The Condom Test

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    To prove that that newspaper article is crap, and also to prove the necessity for larger sized condoms, I have set up a condom test. I took a painful experience to perform this, so take that into consideration when reading.

    -The test was performed with four objects:
    a) my cock 8" by 6" by 2"
    b) 9 oz Gillete Can shave foam (sensitive skin) 8" by 6 1/2", rounded near perfect, big can, aluminum
    c) Rave 8.5 oz hairspray, plastic bottle. cap removed. 7" x 5.3" cylindrical, 6.2 minus tapered nozzle head
    d) 2.5 oz Travel Size Gillette Can 5.2" x 4.8" with cap

    Condoms used:
    1) Lifestyles Dual Pleasure
    2) Lifestyles Ribbed Pleasure
    3) Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive
    4) Trojan Non-Lubricated
    5) Trojan Magnum
    6) Trojan Magnum XL

    First Test- The pain test (performed with my cock only), seeing as cans dont feel pain.

    Condom # Effects

    1 Very Painful, squeezing of sides, urethra. Red ring visible, loss of erection. Extremely painful to even put on over head.

    2 Very Painful, squeezinf of sides, urethra. Red ring, loss of eretion, difficult to roll on.

    3 Very Painful, same problems as first two, appearance of more stretching, eventual breakage during masturbation.

    4 Very Painful, not as painful as Lifestyles. However, loss of erection, loss of erection, also difficult to put on head of penis.

    5) Discomfort leading to pain. Original feeling of tightness. Difficult to put over head due to pain and sensitivity. No breakage during masturbation. No loss of erection, but masturbation soon became difficult due to pain, no ejaculation.

    6) Comfort, some tightness. Although tight, this one gave no actual pain. Much easier to put on, tiny bit of discomfort around the head. Ejaculation achieved.

    Second Test: The breakage/roll/slip test

    A) Your's Truly

    1 No Breakage, latex stretched extremely thin during masturbation.
    Extreme difficulty/pain in putting on, once on kept rolling up during masturbation.

    2 Minimal Breakage- Tiny hole visible above the latex ring. Extremely difficult/painful to put on. Similar problems to condom #1

    3 Breakage- Due to thinner latex, condom split during masturbation. Started small, but led to a larger split with more masturbation. Extreme difficulty and pain when put on.Latex ring roll up to add insult to injury.

    4 See #1

    5 No Breakage Did not break, although discomfort as time wore on. Ejaculation was not achieved because I had to stop due to pain after 6 minutes. Did not roll up however.

    6 No Breakage No breakage, minimal discomfort when putting on. No rolling up.

    B Gillette Can 9 oz

    1 Breakage, roll up with simulation, EXTREME DIFFICULTY IN PUTTING ON

    2 See #1

    3 See #1, more breakage than first two however
    4 See # 1

    5 No Breakage- Was able to reach all the way to the base, did roll some during stimulation.

    6 No Breakage or Roll Up

    c) Rave

    1 No Breakage, relatively easy to put on, looks like a perfect fit, condom seemed a little short however, there was absolutely no latex left at the end.

    2 See #1

    3 See #1

    4 See #1

    5 No Breakage, looser, some condom movement during simulated masturbation above the ring. No slip of the actual ring however.

    6 No Breakage, excesss latex, loose to the point of slipping.

    d) Gilette 2.5 oz

    1-6 No breakage, significant excess latex on all condoms. 5,6 were loose and slipped some during stimulation.

    Test 3- The fit test

    A) This final test I hold more interest in myself, because I'm the only one who has a set of balls for this one. I found that I could not roll condoms 1-4 to my base, there simply wasn't enough latex. Same for condom 5, it hurt to have it around the skin that attatched my ballsac to my shaft. Condom 6 went all the way to the base, and was the only one which was able to take in the top parts of my scrotom (where the ballsac meets the shaft) without rolling up.

    B) The condoms 1-4 wouldn't roll all the way to the base without splitting from the latex ring. Condom 5 made it to the base, but when it was so tight that I had much difficulty pulling it away from the can, started to break when pulled on ass well.

    C) Condoms 1-4 had zero excess latex, seemed snug. I would probably reccomend condom 5 for those who do not want a snugger fit. Condom 6 was very loose and seemed like it would roll up in a tighter pussy. Moved during stimulation, slipping, not rolling. 5/6 had excess latex.

    D) Excess latex at base for every condom. I would reccomend condoms 1-4, but just don't roll the all the way down. They seem comfortable. Condoms 5/6 both slipped. Condom way in hell would that hold the semen in.

    My Conclusion:

    It is clearly obvious that larger sized condoms are an absolute necessity for even the smaller end of the larger sized cock.

    Regular Sized Condom

    4.5 x 4.3 to 6.5/7 x 5.3


    7 X 5.3 to 8 x 5.8

    Magnum XL

    8 x 5.9 to ?

    For those with bigger penises, or smaller penises..if you could contribute to this test, it would be very much appreciated.

    I need three things


    Performance of condoms listed in all three tests

    How far down your cock does each condom reach, is there excess latex.
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    What, no helium leak test?

    The stout yoemen at Consumer Reports managed a helium leak test. If it's good enough for them it should be good enough for LPSG.
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    Thats just cruel man, I put my fella in pain for the name of science. At least have some sympathy:biggrin1:
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