although she was careful to leave the window shut and curtains closed, the candles in her room created many interesting silhouettes of her naked body thrashing in ecstasy, or performing fellatio on lucky young men.

    Chris wondered if his wife ever noticed a correlation between their sexual activity increasing and Kellie being home from college. He technically remained faithful to his wife, but his thoughts committed adultry a hundred times. He eased his consceince by insisting his fantasies were harmless indulgences that hurt no one. Maybe he was right, but he also knew that had the opportunity presented itself, "No" would not be a word he'd be able to say to his 19 year old neighbor.

    Chris thought about what it'd be like to turn 30 this weekend. "I'm still young," he thought, "but I'd like to be younger...and unattached." He thought about his birthday wish as he drove home. Fortunately Kellie was way at college, as she had been since Thanksgiving break ended, so he wouldn't be overwhelmed by his lust for her.

    Chris and his wife went out to dinner that night, and were in bed and asleep by 11 pm. He would soon wake up to a most memorable experience.

    His eyes were still closed, but he felt a tongue licking him. He kept his eyes closed, still half-asleep as the licking moved down to his balls. Her tongue moved around his scrotum, and his dick started to harden. The licking moved on to his shaft, and soon his erection was being sucked. Not just sucked, but slurped. His eyes stayed closed, and his mind began imagining it was Kellie doing the sucking. It felt damn good. She varied the technique enough to stroke his cock and go back to licking his balls, and then stroking it while she licked the head. He never knew she could do it this well, as previous blowjobs were usually only done as quick foreplay before intercourse. This mother of all blowjobs was going on for quite a while, although Chris had lost all track of time.

    He finally could hold his ecstasy back, and he ejaculated. Rather than pulling back like she'd done every time before, she braced herself and swallowed his entire load. She sucked every last drop out of him before finally pulling his dick out of her mouth.

    With his eyes still closed, he said "Was that a 'Happy Birthday' blowjob?"

    "I didn't know it was your birthday!"

    Chris opened his eyes. It wasn't his wife.

    It was Kellie.

    To be continued...
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    Sounds good so far! Keep it going!
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    Part 2

    It was Kellie. She was lying between his legs, holding his dick (which appeared to be at least twice as big as usual), and grinning from ear-to-ear.

    "Happy birthday!" she exclaimed. "Even though I guess I'm the one who got to blow out the candle." She started stroking his organ again, admiring it.

    Was he dreaming? If it was, then this was the most vivid dream he'd ever had.

    "You okay?" Kellie asked.

    "I'm not sure," he answered, trying to put the pieces together in his mind.

    "Damn, I'm good," she said to herself.

    She got up off of the bed, and stood in front of him. “I’ll be right back,” she said quickly, and darted out of the room.

    Chris’s confusion overwhelmed his fascination with the 19 year-old, and he looked around the room, trying to figure out where he was. He was obviously in a bedroom, and it appeared to be daytime. A clock read “8:30”. Also in the room was another bed, a desk, two dressers, an open door leading to a closet (with a full length mirror on the door), and several posters of bands Chris had never heard of.

    “Definitely a dorm room,” Chris mumbled, as he got off of the bed and looked for his clothes. Then he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. It was an image he’d oddly recognized, but still seemed unfamiliar. His face looked pretty much the same, but was unshaven, with what looked like 2 days worth of stubble. His hairline was a few inches lower, and he suddenly realized he wasn’t wearing glasses, but could see perfectly well. His arms were bigger, and his shoulders were wider. He abdominal muscles were visible, and it looked as if he didn’t have an ounce of fat on his body. He had very little body hair, except for a little on his chest. His pubic hair looked very short, and…

    …as he’d noticed a few minutes earlier, his penis had gotten huge. Not that Chris had been small before, but what used to hang just an inch past his balls was now hanging almost to his knees. He was still quasi-hard from the blowjob he’d just gotten, but it’d never been close to that long before. The girth had also increased. He grabbed it in his hand, and could only barely get his large hands all the way around it. His balls, he then noticed, were also larger.

    “You’ve got the BIGGEST dick I have ever seen,” Kellie said.

    Chris suddenly realized that Kellie was back. She’d put her long blonde hair in a pony-tail and smiled at him in a way he’d seen her smile on nights she’d snuck boys into her room at home.

    “Really?” Chris asked, even though he was sure, given the size of his new member, that was perfectly plausible.

    “Oh, yeah. Its like you’ve got a third leg or something,” she replied, and started walking toward him.

    She continued, “Not that I’m a slut or anything, but I’ve seen a few dicks in my life. I had a boyfriend about a year ago who was pretty big, but you’ve got him really beat.”

    Chris got excited just hearing her say the word “dick”, and at the idea that she was fawning over it, even if this probably was a dream. Kellie walked right up to him and put her arms around his neck.

    Yes, Chris thought, this definitely was a dream. Chris had so many sexual fantasies about Kellie over the last few years that it was only a matter of time before his dreams became this convincing. He reasoned that he’d maybe even nodded off during a real blowjob from his wife, and this was the result. But still, it seemed so real. It was cold in the room, there was even background noise outside her window, and he could smell different odors he wasn’t used to. He’d never been close enough to Kellie to smell her beautiful hair before…

    “Whoa there, big fella!” she exclaimed.

    She stepped back and looked down at his penis. Chris was getting aroused again by being this close to her, and his growing erection had caught her by surprise.

    “I guess you’re ready for more!” she said giddily. She pulled her long t-shirt off to reveal two of the most beautiful breasts Chris had ever seen. Kellie was a D-cup, and breast were quite round. Her nipples were hard, and Chris could see the hint of a tan line around where her favorite bikini would have been. Kellie’s stomach was flat and firm, and she had trimmed her bush into a perfect blonde square.

    “Do you have a rubber?” she asked.

    Chris mind raced back to reality. What kind of sexual dream has the girl asking for a condom just before you’re about to start having sex with her?

    “I don’t think so…” he replied. Kellie looked disappointed. “I’m out too…”

    What about you’re roommate?” Chris asked, remembering there was a second bed in the room.

    “Mary? She’s practically a nun. There’s no way she’d ever have anything like that,” Kellie said. That thought didn’t stop her from opening the top drawer of the other girl’s dresser, hoping maybe she’d been wrong about her virginal roommate.

    “Nothing,” Kellie announced.

    “Where is she, by the way?’ Chris couldn’t help but ask. If this dream was going to be realistic, he reasoned, there was a chance they’d have to careful about getting walked-in on.

    “She goes home every weekend,” Kellie answered. “She’s such a momma’s girl.” Kellie frowned before turning her attention back to Chris’s hard schlong.

    “I’d suck on you again, but my mouth's pretty tired from ten minutes ago,” Kellie said disappointingly. Her obvious infatuation with his cock was getting him even more aroused than he already was.

    “Maybe there’s something I could do for you. Get on the bed,” Chris commanded.

    When Chris had first met his wife, he had no problems going down on her. However, as the years went by, she responded to it less, until he finally got bored with it and quit doing it altogether. Sometimes he missed doing it, and he certainly wouldn’t mind doing it for Kellie.

    He climbed on top of her, and began kissing her legs. He then began licking her inner thigh, and worked his way to her wet pussy. He licked the outside of it, before penetrating it with his tongue.

    Kellie gasped in ecstasy.

    To be continued...
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    Part 3

    “Maybe there’s something I could do for you. Get on the bed,” Chris commanded.

    He climbed on top of her, and began kissing her legs. He then began licking her inner thigh, and worked his way to her wet pussy. He licked the outside of it, before penetrating it with his tongue.

    Kellie gasped in ecstasy.

    Chris smiled internally, as he could tell she was already glad her search for a condom was no good.

    “No one…” she gasped, “…has…ever…done this…to me before…” Her body moved underneath his mouth, as she tried to ride his tongue like it was a dick. He kept going as she wrapped her legs around his shoulders. After just a few minutes, Kellie was having a very loud orgasm.

    Chris decided to keep going. He was enjoying eating her out almost as much as she was getting off from it. After another few minutes, her body tensed up, her eyes clenched shut, and she began reaching ecstasy a second time. He pulled away, as she laid motionless on the bed. Her body was warm to the touch, and forehead peppered with beads of sweat.

    Chris’s cock was still fully aroused, and Kellie opened her eyes.

    “That was the best one I’ve ever had,” she said softly. “Thank you.”

    She was breathing heavy and her chest was heaving. Chris watched her breasts move up and down as her heavy breathing began to slow. She looked satisfied, and he laid down beside her. Still looking at her near-perfect body.

    “I’m glad we hooked up on a Friday night, so we’d have all day today to mess around,” she said mischievously.

    “We…hooked up last night…?” Chris asked. Usually his dreams included some fragment of made-up memory to go along with the situation. Nothing was adding up…his alertness, the detail, the realism…

    “Wow, you must have been really drunk at the bar. You don’t remember do you?” she asked.

    “Not everything, I guess,” Chris responded, careful not to make it look like he wasn’t a total space-case (even if that’s what he felt like). “Why don’t you tell me what happened, and I tell you how much I missed.”

    “Okay,” she said. “I was out at that bar on 33rd Street with some of my friends, and saw you by yourself, so I came up to you and we started talking. Then my skanky-ass ‘friend’ Stacy came over and started hitting on you. You said it was time for you to go, but you’d probably had too much to drink, so I offered to give to a lift…we ended up here instead,” she smiled widely. “Then we talked for a while…You must have been really tired, because you fell asleep around 11.”

    “Yeah, that’s pretty much what I remember,” Chris lied, “but, um…where are my clothes?”

    “You smelled like that crappy bar, so this morning before you woke up I put your clothes in the washer downstairs,” she answered, almost sounding embarrassed that she’d undressed him in his sleep. “I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?”

    She’s so cute when she’s being coy, he thought. This is Kellie, after all…she’s probably cute when she’s making a ham sandwich.

    “What else did you do while I was asleep?” he asked, hoping there’d be more to the story. Although under the wrong circumstances, this would all seem quite disturbing, it was potentially too good not to know about.

    Kellie looked as if she was going to say something, but paused before the words actually left her mouth.

    “Nothing,” she grinned. She may have been a liar, but she sure the hell was a sexy one.

    “Does nothing include that blowjob you woke me up with?” he asked.

    “Well, of course that, but that’s all,” she answered. She now wanted desperately to change the subject.

    Kellie pulled Chris on top of her, positioning herself so his erect penis was between her breasts.

    “I’m not letting you out of here without tittie-fucking me first,” she said assertively. This was an offer Chris could refuse, as the thought of doing anything with her breasts had been an obsession with him for quite a while. They were beautifully round and firm, standing up perfectly straight even when she was on her back.

    Not saying a word, he stroke his long cock between them. Every few strokes, Kellie would lick the end of it when it got close to her mouth.

    “Your dick is so perfect,” she said in a low moan. His strokes became thrusts, and Kellie put her hands on his balls. Having been so taken aback earlier by the size of his own penis, he really hadn’t noticed his testicles had gone from being the size of grapes to the size of peaches. She massaged his scrotum as he continued thrusting between her breasts.

    Knowing that he’d want to kiss her afterwards, Chris positioned himself so he’d ejaculate on her chest and neck.

    “How’d you know I wanted a pearl necklace for Christmas?” she giggled.

    She got up and wiped the cum from her chest with a towel, and returned to his side. He then kissed her, as he’d always wanted to. The look on her face changed from giddiness to seriousness.

    “I want you to stay with me all day,” she said sternly.

    “I want to stay here all day,” he answered.

    They began kissing again, which quickly became passionate. Chris couldn’t get enough of her, or she of him.

    Then there was a knock at the door.

    “Kellie, do you still have that guy with the 12 inch dick in there?”

    To be continued...
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    Yowsers: Cool Story. . . can't wait to read more.
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    :rolleyes: I am waiting moistly for more...
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    Part 4

    “Kellie, do you still have that guy with the 12 inch dick in there?”

    Kellie looked mortified, but Chris couldn’t help but be amused. If Chris had his regular body, then maybe his reaction would be different…but this wasn’t real, and if it was real, there’s no reason he should feel ashamed of how he looked, or embarrassed that Kellie would tell other girls in the dorm she had him in her room (or, more importantly, his large penis in her room).

    “Fuck…” she said to herself. She grabbed her long t-shirt and put it back on, and looked at Chris.

    “I’ll get her to go away. You might want to cover yourself up,” she suggested. Chris draped a bed sheet over his lap, and Kellie opened the door.

    “Oh, hello Stacy, how wonderful of you to drop by,” Kellie said sarcastically.

    Stacy entered the room. She was shorter than Kellie, with dark hair that came down to her shoulders. She wasn’t as lean as Kellie, but still looked pretty good. She had on a pair of dark blue jeans, and a very tight white t-shirt that clung to her breasts. Her nipples were quite prominent, and her shirt didn’t completely cover her stomach.

    “Aren’t you going to introduce me?” Stacy asked, looking at Chris, and eying the sheet he’d covered himself with, probably hoping to for some hint as to whether or he was really packing what she’d been led to believe.

    “This is Chris,” she said. Well, at least I get to use my own name, he thought, suddenly wondering again just what the hell was really going on.
    “Oh, yea, you’re the guy from the bar last night!” Stacy said, mocking surprise, “I guess you never made it home last night.” Stacy looked at Kellie as if she were about to start laughing hysterically, but Kellie returned her look with an angry glare.

    “Um, thanks for washing my clothes for me, Kellie,” Chris said, trying to help Kellie save face. Not that she had done anything necessarily wrong, but Stacy’s rude comments made Chris feel suddenly protective of Kellie.

    “No problem,” Kellie said appreciatively. “Maybe I should go get them for you.”

    “Well, I should be going now. I guess there’s nothing to see here,” Stacy stated. Her voice dripped with disbelief, as if Kellie had been exaggerating the size of Chris’s anatomical giftedness in an attempt to simply piss Stacy off. After all, Chris reasoned, the two probably have some kind of rivalry going. Chris wasn’t about to let Kellie loose, and it fed his ego that he was now in a position to have women fighting over him (even if their reasons weren’t the purest).

    “No, I can get them. I assume the laundry room is down the hall?” he asked. He then uncovered himself and stood up.

    Stacy gasped and her jaw hit the floor as she got a good look at Chris’s monstrous meat.

    “Yeah,” Kellie said, grinning.

    “I’ll be right back,” he said to her, giving her a kiss on the cheek as he walked out of the room.

    “I’ll be waiting…” she replied.

    Stacy’s eyes continued bulging, following his big cock as he walked past her.

    Chris left the room and walked down the hall. What he didn’t consider in his gesture to show up Stacy was that it was a long walk to the laundry room, and the halls were not empty. While a dorm is less populated on the weekends, there was no shortage of female eyes on him as he took his naked stroll.

    The dozen or so looks varied from indignant shock to pure lust. There was no talking as he walked past the girls on their ways to or from different rooms, just stunned silence. His entrance into the laundry room was met with the same looks, with one of the three girls doing laundry uttering a loud, “Holy shit!”

    Chris found the dryer where his clothes were already dry (he assumed these were his clothes, since it was the only dryer with men’s clothes in it). Rather than putting them on, though, we simply gathered them up in his arms, and made a return trip through the hallway.

    This time, twice as many girls lined the halls, and the silence had turned to quiet comments. Apparently news of his nakedness spread quickly, and every girl on the floor wanted a view of his unbelievable body. For every “It’s huge,” “Damn!” or “Wow,” there was a call of “pervert.” Even the girls saying “pervert,” though, were still watching him intently, captivated by his nakedness.

    He could hear Kellie and Stacy talking as he approached the room.

    “I don’t know why you didn’t fucking believe me,” he heard Kellie argue. “You were staring at the bulge in his jeans the whole night last night!”

    Stacy retorted, “How was I supposed to know that his bulge would turn out to be Schlongzilla?”

    They got suddenly quiet as he entered, and he closed the door behind him. He started to put his jeans on, letting his penis hang out of the front of them while he put his undershirt on, and then the buttoned his shirt as it still hung in front of them. He finally tucked it away and zipped his pants up, much to the girls’ disappointment.

    Kellie moved to kiss Chris, while Stacy tried to regain her composure.

    “Are you hungry,” she asked. “I mean, I guess you’ve already had stuff to eat today.” She looked down in a way to making Stacy knew what she was talking about. Stacy’s only response was to roll her eyes.

    “Yeah, I’m actually pretty hungry,” Chris answered. While he didn’t care to join in with Kellie’s torment of Stacy, he couldn’t help but get the feeling Stacy deserved it for trying to embarrass Kellie earlier, or that perhaps Stacy had rubbed one of her conquests in Kellie’s face at some point. “Where can we go?” At this point, Chris’s mind shifted back to the impracticality of whatever the hell it was he was stuck in.

    Here he was, with no idea who he was supposed to be, hanging out with a couple of college freshmen, and having a morning full of sexual misadventures...and he was hungry! In fact, not only was he hungry, he was specifically hungry for waffles! He had to keep reminding himself that there was no way any of this could be real.

    But, man, he really wanted some waffles.

    “Do you like waffles?” Stacy asked.

    “Oh, you are NOT tagging along, Stacy,” Kellie protested.

    “Fine,” Stacy said, and stormed out the room, opening and slamming the door quickly behind her. To great amusement, Chris noticed a small crowd of girls had gathered outside Kellie’s door, trying to get a peak at Chris.

    “Waffles sounds good,” he finally answered.

    “Birthday-Boy, you can have whatever you want,” Kellie grinned. She quickly threw on a clean pair of panties, some jeans, shoes, a jacket, and they started to leave.

    Their exit was met with cat-calls, a smattering of applause, and even a few quickly worded sexual propositions from the girls outside. He ignored them, glancing at Kellie, who looked as beautiful as she ever had.

    Yes, the Birthday-Boy was definitely getting what he wanted.

    To Be Continued...
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    Part 5

    Kellie still had the Mustang convertible she’d gotten for her 16th birthday. Chris remembered had elated she’d been when her parents gave it to her. She very rarely drove it back then, instead letting her various boyfriends chaffer her around town in it (without her parents’ knowing, of course). Now Kellie was driving Chris in it.

    They pulled up to the drug store, which had an almost completely empty lot.

    “I gotta phone call to make…why do you run in an get them?” she suggested.

    Chris walked into the store as Kellie pulled out her cell phone and started dialing.

    He found the aisle with the condoms, and paused to check out the selection. As he eyed the extra large sized condoms, he grinned at the idea of actually buying them. He wondered how many guys bought them just to buy them, as he grabbed a box and headed for the check-out register.

    An attractive redhead female cashier stood there, probably in her mid-thirties, obviously bored and unhappy to be working an empty store on a Saturday morning. Chris placed the item on the counter.

    She stared skeptically at the box.

    “Are you sure those are the one’s you want?” she asked.

    Chris seemed a little puzzled why she’d question his choice, but decided to play along.

    “Unless they make them even bigger,” he replied.

    “Riiiight,” she said, and rang him up.

    Chris suddenly realized he had no money on him. If he had a wallet, Kellie must have taken it out of his pocket when she washed his clothes earlier this morning.

    “Damn, I forgot my wallet,” he mumbled.

    “Damn, I guess you’re outta luck then,” the cashier replied.

    Chris was getting the feeling that she was the type that wouldn’t mind breaking a few rules on the job. That gave him an idea. He quickly looked out the front window to see if Kellie was still on the phone. She was, so he figured he at least had a few minutes (at least) before she’d get tired of waiting for him.

    “What if I trade you something for them?” he asked.

    The cashier, who’s name-tag said Melissa, looked confused. “Like what?”

    “How about I let you see for yourself if those are the right size or not?” he offered.

    Melissa looked around the store for a minute to see if anyone else was around, and smiled.

    “Oh, the things I do for customer service.”

    She led him to the backroom of the store.

    “This better be good,” she said, still not convinced there was anything exceptional about him.

    Chris unzipped his jeans and pulled it out. Melissa’s skepticism instantly transformed into amazement.

    “I’m not even sure THOSE are going to be big enough for you,” she observed.

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    Nice one...I would demand a small sample of the big dick if I were the clerk. Or is Chris too devoted to Kellie for that?
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    Part 6

    “I’m not even sure THOSE are going to be big enough for you,” she observed.

    Chris laughed at the comment and began to put his dick away. Even flaccid, it still had to be 10 or 11 inches long.

    “Not so fast, big guy,” she cautioned. “Tina’s got to see this.”

    Chris began to get worried. He didn’t mind showing off his newfound appendage (especially to an attractive woman), but what if Kellie started to wonder what was keeping him and decided to come in the store?

    “I have to go…” he protested, but it was too late.

    “Tina!” Melissa shouted.

    “Yeah, Melissa, what do you want?” an approaching voice said. Another employee appeared from no where and stopped in her tracks upon making visual contact with the exposed penis.

    “Oh…my God,” Tina managed to mumble. Tina looked to be a teenager, and a skinny one at that. Her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she wore the same ugly uniform-like slacks and shirt as Melissa. Her face was bright-red from embarrassment at the sight of his manhood. Chris finished putting it away.

    “I really got to go,” he said. Tina grabbed his arm before he could walk away.

    “It’s okay,” she started, “it just surprised me.”

    Tina and Melissa looked at each other mischievously as if they were thinking the same thing.

    “I promised Tina I’d teach her what I know about sex,” Melissa explained. She leaned in really close to Chris, and her voice got very soft. “And, I can assure you, that’s quite a lot.” She put her hand on his pants, feeling his hardening cock. “Who knows…maybe she’ll learn enough to want to join in.”

    The implied promise of a three-way turned Chris on to a point where he almost didn’t stop to think about it. Both the woman and the teenager were attractive, and he’d never been with two at once before.

    “And if he likes that, maybe I can introduce him to my twin sister,” Tina said. Melissa pressed up against him, his erect penis still being stroke through his pants by her experienced hand.

    The thought of Kellie coming in the store and catching him suddenly entered his mind. Once that thought was in his head, he remembered how infatuated he was with Kellie, and that she was the reason he was buying the condoms, not these two. If he hooked up with these two, he’d be effectively choosing not to have sex with Kellie. That cost was too high.

    “Maybe some other time,” Chris said. He walked away and left the store.

    As Chris got back to the car, Kellie hung up her phone.

    “What kept you?” she asked, noticing he’d been in there for a while longer than she was expecting.

    “Its hard to find any that’s fit me,” he answered nervously. He wasn’t about to tell her about what he had to do to get them, or the clerks’ offer.

    “Yeah, I bet,” Kellie grinned. They drove off toward the restaurant.

    Inside the store, Melissa watched them drive away.

    “Well, so much for that plan,” she said to herself. “Better try plan B.”
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    dellflower: great! keep going
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    Part 7

    Kellie and Chris arrived at the diner a few minutes later. He followed her to a booth and sat down.

    “The waffles here are awesome,” she said, as she glanced at her menu. Despite having gotten a blowjob from her, tit-fucked her, and eating her out, Chris still felt like he couldn’t get enough of being around her. I wasn’t just her looks, but the confidence she exuded.

    She touched his knee under the table and began rubbing it. It didn’t take but a few seconds before he reached another full erection, and the tip of his long cock pushed up against her hand through his pants. She smiled and moved her hand to massage the member as she continued looking through the menu.

    Kellie had picked a booth with a long table cloth which reached down to the floor. She looked around, then ducked under the table, grinning the whole time. Under the table, she unzipped his pants, and managed to pull his dick out. She kissed it on the head, and then came back up from under the table.

    His penis stuck straight out between his legs, and she held on to it with one hand while the other petted it the way you’d pet a small animal. As long as it was, she didn’t have to reach far; she could stroke his cock with minimal effort.

    Before he could say anything, the waitress walked up to the table.

    “Can I get you something to drink?” the waitress asked with a thick southern accent.

    “Oh, I’m ready to order,” Kellie responded. “I’ll have a coffee and an order of sausage.” Fortunately, the waitress didn’t picked up on the joke. As she said it, her hands stroked his cock faster. Chris took a deep breath, and ordered orange juice and waffles.

    Kellie continued to sit and smile without saying a word. She continued stroking him for a few more minutes before Chris said anything.

    “Do you…like doing that?” he finally asked, trying not to let the pleasure of the experience saturate his voice too much.

    “Don’t you like it?” she asked without answering. Her voice had the slightest hint of disappointment, as if she was afraid she’d done something wrong. Surely the fact that he was sporting a solid erection was proof enough he was enjoying the sensation.

    “Well, yeah…I just don’t want be in the position of being on the receiving end all the time,” he answered. Kellie seemed a bit surprised by this. After all, this 19 year old who could give expert fellatio had never received oral pleasure of her own until this morning. Chris remember how ungiving and self-centered males of Kellie’s age could be.

    “I’m sorry,” she began. She paused, and the reason for her reluctance became obvious with her next statement.

    “Its just that most of the guys I’m…with…usually don’t seem to notice if I’m enjoying myself or not.”

    Chris started to feel sorry for her. Just then, though, she tightened her grip and began stroking him harder and faster. He finally let out a quiet groan, which seemed to please Kellie quite a bit. He ejaculated, with some of it shooting onto the floor, and the rest getting on her hands. She pulled her hands from under the table, and licked the cum off of her fingers.

    “You’re going to have to tell me how you get it to taste like mint,” she said.

    Unreal. Chris was again reminded he must be dreaming. There’s no way this could be happening.

    “I’d better wash my hands now,” she said, and got up from the table.

    Chris had only a few seconds to reflect on what had just occurred, the revelation that he was now capable of producing pleasing-flavored semen, before the next shocker occurred.

    “We need to talk.”

    It was Melissa, the woman from the store. Except this time she was dressed in a business suit and was carrying a brief case.

    “Huh?” Chris replied, stunned.

    “It seems as though you’ve been granted a wish that never went through the proper channels,” she said.

    “Huh?” Chris repeated.

    She sat down, bumping into his still-protruding dick as she slid into the booth.

    “Put that thing away and listen,” she commanded. “Yesterday you made a wish. That wish was granted, but was never approved by the Approval Committee. You are currently living an unauthorized wish, and I’m here to let you know the consequences,” she explained.

    “Who ARE you?” he asked.

    “I’m an agent of the Wish Actualization Committee and Keepers Of Fantasy Fulfillment,” she stated.

    Chris merely looked even more confused.

    “W.A.C.K.O.F.F. for short.”


    “We monitor wishes, be they birthday, penny fountain, wishbones, etc. You wish to be, quote: guy that Kellie would want, unquote, was granted accidentally late last night. Accompanying characteristics, such as your adjusted age, athletic build, and 12 inch penis, were installed early this morning. Because of a glitch in our system, you received your wish, and are currently experiencing the full effects of that wish,” Melissa added.

    “Oh,” Chris repeated.

    “My attempted seduction of you this morning was an attempt to break the wish, since having sexual relations with me would have shown you weren’t serious about being the kind of guy Kellie would want. Had you had sex with me, the wish would’ve been automatically broken and you’d awaken with no knowledge of the experience other than as a passing dream,” she explained.

    Chris was having a tough time believing her, but the evidence was undeniable.

    “Is part of your job usually involve sleeping with guys?”

    “No, but have you seen yourself? I’m on the verge of ripping your clothes off right here and now. Plus, part of the ‘remodeling’ we did on you involves not just increased penis size, but sexual appetite and prowess as well. Of course, you’re the one who’s missing out. I’m amazing in bed; I do work for a wish fulfillment agency after all.”

    Chris had no time to consider the ramifications of this before she began explaining again.

    “Here’s what happened yesterday: three simultaneous and compatible wishes were made. You wished to be what Kellie wants at the same time Kellie was at a wishing well and wished for the guy you have become, while also your wife wished for a weekend away from you as she pulled a wishbone apart while making dinner,” she stated. “Three simultaneous compatible wishes overloaded the system and were granted with one action.”

    “Wait a second here,” Chris said. His quick grasp of the situation seemed to not be affected by the bizarre nature of it all. “Not that I’m complaining, but don’t you have safe-guards in place to prevent stuff like this from happening?”

    “We’re still trying to repair our network from being bombarded by Red Sox fans,” she replied. “Since this is an unauthorized wish, ordinarily it could be easily corrected, but with the network still being repaired, I had to break this one manually. Since you weren’t going for my act earlier, I decided to be more direct. Again, that a real shame because not only would it have fixed my problem, but it’d have gotten you some great pussy.”

    Chris’s erection was beginning to return.

    “To sum up: All you have to do to break this wish is to cheat on Kellie,” she concluded.

    “What happens then?” he asked.

    “Then you go back to your normal life, your wife, and your regular body,” she said. She then looked under the table.

    “By the way, Tina really wants to join in, too,” she said, referring to the other girl from the store.

    “She works for you?” he asked.

    “She’s in training. I really am trying to teach her everything I know about sex.”

    “Really? How much training has she already gotten?”

    “Let’s just say we’re spending a lot of one-on-one time working on it,” Melissa answered as she got up from the table. She handed him a business card.

    “Call me when you want the wish to be broken,” she added and walked away.

    Chris looked at the card.

    “Why would I want THIS wish to be broken?” he asked himself.

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    hahahahaha red sox fans...I am loving this story! its real good! keep it up please! :D
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    PART 8

    Kellie came back to the table, and it didn’t take long for their food to arrive. They didn’t say much as they ate, as if they had a silent agreement to get back to her dorm room as soon as possible. She insisted on paying the ticket (convenient considering Chris didn’t have a wallet), and were back at the dorm within 30 minutes.

    As much as he wanted to have sex with her (even after having gotten off three times already today), he had one thing he wanted to take care of first.

    “Do you mind if I shower?” he asked once they got back to her room. Unfortunately, such as the case in dorm life, Kellie had no shower of her own, as all the girls on the floor had to shower in the common facilities down the hall. He undressed and wrapped a towel around his naked body before leaving for the showers so he wouldn’t have to undress in front of anyone. Each shower stall had its own curtain, and Kellie made sure he had plenty of soap and shampoo to use.

    He closed the curtain behind him and threw the towel over the curtain rod. He showered quickly, since he was anxious to get back to Kellie’s room. He’d wanted to have sex with her for a long time, but was still self-conscious enough to want to smell nice while they did it. He hadn’t had this new body for long, and wasn’t sure how long it might’ve been since it had a shower. As he lathered and rinsed he thought about what Melissa had said at the restaurant. As ludicrous as it was, and as ludicrous as this entire day had been, he had no choice but to believe her. The evidence was right in front of him.

    One thing that wasn’t right in front of him, he noticed as he finished, was his towel. It’d either slipped and fell off the shower curtain rod, or someone was playing a prank on him. Suddenly the curtain opened.

    “Looking for this?” Stacy asked. She was holding his towel. “I don’t know…it looks dirty. Maybe you could borrow mine?” She pulled her own towel off, exposing her naked body which rivaled Kellie’s in perfection. Stacy was shorter than Kellie, but he breasts were bigger in proportion to her body. Her dark hair and tan skin also differed from Kellie, but her pubic hair was totally shaved. He then realized he was staring point blank at one of the best bodies he’d ever seen in person, and all he could do was compare her to the girl down the hall.

    Any other time, his cock would’ve probably completely harden just from the magnificent site of her. Fortunately, he was in more control of his anatomical reactions since he’d already had a blowjob, tit-fuck, and handjob in just the last few hours.

    “I’m not interested,” he said, and tried to get past her.

    She persisted.

    “You’re soaking wet…and so is my tight pussy,” she added.

    “He said he’s not interested!” It was Kellie.

    Stacy put her towel back on.

    “Oh, I was just testing his loyalty for you,” she explained in a way that everyone was aware she was lying.

    “Thanks, but right now I’d rather test his stamina,” Kellie replied. She grabbed his hand, and led Chris out of the shower area. He was still completely naked as she led him down the hallway. His penis harden as they marched to her room (gathering many more admiring stares as they traveled).

    When they got there she slammed the door behind them. Kelly then spoke the words Chris had been wanting to hear for a long time.

    “Fuck. Me. Now.”
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    Belleville, MI
    Great story!! Don't stop now!
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    I am waiting for more...Please don't stop... :eek:
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    Dont stop :(
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    Part 9

    “Fuck. Me. Now.”

    Chris put on one of the condoms he’d obtained earlier, and was ready to go.

    Kellie pushed him so that he fell backwards onto her bed. She quickly pulled her clothes off, and jumped on top of him. She then pulled him forward where his face was between her big tits. He began kissing them before she let go of his head and he fell flat on the bed. His dick was solid and stiff against his stomach, and she began grinding her bush against his long shaft until it was slick with moisture. She rolled over on her back, pulling Chris on top of her.

    “Give it to me,” she snarled, her face a cross between authoritarian and desperation. Her legs spread wide, allowing him to get between them.

    The moment had finally arrived, and he began to push the long hard pole into her waiting pussy.

    “OH…MY…GOD!” she yelled, and gripped the bed sheets as he pushed it into her. He then gently began to slowly slide it back and forth inside her as she gritted her teeth and breathed heavily. Each push became easier as she adjusted to the girth of his fat dick.

    Her slender body was tense, and her smooth legs were wrapped around his waste. She moaned with delight as she arched her back underneath him. He pulled back a little to give her room. As he pulled back, he looked at her breasts heaving, and leaned down to lick her nipples. He then moved his tongue across her torso to her neck, still sliding himself back and forth inside her. Her eyes rolled back inside of her head as she moaned louder.

    His erection couldn’t get all the way inside of her, but what he was getting inside her looked like it might be the best thing she’d ever felt. He began sliding himself faster, and his decision was met with a squeal of approval.

    Chris pulled closer to her, trying to push his cock a little farther into her with each thrust. Her moaning turned into screaming, and it became apparent she was beginning to orgasm. Her arms, which were laying beside her, began to stiffen, and her hands made fists. She then threw her arms around his waste, pulling him as he thrusted. She let out one more loud moan, then let go. Chris wasn’t finished, but apparently she was. It’d only taken a couple of minutes, but Chris had managed to get her off.

    He continued thrusting slowly, and she asked him, “Can I be on top?”

    Kellie may have climaxed, but she wasn’t done. He rolled over on his back, pulling her along, his dick never pulling out of her. She sat up right on him, and moved her hips up and down. She planted her hands flat on his hips to help keep her balance as she tried to maneuver herself on top of him.

    Kellie looked magnificent as her naked body rode his big cock. He reached and caressed her breasts while she did all of the work. Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be biting her lower lip.

    “I want to fuck you forever,” she moaned. Chris smiled. How could this get any better?

    “What the hell’s going on in here?” a voice suddenly asked. In their passion, neither Chris nor Kellie had noticed they had just been joined.

    “Mary!” Kellie exclaimed.

    Apparently Kellie’s roommate had gotten home early.
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    I'm liking this story a lot!!! Keep going... btw, my name is Mary so I'm anxious to hear about her role in this :)
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    Part 10: INTERLUDE

    Mary got back to her home from college for the weekend late Friday afternoon. She arrived at her house only to find that her parents weren’t home. The nineteen year old college freshman found a note from her parents on the kitchen table which read:

    We had to go to your Grandmother’s house to help her get ready for your Grandpa’s birthday party tomorrow night. We’ll probably spend the night there. Juan will be home to keep you company. We’ll call later.


    Juan was the 18 year old foreign exchange student Mary’s parents had let stay with them this year. We was from Spain, and attended the high school Mary had gone to last year.

    “Great,” she thought. Mary, an Irish Catholic girl with red hair, didn’t care much for Juan and his flirtatious ways. While she’d home for Christmas break, Juan had tried to kiss Mary, but she wanted nothing to do with him. She suspected he chased a lot of girls, and with his good looks and athletic body, probably got quite a few of them. Mary had her life all planned out. She’d marry a college guy and stay a virgin until her wedding night.

    Sometimes, though, she caught herself wondering what it was like to have sex. She had one older sister who was already married, but had been, in her opinion, a slut before she got married, and married her boyfriend because he’d gotten her pregnant. That wasn’t going to happen to Mary.

    It didn’t help matters that her college dorm roommate Kellie was also sexually active, and gave her grief from time to time about her inexperience. When Kellie learned that Mary had never even seen a boy naked, she had insisted that Mary look at some magazine pictures of naked men. Mary was revolted, or at least she thought she was. She couldn’t believe that any girl would want to look at a man’s penis. To her it looked like a disfigured worm. And yet, Mary found herself thinking about the pictures from time to time, wondering what it’d be like to hold it, or have it inside her. Kellie had even told Mary that she’d occasionally sucked boy’s penises and let them ejaculate in her mouth (or as Kellie put it, “blow their load”). She’d described it to Mary at great length to taunt her, but for some reason Mary memorized every detail of the “blowjob”.

    Mary assumed it was fitting that Kellie would be a sexual pervert, since there was no shortage of college boys wanting to have sex with Kellie. Mary didn’t feel she was as good looking as Kellie. Her breasts weren’t as large, she didn’t have the blonde hair or the tan, and certainly wasn’t willing to have sex with any of them. There had been boy’s, like Juan, who’d tried to pick Mary up, but she almost always got offended and told them to leave her alone.

    Juan was walking down the stairs, putting on a heavy jacket.

    “Hi, Mary,” he said, sounding happy to see her.

    “Oh, hi,” she replied. She walked passed him.

    “One of my friends is picking me up,” he informed her. “Do you want to go?”

    “No thanks,” she replied. She wasn’t interested in hanging out with highs school kids after all, and had a lot of studying to do before Monday. Still, she wouldn’t have minded going out if she knew the people she’d be with. She only barely knew Juan.

    “I hope you don’t mind sleeping in the guest room tonight,” she informed him as he started to leave. “I’m taking my room back.”

    “Oh,” he responded, somewhat disappointed. He didn’t feel it was his place to object, even if she was contradicting what her parents had told him.

    A car honked outside, and Juan looked out the window.

    “That’s my ride. I’ll see you later,” he said as he left.

    She watched him leave, then peaked out of the window to see who he was leaving with. It was already somewhat dark out, but then the guy driving the car got out for a second. It was someone Mary knew, alright. The driver motioned for Juan to hurry, and they both got into the car and drove away.

    The driver was Steve Kurtz, who’d been a star JV player during Mary’s senior year. Since he was an athlete, that might explain why he was friends with Juan. She hadn’t bothered to get to know any of the people in the class behind hers, but she knew Steve by reputation.

    Steve was pretty popular with the girls at the local high school, even while Mary was there. He was just okay looking, and had a decent body, since he was an athlete. For the longest time Mary couldn’t understand why so many girls wanted to date him, an average looking junior class jock. One afternoon on the phone, though, she finally asked her friend Karen why the boy was so popular.

    “Oh, you don’t know?” Karen responded in a surprised way.

    “No, should I?” she asked.

    “I guess not. Its probably because of the rumor about him,” Karen answered.

    “What rumor?”

    “Some of the girls say that Steve has a really big thing.”


    “You know, his thing,” Karen tried to explain.


    “Everybody thinks Steve has a big dick!”

    Of course, Mary knew enough about sex to know what a dick was, and what the girls she knew wanted to do with them, but she’d never heard of size being something girls had preferences about. Of course she never saw it herself first hand, but a few weeks later Karen revealed that she’d gone on a date with him.

    “Mary, I saw it!” she said excitedly.

    “Saw what?”

    “Steve Kurtz’s dick!”

    “So?” she responded, still not getting what all the fuss was about.

    “Mary, its freakin’ huge!” she stated. Mary did not share her enthusiasm.

    “Did you have sex with him?” she asked.

    “No…I just touched it. Actually, I gave him a handjob,” she admitted.

    “A what?” Mary asked. Her sheltered life was beginning to show.

    “I stroked his dick until he squirted.”

    “Oh, you got him to ejaculate.” Mary was beginning to catch on.

    As Mary watched Steve drive away, she thought about her conversation with Karen. At the time she’d been disgusted, but now she was curious. She’d seen the pictures Kellie had shown her, but wondered what was considered big. Maybe when they came back, she could get Steve to show it to her. No, that was a bad idea. Juan would be there, and Steve might expect her to perform some sex act. She didn’t have enough experience talking to boys to know how to trick him into showing it to her, but she couldn’t help but wonder what it looked like.

    Kellie did her homework, took a shower, and went to bed around 9:30, which was early even for her. Her thoughts began to wander back to Steve, and penises in general. She thought about the pictures Kellie had shown her, and about how having a big penis must be a good thing, since so many girls wanted to be with a guy who had one. Eventually she fell asleep, but not before thinking to herself, “I wish I’d get to see some big penises.”

    When she woke up it was morning. She walked down the hall to the bathroom, and opened the door.

    Juan stood with his back to her naked, having apparently just gotten out of the shower. Mary knew she should probably leave immediately, but she froze in the doorway. His body was trim and muscular, with wide shoulders and well defined muscles and firm buttocks.

    “Oh my God!” Mary exclaimed.

    Rather than trying to cover himself up, Juan just turned around.

    “Hello, Mary,” he said, as if nothing was wrong.

    Between his legs, she saw his penis. It was a bit darker than the rest of his body, and hung about halfway down his leg.

    Suddenly, Mary was no longer in control of herself. Staring at it, she began walking towards Juan.

    “You can touch it if you want,” Juan said amused. Mary the prude was captivated by his naked body, and he didn’t want to waste the opportunity to get her to loosen up.

    Without saying a word, Mary touched it and held it in her hand. Her grip tighten, and his penis began to harden.

    “Its getting bigger!” Mary exclaimed. Although she understood sex, and she knew that the male penis would become erect, she’d never seen an erection before, as this was the first penis she’d ever seen in real life. She began to stroke his hardening penis, the way Karen had said she’d done in their conversation the previous year.

    “That’s it,” Juan said, encouraging her. Had she not been so captivated, she might have thought it strange he did nothing to discourage her. Of course, not everyone had worked so hard to avoid sexual situation the way Mary had done.

    She continued to stroke him, and his member got even harder. She started pumping her hand harder.

    “Get on your knees,” Juan said.

    Mary didn’t know where this was going, but she was afraid he’d take it away from her if she didn’t do as he asked. She held on to him as she got down on her knees in front of him. Mary looked up at him. Juan’s whole body was good to look at, she noticed.

    “I want to put it in your mouth,” he said to her. “I want you to suck my cock.”

    A normal boy being given a handjob by an attractive older girl might count his blessings and let her finish him off. Juan, however, was an overeager 18 year old, who was determined to get as much as he can from her. She was enjoying it after all, why not find out what else she might enjoy?

    Mary remembered the story Kellie had told her about a guy she’d done this with. Kellie had put the boy’s penis in her mouth, and massaged it with her lips and tongue until he’d ejaculated. Kellie said she liked to swallow the “cum”, but knew a lot of girls who spit it out afterwards, or had the boy shoot it on their faces. It’d sounded disgusting at the time, but now sounded wonderful.

    She opened her mouth, and Juan slid it between her lips. She knew enough from Kellie to only touch it with her lips and tongue, and not her teeth (which admittedly sounded painful). He slid it back and forth in her open mouth. She looked up at him as he did it. He looked good to her, better than he’d ever looked before.

    Remembering what Kellie had told her, she put one hand around the base of his penis and held him steady. She then began bobbing her head up and down on his hardened manhood. As she sucked, she wondered for a second if Juan’s was as big as Steve’s. Maybe she could get Steve to show her his big cock by offering to blow him.

    She kept sucking. It felt like Juan’s cock was getting even bigger. She pulled away to have a look, when suddenly Juan moaned in ecstasy. His hot semen shot out onto her face.

    Mary got up off of her knees, and looked at him. She suddenly regained her sense, realizing what she’d done. Without saying a word, Mary ran out of the room. She quickly changed into regular clothes from her pajamas, put her books in her car, and drove way. She didn’t say another word to Juan the whole time.

    The Catholic guilt had taken over, as Mary had done something she had believed was a sin. Maybe back at school, she could finally stop thinking about boys and their big cocks.
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