The Chroncicles of Fernando Part III

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    Chris depressed the clutch and pushed the gearshift into first with a "snick". The sportscar roared as he drove the two blocks to Firestone Blvd. He felt like he was floating. It seemed like a long 3 miles to the 605 freeway. His hole was sore but satisfied from getting fucked hard two nights in a row. I guess if I'm gonna keep seeing this guy, I'm gonna be a bottom. And he didn't care. He didn't know how long it was going to last. A week? A month? Chris decided not to plan it out. The engine screamed as he wound it out rocketing up the on ramp. He crossed 4 lanes and hit the fast lane, very quickly going 90. He loved going fast on the freeway. "It feels like flying" he always said to people who criticized him for driving too fast. He drove home automatically. His mind was somewhere else entirely. He thought of Fernando's handsome face and intense eyes. He thought of how his nippes got hard and the little bit of black hair between them. He thought of his beautiful, fat uncut cock and how good it tasted. He thought of how badly he wanted Fernando inside him when he saw him. They had a purely sexual energy. He'd never felt it like this with anyone. It was addictive, like really good coke but better. Chris snapped out of his daydream as he realized he was home. He roared into the driveway and got up out of the car, the inclined driveway slick with early morning dew. He cursed the sprinklers again and crept into bed. The next morning, the phone rang again like a fire alarm. "IT"S FERNANDO" yelled his Grandmother in a Southern accent. "Hey you" purred Chris. There was a second of silence. His morining friendliness caught Fernando off guard. "Hey listen, I don't want you to think I'm..." "Where are you taking me tonight?" interrupted Chris. Fernando laughed, sounding relieved. "Pick me up at my house at 9:30" snapped Chris. "Better make it 10:30, I work, remember?" said Fernando sarcastically "I'll pick you up at your house at 10:30. Be READY!" Chris snickered. He hung up first this time. He had to help his Grandmother with household projects that day before work. She kept taking about this and that and he didn't hear a word. He made an excuse to run out the door and drove down to the bike path. Redondo Beach could be chilly in the late afternoon but it was glorious that day. Chris strapped on his rollerblades and went down the ramp, hitting the path with dangerous speed. As he glided up the bike path, he felt like everyone who looked at him knew he got fucked last night. An hour later at work, his manager teased him "oooh, look who got some last night. Look at Chris' face! It must have been GOOD!" He wasn't used to broadcasting his exploits. He pulled his manager aside and told her of the new stud in his life. As the night wore on and the restaurant got busy, Chris snapped into work mode and pulled his head out of the clouds for a couple hours. The hostess came to his section and said "There's someone named Fernando in the lobby". Chris was excited and slightly confused. what was he doing here? Fernando was in his uniform. An enormous limosine was pulled up to the curb. "I'm on the way to the airport to drop off a client and I forgot to bring money for parking, can I borrow 5 bucks?" Fernando looked sheepish and ashamed. Chris wondered why he'd come all the way to this part of the South Bay on the way to the airport from Commerce. "Sure, whatever you want" said Chris, handing him the money. "We're still on for later?" inquired Chris "Oh yeah, I've just gotta take this back. Same time". The white ultra stretch glided away from the curb and toward Hawthorne Blvd. An hour later, Chris was beautifying himself at the gym, hitting the hard weights and working on his ass. An attractive 40-ish Italian guy with a bulging crotch followed him from station to station. Finally Chris left. "This was on the front door for you" said his Grandmother as he walked through the door. "There's dinner in the kitchen" she said. Probably dreadful as usual. Chris looked at the envelope. There was a card inside with "I'm so glad we met" written in perfect handwriting at the bottom. "When did this come?" "Right after you left today" drawled Grandmother. He's already been out here twice today! Downey and Redondo Beach weren't exactly next to each other, a good 45 minute drive. Chris scrutinized the card and then slid it under his stereo. He picked out some black jeans and another green t-shirt. As he showered, he felt his ass and his hole, knowing he'd probably get fucked again tonight. He looked at the clock and knew Fernando was out front. Chris made him wait on purpose. 30 minutes later, Chris leaned over and looked into Fernando's yellow car. He pretended to be asleep. "I was about to give up" said Fernando sleepily. "I wanted to be beautiful for you" said Chris as he leaned over and kissed him. "By the way, thanks for the card". "Oh, that" said Fernando feigning embarrassment. "I didn't want to disturb you". "You mean I was here?" Chris said, his eyes doubling in size. "Yes, your car was in the driveway". Chris didn't know if he should feel flattered or stalked. He decided on flattered. "Tonight we'll party in my neighborhood" said Chris. 20 minutes later, Fernando was plying Chris with booze. They laughed and talked. "Let's get out of here" said Fernando. "I know of a better place". 45 minutes later they were back in Downey. After another bar and many more drinks, Fernando and Chris staggered into a cheap motel room. Chris took a flying leap onto the bed "alone at LAST!" Fernando jumped on top of him, reached around and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Down they went...Chris flipped over, eye level with Fernando's crotch. He hungrily ripped open his button fly. Fernando was rock hard. Chris pulled his briefs down holy FUCK I love his cock he thought as he slurped the pre-cum from the end and greedily sucked his fat shaft into his mouth. Fernando threw him back onto the bed and went for Chris' cock. Fernando gagged as he tried to swallow the whole fat 8 inches "fuck boy, you're HUGE". "You already said that" smiled Chris. They sucked each other in a feverish 69. Fernando clawed at his ass but wanted more. He grabbed Chris' pants by the cuffs and yanked them completely off. He grabbed Chris by the calved and pushed his legs up and out. Fernando dove into his ass like it was his last meal. Chris closed his eyes, his cock rock hard from the blow job and having his ass eaten, his head spinning from the booze. He felt the Fernando's beautiful cock head at the entrance to his ass. Fernando wasn't patient this time. He just pushed. Chris pushed back and tried his best to take Fernando without yelling. Fernando slid in easier than before. Probably two nights in a row of hard asspounding he thought as Fernando drilled him. He looked up into Fernando's determined hawklike stare as he fucked Chris like a jackhammer. He slowed his stroke to a stop and flipped Chris over onto all fours. He slid it in and pounded Chris from the back "whack-whack-whack-whack" echoed through the room. Chris fucked back onto his fat cock, his longish blonde hair hanging down his forehead, damp with sweat. Fernando was a true fuck machine. Chris had never been drilled like this before. Fernando pulled Chris down and bent him over the bed...and then on the bed with Chris on his side and Fernando fucking him from the floor...Chris on his back on the table...Chris made bite marks and scratch marks on Fernando...Fernando tore up Chris' ass and they both loved it. Chris rolled back over onto his back and Fernando slid in. Neither could last any longer. Chris came without touching himself. Fernando shot a huge load all over Chris. Afterward, they lay in the bed together. A while later, they were ready for round two...and then three. They collapsed in the bed, thoroughly exhausted and drunk. "You love it when I fuck you" said Fernando. "Maybe" smirked Chris. "You were fuckin' LOUD" Fernando laughed. Chris had no idea he'd been loud but wasn't surprised. Chris looked at his watch "oh fuck, I gotta get home!" Chris pawed around for his clothes. Fernando got dressed calmly and efficiently. Fernando dutifully drove Chris back to Redondo Beach, his fourth trip in one day. "I had an amazing time" gushed Chris. "I know" Fernando said with a wicked smile. Chris had no idea just how far Fernando would go to keep seeing him. he'd soon find out....
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