The Brown Recluse = Dave Chappelle

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    The Brown Recluse is a spider now common in NE U.S.A.

    The other day I was thinking about how much I miss Dave Chappelle since he ran away to hide in Africa and how he will no longer be doing his comedy show. So he is in effect: a "Brown Recluse". Please don't read that as racist, its just an obvious observation (which I think he would find funny). I want to hear some other jokes along the line of this. I will give you another example:

    "Green Mamba": that's a dance two Navi do when they are hot for each other (just as an FYI this is what makes James Cameron hot when he daydreams at night)

    "Hippopatamus": Rush Limbaugh....Actually there's no joke there. I just wanted to point out that he's a fat asshole.

    Anyone who is daring: please continue this joke line and compare a popular figure to an animal...And explain why, comically. (*I feel like Pecker won't let me down...)
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