The Chronicles of Fernando, Part II

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    The phone brought Chris from a deep slumber. It sounded like a fire alarm. His mouth was dry, his head was splitting. He reached for the phone and barely managed a "hello". He opened his eyes and a little stream of light escaped the thick drapes and stung his eyes. "Do you know who this is?" inquired a low, slightly raspy voice. Now it was slowly coming back to Chris, starting with his sore ass. What the FUCK happened last night? "Yeah, of course I remember you, you're Francisco!". "FERNANDO" the voice on the phone said insistantly. Now Chris started to remember...picking Glenn up...the club...the stud he took home who fucked him mercilessly in his car..."Hey, what's up?" "How's you're head?" asked Fernando. He is a fucking mind reader. "I'm ok, I need some coffee and a shower. Can I call you back in a few? Funny, Chris didn't remember giving Fernando his number. He didn't think Fernando had given him his. "I live with my family, you can't call me here" he said sternly. "Tell you wanna go out tonight?" said Fernando, suddenly sounding gentle. "You mean like a real date or do you just want to fuck in the car again?" "A REAL date. I'll buy you dinner." said Fernando, now sounding humble. "Come to my work, meet me when I get off". he said. "I don't know where you work, it might help if you tell me" said Chris, sarcastically. "I told you last night, don't you remember? Nah, of course you don't. I work at the Bicycle Club Casino in Commerce". Fernando gave Chris directions and said "I'll meet you in the lobby at 9. Park in Valet. " Great, another fucking valet who doesn't know how to start my car" thought Chris. "I can't wait" said Chris as he feigned a detached but alluring tone. "I'll see you at 9, dont' be late" said Fernando in a commanding tone that suddenly went tender "I'm glad you're coming out to see me. I was hoping we could see each other again". "Of course" said Chris. They both exchged "see you later"s and hung up. The rest of the day was a blur for Chris; college classes, his job waiting tables, an extra hard workout so he'd look hot...all after having his ride washed and buying a new outfit. Chris decelerated up the ramp as he saw the looming casino sign. So odd in LA. As he pulled into valet, he realized two things; that he was late and that he didn't quite remember what Fernando looked like. He remembered generally and remembered he was hot...that was it. As he turned his car over to the valet, he carefully emphasized "it's got a manual choke!" "Si, of course" said the valet. Chris handed him a fiver in hopes of him taking good care of it. As Chris walked into the lobby, he saw Fernando right away. He was wearing a uniform which was creased and immaculate. He knew him by his determined stance and the hawklike stare. "Hey" said Chris casually. "You're late" said Fernando...and then he sheepishly smiled and said softly "I have to do one more thing, can you wait up here for me and then we'll go to dinner". Fernando walked off and Chris strange to have a drunken fuck followed by a proper date. Chris went to the restroom to check his look. His longish blonde hair was sort of slicked back. His thin, button down shirt with the rolled up sleeves was light colored and slightly sheer, enough to show his nipples and tan chest and shoulders. As he exited the restroom, Fernando was already there. "We'll eat here" he said motioning to the casino restaurant. They sat in a booth and were the only ones in the restaurant. Fernando appeared extremely nervous. Do I intimidate him? wondered Chris. Fernando ordered Pad Thai for Chris after learning he'd never tried it. Over the course of the meal, Chris learned that Fernando was 25 and from El Salvador. He came from a well-to-do family and he was the youngest, the son of a 4-star General. He recently finished his duty in the Marine Corps. He also learned that Fernando had just ended a relationship with a much younger guy. "How long ago did you guys break up?" asked Chris incredulously. "It was a very short time ago" said Fernando. It was obviously something he didn't want to talk about. Fernando touched Chris' leg under the table. He remembered the electricity from the night before. As Fernando paid the check, Chris noticed he'd left a huge tip for the waitress. Big points with that one. Chris was taken on a guided tour of the casino. Fernando pointed out the regulars, the hard-luck cases and the ones best avoided. At the valet stand, Fernando spoke rapidly in Spanish to the valet. It wasn't sing-songy like the Mexicans spoke, it was harder with an even tone. A Salvadorean accent. A minute later, Chris heard his car chug-chugging to the valet stand. The fucking choke is right there and it's labeled! Fernando tipped the valet and Chris shot him a hard look as he pulled the choke. Chris drove Fernando to the employee lot. His hand was on Chris' leg and he felt his cock start to harden. As they both got out of the car, Fernando grabbed Chris and kissed him hard. Chris' body remembered this. This was hot. Fernando stopped and looked around. It was obvious he kept his life private. The two of them drove caravan to Fernando's house. "You have to be very quiet, my Grandma and aunt are in there asleep". Both crept to the bedroom. Fernado shut the door gently and tip-toed to the bed. The room was small, just a bed, a television and a phone. Fernando grabbed Chris and kissed him hard. Chris moaned. Fernando pulled away and looked him in the eye..."shhhh!". They returned to sucking face...they kissed furiously but quietly while Fernando undid Chris' jeans. Fernando started jerking Chris with one hand, smearing his pre-cum all over the head of his fat dick. Chris pulled at the crotch of Fernando's pants and they were off in a hot second. Chris seemed to lose his quickly as well. Before he knew it, Fernando's cock was up the crack of Chris' muscular ass. Chris felt himself being lubed and his asshole massaged. He was sober for this. Fernando started to shove his fat cock in Chris' tight hole...shoving a pillow in his face at the same time. Fernando rocked back and forth...his cock going in a little further with each motion. Before he knew it, Chris was engaged in the hardest, quietest fuck he'd ever had. It was a killer to stay quiet. It felt so fucking good. Fernando was amazing in bed. They lay on their sides and Fernando fucked Chris from behind for a good 15 minutes, Chris stuck his ass out further and further as Fernando worked his fat cock in and out of his ass. Suddenly, they came simultaneously; Fernando on Chris' back and ass and Chris all over the bed. They were both sweaty and trying not to breathe hard. Chris felt like his long hair was in 100 different directions. He silently dressed and re-assembled himself. His hole felt wet and open. "I'll walk you out, don't say anything" whispered Fernando. They exited silently and Fernando leaned in and kissed Chris goodnight. "I'll call you in the morning and wake you up" said Fernando. Chris smiled back at him as he turned the key and his sportscar roared to life. "Next time, I'm getting us a room" said Chris, just a little too loudly. Fernando looked quickly forward and to each side. "Nite stud" said Fernando. The look in his eyes was different now. Chris knew what it was. He was smitten. Or was it more than that...he had no idea just how far Fernando would go to keep him...
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