The Carol Burnett Apreciation Society..the PBS Special

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    Did anyone get a chance to watch this show on you local stations? What a great retrospective too carol's career! I had never known her beginings and her early life struggles. Seeing someone that I have liked so much over the years and getting a good chunk of their reality and seeing how it spurned her into who she became was a good watch.
    We used to crowd around the tv for Carols show all the time. Was a weekly family endulgence. carol was queen of tv besides Mary Tyler Moore.
    This PBS special was great as it brought folks back to Carol's early days, days spent w/alcholic parents and her grandmother..her life saver.
    There's something about Carol wether it's her comedy or drama..e.g. her award winning performance in Friendly Fire or in the movie Pete and Tilly that always makes you get on her side, cheer for her and wanna wrap yr arms around her.
    This was an eye opening docu on her life and I'm glad I saw it and am glad she's still working...see last weeks Law and Order!
    Share the Carol love!
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