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The Building Site

Discussion in 'Erotic Stories' started by Talesof_Ted, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Talesof_Ted

    Talesof_Ted Banned

    Sep 8, 2011
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    Scotland ( Glasgow )
    I knew I liked cock since I was very young. At first it was a fascination with other guys pubic hair although my dick was probably of average size for my age my pubic hair was not a few little blonde fluffy hairs where present if I looked hard enough yet some of my class mates and other friends around my age had started growing the dark wiry stuff and growing hair down there became an obsession for me.

    When the hair started growing I found that I still had a desire to check out other guys in the showers and changing rooms and more often than not my night time wank was dedicated to some guy I had been eying up. But being from a rundown council housing estate in the UK it was not wise to get a reputation as a wullie watcher or a cock jockey so my bedtime lusting over guys was kept well hidden. Although I had a few sexual encounters with other guys during my teenage years they where rushed fumbles rather than sex.

    I had many girlfriends over the years but my dirty lusting over guys never waned
    Then when I was 19 I got a bit of a scare after a friend who I was sure was giving me all the right signals while full of alcohol kicked off after he woke up from a drunken sleep to find me sucking his cock. Thankfully he was too embarrassed about the situation to go shouting about it but it was enough to get me to put the brakes on my gay adventures for a good few years.

    I was 32 years old married to a wonderful girl we had two lovely girls a mortgage and life was all pretty normal. I still had the odd wank while thinking of guys but that was the limit. I was working with a small building company as a driver / labourer not a great job but it helped pay the bills.

    The company got a job to refit an old rundown house about 80 miles away from the city I lived in. The property was in the Perthshire country side in a rural location it had not been lived in for many years and needed a complete refit. It was decided that me and another labourer the nephew of the guy who owned the company would be sent out to strip out the building. Everything from the plaster on the walls and ceilings to every piece of wood and windows was to come out and would take about two weeks to complete. It was also decided that because it was so far away from our home town that we would live on site in a porta cabin that the company hired from Monday to Friday coming home only on the weekends.

    The cabin was pretty basic two beds a table chairs a small portable gas cooker a shower and toilet. Thankfully the electricity supply was still live in the house enabling us to run an extension cable for lighting and heating the shower. The company set us up with a water supply for the toilet and shower and we were left to get on with the job of stripping out the house and filling skips.

    Jason the bosses nephew was an 18 year old average looking young guy a little too immature at times but on the whole a normal decent lad. Jason liked to smoke cannabis and had his supply with him we also had a stock of canned foods and beers to enjoy as we watched videos at night in the cabin. The place was so remote that we could not get a TV signal so we had a massive collection of videos with us. So we worked all day then when we finished grabbed a shower some food and settled down to watch films with a beer and a smoke.

    The cabin being so small and the only internal door being the one that housed the toilet and shower it was unavoidable seeing each other naked after a shower but thankfully Jason was not a shy lad and I was quick to notice that he had a nice piece of meat swinging between his legs that gave me some bedtime wanking material. While sitting half drunk and half stoned on the first night the subject of lack of privacy had come up and along with that the wanking subject I declared that I could not get to sleep at night without first having a wank Jason admitted that he was the same and it was agreed that we would just have to do what guys do once under our blankets.

    The first two days and nights the weather was not bad but on the third day it pissed down all day then at night it got really cold. I am of average build carrying a few extra pounds so had some fat to help keep me warmer but Jason was a skinny lad all lanky flesh and bones and he really did feel the cold. Our only source of heating in the cabin came from the gas cooker which was running off a small bottle of gas. We would burn one ring on the cooker for an hour to take the chill out the air then turn it off for an hour. As the seats in the cabin where those uncomfortable plastic chairs we would sit on Jason’s bed at night watching the films in comfort. And as it was so cold we pulled his duvet over us as we sat fully clothed watching the TV.

    By about 11pm when we decided to call it a night it must have been about minus 3-4 but it felt like minus 10 with the wind chill and the draughts in the cabin and with only a cheep duvet each for blankets even after 10 minutes in bed I was still cold and I could hear Jason chittering as he tried to warm himself up.
    “Are you ok bud “ I asked
    Jason – “I have never felt so cold in my life this is murder”

    Me “Look it is just an Idea but if you want to come in here beside me and bring your duvet between our body heat and the two duvets it wont be so cold”

    Jason – “Fuck that! it is too cold too move you come into mine”

    Me – “yea sure no bother “

    With my duvet wrapped around me I crossed the 5 or 6 feet to Jason’s bed and climbed in beside him. As soon as I got in beside him I wrapped my arms around him and cuddled him tight to me I only had on boxers shorts Jason was wearing a polo shirt and boxers his whole body was shaking. I began running my hand up and down his legs in a massaging motion creating friction heat then I slid my hand under his shirt and done the same to his back slowly he began to warm up and so had I my cock was rock solid just being so close and intimate with this young guy.

    “Turn around so I can warm your belly” I whispered in his ear
    Jason done as I had asked and my hand went under his shirt once more. His belly was cold to the touch again I began rubbing in a massaging motion rubbing his belly generating heat. Jason never objected there is no doubt he must have felt the hardness of my cock pushed against his boxer covered ass I was sure he was pushing against it but at the same time was worried that it was all in my imagination.

    After about 10 minutes sharing the one bed the heat had built up and we were both comfortably warm and snug. We lay there neither of us saying a word it had been such a long time since I had been so close to another guys body but it just felt so comfortable as I lay there spooning him with my rock hard cock pushing against his ass.

    Jason shifted position and I realised that he was not moving away from me but adjusting himself to fit my stiff member more comfortably against him. I was in no doubt now that he knew what was going on in my head and my boxers and decided to get a little bolder I let my hand slip further down his belly resting it just where I felt the waistband of his boxers began.

    “ Are you comfortable bud” I asked

    Jason –“Fuck yea this is much better”

    Me – “Sorry if my cock is pushing against you I have not had my bedtime wank tonight”

    Jason – “Me neither”

    I moved my fingers down another fraction and there was no doubt Jason was every bit as hard as I was the tip of his dick was clearly resting at the top of his waistband my pinky and second finger just slightly touching it. There was still no objection from Jason he just lay there motionless.

    Me – “Fuck I am so horny lying here I think I might have to go to the toilet and btter one out”

    Jason – “I am the same but there is no way I am getting out of this bed”

    Jason moved as he said that sort of pushing up it was no longer the tips of my fingers but almost my full hand now resting against boxers covered hard dick. Almost as if it was the most natural thing in the world I gripped his stiff dick gently moving my hand in a wanking motion it was more than I could stand I moved my hand this time I pushed it under the waistband of his boxers took hold of his hard dripping cock and began giving him a proper wank Jason never moved he did not comment he just lay there his breathing getting a little faster as I worked his foreskin back and forth over his youthful cock.

    I needed to release my own cock from my now tight damp boxers as I continued stroking Jason’s hard meat I used my other hand to push down my boxers enough to free Albert and the twins then with my thumb in the waistband of Jason’s boxers I pushed his down he lifted his body a little helping me expose his warm tight ass to my pre cum lubed stiff cock.

    “Don’t put it in me Teddy” Jason sort of whimpered

    Me – “I wont I just want to slide it between your cheeks”

    I added some spit to the precum oozing from the tip of my cock and for the first time felt the warm grip from his tight arse cheeks as I slid back and forth between them the tip of my dick just touching his tight moist hole then back again the hairs of his bum adding that extra tickle to my tender cock head it felt so good as I moved both my hand on his cock and my cock between his warm tight ass faster and faster the sensation was incredible I just could not hold back and seconds later my warm thick creamy cum was running between his ass cheeks Jason took control of his own cock and the judder of his body told me that he had let go of his own fluids.

    We both just lay there as I cuddled into him tightly for a few minutes then I slid my boxers all the way off and wiped my mess from between Jason’s cheeks then giving him the boxers to clean up his own mess. When Jason was finished I threw the spunk soaked boxers on the floor then cuddled into him as we both drifted off to sleep satisfied. My desire for cock had returned with a vengeance and it looked as if I had found a willing friend to help me out. But that’s another story.

    Hope you enjoyed this story give me your views and comments please either here or e/mail talesofted@live.co.uk
  2. prism

    prism Sexy Member

    Dec 2, 2007
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    oh, i sure hope you'll continue with this story!
  3. stustu

    stustu Legendary Member

    Nov 2, 2008
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    Florida (US)
    I think these guys need the alpha-foreman to show up unexceptedly and add his spunk to the pile.
  4. agentblueuk

    Gold Member Verified

    Sep 10, 2006
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    Croydon (GB)
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