The Crew (Part 2)

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    Part 2
    As he wiped the grease off his hands and looked up, Ros was staring at him through the access hatch, holding their empty coffee mugs. “It’s stopped raining, and it is so beautiful outside. Let’s have some cheese and wine before dinner,” she suggested, “and have dinner later when it’s dark. I’ve never seen the archipelago before.”
    “Tell you what,” said Neil. “I’ll go and grab a couple of bugs (crayfish) from the fishermen for dinner and you go get settled in. Okay?”
    Ros disappeared down the passage and Neil watched her long legs and butt disappear into the cabin as he absently closed his toolbox. He climbed out of the engine bay and followed her. She was bending over her bag as he stepped into the cabin, and Neil put his hands on her hips to step round her.
    “Sorry- I need some shoes,” he said, reaching into the locker for his slops (beach thongs). Ros stood up and turned round: “I didn’t mean to embarrass you earlier, but you’re quite cute when you blush!”
    She started blushing again.
    “See ya now,” he said as he left.

    The sun was just setting as Neil stood up in the dinghy. The tide had come in while he worked on the engine, and Ros took the line from him and made it fast. He plonked two huge crayfish and a plastic packet of tiger prawns down on the step and climbed out of the boat and up the stairs. He turned to Ros. “Thanks- you look beautiful, by the way!”
    She’d changed into a thin cotton broderieanglaise frock and her hair was loosely tied up.
    “I thought I’d look decent for dinner. What do we usually do for guests?” she asked.
    “Well, you look great- usually I do porno-print t-shirts and baggies- that’s my thing, or if I really want to slum it I wear a kikoyi (East African sarong worn like a bath-sheet).”
    “Okay- do the kikoyi thing tonight. I’ll see you now,” said Ros.

    Neil came out into the cockpit. Ros had turned off the lights and now the saloon and cockpit were lit with a constellation of little tea-lights in vases. She had set out some South African wine in a cooler, and the sun had set, bathing the entire bay in amber light. She poured a pair glasses and topped them with ice. Neil stepped out onto the aft deck, bare chested, with a dark ochre kikoyi wrapped round his midriff. Ros took a moment to stare. “Cheers,” she said as she placed a glass of wine in his hand.
    The whole issue of dinner could go on hold now, he thought, his thoughts racing in ever tighter circles round his crew/hostess and her lean body. Normally he would be making precise mental notes about the sky and looking at the barometer on his watch. Now he pretended to scan the sky. Ros walked up behind him and looked out over the bay.
    “I’m sorry if I’ve been flirting with you,” she said as she looked at the fishing-boats on the beach. You just weren’t anything like I imagined- I mean I took this job to get over Sean. He ran off with a waitress from Cape Town, and I have a house, car and two dogs to play mummy to. I didn’t want to get involved, so I looked for a skipper who was single. I thought you’d either be gay or have issues, so I played up for you. I had a hard think about it while you were gone and I thought I’d better apologise.”
    “No worries. I think you’re very sexy, but I don’t know if I should get involved wi-“
    He came to a sudden stop as Ros put a hand round his neck and pulled his mouth to hers. She kissed him passionately. Her lips were soft and full, and her tongue darted into his mouth mischievously. He kissed her back forcefully, and Ros softened in his arms. Neil put his hand across her lithe back and hugged her to him. She ground her pelvis into his and he could feel her groin pressing into his heavy, swollen cock. It seemed like forever that they kissed, but it ended as Ros buried her face in his chest and sobbed.
    “What you crying for?” he asked.
    “I’m sorry, but you just make me feel so good. You really turned me on this afternoon when I burst in on you, and I saw how turned on you were. I just can’t help feeling that we could be good together. I’ve been wet for you since we walked out over the sandbank, and I wanted you all the time while you fitted that tappet.” she blurted out. “I thought I’d seduce you tonight and you’ve had my hormones going all afternoon. While you were gone I got off just thinking about you and me!”
    Neil was taken aback by her bluntness, and he leaned back against the bulwark of the cockpit. He pulled Ros close and ran his fingers through her hair as he cuddled her close. “Come over here. I want to talk to you,” he said in his quiet voice.
    She moved closer and they stood side beside each other in silence. He put his arm around her and she cuddled closer and sipped her wine. He put his other arm round her and pulled close to her. He could smell Ros’s hair and he locked his hands together on her flat tummy. Neil’s engorged cock was pressing up against her butt and she ground against it. One hand lifted his hand onto her breast and Neil felt her nipple like a small pebble. He brushed it with his fingertips. He bent over and kissed her ear.
    “Aaahh”, she breathed. “That’s bad magic that.”
    He could feel goose-bumps rising on her skin, and he ran his tongue down the crease behind her jaw.
    “Touch me,” came Ros’s voice, with a tremor.
    Neil traced his index finger round her areola and slid his other hand over her mound. Through the thin cotton he could feel her bush as a narrow stripe like velvet nap, and he cupped her mound with his large hand. Ros opened her legs slightly and reached round for his cock.
    “Mmmmh,” she murmered as her slim fingers found the shaft of it. “I want to touch you.”
    She turned around and hiked up onto the bulwark of the cockpit. She opened her legs and pulled Neil closer in, her one hand reaching through the folds of his kikoyi for his cock.
    “Uh-uh, uh-uh,” Neil chided her quickly and stepped back. “You saw mine now I wanna see yours!” With that he untied the ties on the shoulders of her white cotton dress and pulled it down to her waist. Her little breasts were firm and tanned, almost boyish, with tiny hard nipples aching to be touched. He bent over and ran his tongue-tip over her other little nipple, which was puckered and pink. Ros’s hand reached for his cock again.
    “Ey!” and Neil smacked it away jokingly. His balls were beginning to tingle and he could feel the pre-cum oozing down the shaft.
    Neil cupped a breast in his open mouth and sucked on it firmly. Ros squirmed, so he lifted her like a baby and swung the two of them onto the sun-bed on the stern. He knelt down and gently deposited her on the soft white Connolly leather.
    Neil stood up and removed his kikoyi and Ros pulled her dress up over her head. She re-tied her hair higher, demurely looking aside, then she reclined herself like a Roman statue. Neil admired the feast before him like a pauper. Ros’s slim body looked lissome and cat-like as she gestured for him to lie beside her.
    “Touch me, please,” she begged.
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