The Bush 13 - An A-to-Z From Addington To Yoo

Discussion in 'Politics' started by D_Tully Tunnelrat, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Here's an interesting piece on the 13 people responsible for the torture policies under Bush-Cheney. It's amazing how the right resorts to the Bush got bad legal advice defense, but it's hard to sustain any logic to that thought when 6 of the 13 on this list are lawyers. You can bad advice from one lawyer, but when you have 6 all working on creating a new legal definition of presidential power, and what constitutes torture, that's not bad advice, it's policy.

    In Feb of 2002, Bush stated that the Geneva Conventions would not apply, but that little conservative group who sanctioned Bush's Presidency, the Supreme Court, begged to differ. Bush's claim is almost as outrageous as the those by Addington and Yoo that under the Bush defined terms of war, the President is not bound by domestic or international laws. Hmmm, what word do we generally use another word to define those who don't have to abide by the law?

    My favorite line is the on-going Bush defense, which is that if he authorized it, it could not be torture. I believe I have heard this on here a few times too. Cue the chorus again.

    The 13 people who made torture possible | Salon News

    Happy Reading.
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