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    Chapter One

    Standing on the bus stop, his suitcase felt heavy in his hand.
    Time seemed to pass in slow motion as the morning sun poured down like honey on his shoulders.
    A loud hiss of air brakes announced the arrival of the bus.
    He noticed the sweat stained shirt as the driver stowed his case in the trunk.
    The bright sunlight hurt his eyes as he stared out at the nameless streets flashing past the dirty bus window.
    Luckily, he had managed to get a back seat on the sleek silver bus, away from the young mom with her unruly kids and the old couple with thier musty smell.
    The back seats had a little more room and he stretched out his long lean legs under the seat in front.
    The engine behind sent a vibration up his spine and into the front of his chest.
    Travelling was not something he enjoyed.
    He had made this journey so many times before. It did'nt get any easier with time.
    He reached up and slid the small window open.
    The heat and dust of the dirty city streets hit his face and a bead of sweat broke out and slid down his forehead.
    A billboard advertising coors beer flashed by and he licked his dry lips.

    Dan watched the kid.
    Quick sidelong glances, the financial section propped on his lap.
    His jacket folded neatly on the seat beside him.
    He could'nt help noticing the form of the muscular body underneath the tight white T shirt.
    His legs spread slightly wider as his heavy cock stirred in his close fitting suit pants.
    His breathe caught in his throat as the wet tongue slid over full lips.
    His mind stored the images that fueled the fire building within him..
    Dan took in the details.
    The ridge of muscle above the buckle on his belt.
    Soft blonde hairs on the strong forearms.
    The obvious bulging curve of his long thick cock snugly encased in the stretched denim of his faded jeans.
    A vision of damp curly blonde hair surrounding the thick tube of flesh hanging over youthfull heavy balls, sent a surge of pleasure into his groin, and his cock snaked further down his thigh.
    Dan revelled in the feelings of pleasure, flexing his thick heavy cock, feeling the thin material of his pants stretch to capacity as the blood surged.
    He wondered if the pounding in his chest was visible to others as he furtively stole another glance at
    the vision of his secret need.
    He wondered how it would feel, to hold that body close, to feel the strength and power it contained.
    The hard muscles pressing close to his body.
    A wave of pleasure coarsed through him as he closed his eyes, picturing himself kneeling, hands reaching up, roaming all over the chest and hard muscled stomach.
    The large cock head grazing his lips, the sweet smell of another male body filling his head.
    He kneaded the firm buttocks as the head and shaft slid into his mouth, filling his throat.
    He struggled to swallow as much of this maleness as possible, wanting to be taken by it, to be possessed by it.
    He felt the power it contained, the same power that had made a God of the male phallus and made him burn inside with a need to taste the seed, to take that power within him.
    He felt the pulse of his lover through his cock and the large head grew in his throat.
    He drew it in deeper and sucked, pulling deep sighs of pleasure from the soft lips of his Love.
    Unbridled with lust, he searched for his partners need, drawing it from him, pulling him closer to the edge of oblivion.
    He opened his eyes just as perfection shifted in his seat and turned slightly towards him.
    The sun caught his head, a halo of light flashed around him.
    The outline of his thick maleness encased in the faded denim filled Dans head.
    Splinters of the morning light filled Dans eyes as his love spurted from his cock and flooded his pants with its heat.

    As the dawn was breaking gold, he turned in his seat, he looked across at the handsome business man.
    He sure was good looking in that manly way he liked.
    A well built body, even white teeth, his dark suit fitting him so well.
    The lover he always dreamed of was like that, pale blue eyes, dark haired, maleness personified.
    His need to be held and loved overwhelmed him.
    The long held feeling of a child who has lost its way came over him in waves.
    A man like him could put the smile back on his face.
    He had spent so much time searching, crying in the rain of his life.
    If he could have a man like that he would never leave his side. He would know he was home at last.
    Hope sprang to his heart as the man returned his gaze, smiling.
    The hot sun burned on the band of gold around the mans finger.
    Hope sank within him like a stone, scurrying back into that place where it seemed doomed to spend eternity.
    He turned back to the dirty bus window as a solitary tear slid real slow down his cheek, mingling with the beads of sweat.
    In his eyes you could see a starry veil, an ocean of infinity.
    An ache filled his chest and........
    Andy went back to waiting for his man.



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    OK, nice start. Don't keep us in suspense.
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    Very hot story, love your description and it made me better endorsement than that from me.

    Please do get inspired and write some more, you are very good.
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