The Boys in Blue Pt. 2

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    His partner was behind me and worked up his own equally impressive massive hard on, as i worked on engulfing his partner taking all of his thick 10" meat into my mouth, he slapped his thick fat ebony dick across my full lips, aching to be sucked. He forced it deep into mouth and throat and i hungrily swallowed all of it. This went on for some time. I was in heaven when i turned my attention to his full low hangers darting my tongue around his heavy sack inhaling the sweet musk of his balls, then running my tongue back up to his shaft and engulfing him again in my hot wet mouth. By now we had all worked up tons of precum and my dick was throbbing uncontrollably. Then his partner made me stand up and i got a glimpse of his badge, last name read Branson and he was apparently new on the force. He took off his uniform shirt and t-shirt and forced my attention to his quarter sized nipples. I begin licking his nipples slowly running my tongue around em in circles then i begin to move my tongue across them faster and faster then biting them softly then harder, he began to moan in esctasy, "yeah man, work those nipples."
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