The Crew (Part 3)

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    Far from here
    Neil stroked his hands down her body as he kissed her throat and shoulders. He placed his hand on her mound and felt the familiar heat through the velvety fur. Her hair had been cut clipper-short and his fingers slid easily between her pouting pussy-lips. In the candle-light he watched her face carried away with relief.
    “Now you c’n touch me,” he said as Ros looked into his face.
    Her hands reached down for his big erection and she gasped.
    “Fuck- it’s huge!” she exclaimed.
    He squeezed and it flopped up off his leg. The pre-cum oozed out of it and Ros wiped a little with her finger, tasting it like syrup. She rocked over onto her side and cocked her leg up. “Don’t stop,” she said as Neil probed with two fingers. He explored her folds and creases deep inside and out.
    Ros tried to close her hand round his cock but her fingers wouldn’t meet. She held it like an expensive, fragile toy and pulled the skin back with her other hand. She held it tight at the base and looked at the tracery of thick veins on its surface. It was slightly curved like some sort of meaty tusk, and its head was perfectly heart-shaped. “I don’t know if you’ll fit inside me,” she said as she stroked the crease up the front of the head, harvesting the pre-cum like nectar. His cock flinched involuntarily with each stroke, and she turned her attention to his big balls. They were heavy and very full, and she massaged them with her fingertips, watching them move in her fingers. She turned on him.
    “My turn now, you tease!” she said, and she kissed him again, gently.
    The kisses moved down to his nipples, then to his flat stomach, then to his hip-bones and his groin. Ros’s hand moved up and down his shaft and her other hand massaged where his balls met his body, milking them and preparing them.
    ”Ros, please-“
    “I don’t like blow-jobs,” she said, as she kissed the inside of his thighs, “but I want to taste you,” she finished, and sucked the head of his dripping cock clean. “and now I want to ride the magic pony!”
    She straddled his cock and ground her clit against it. Neil could feel the wetness against his shaft, and he reached up for her nipples.
    “Stop that- it’s just wanton,” he joked. He lowered her onto her back and sat up. Ros held his head in her hands as he tried to go down on her.
    “Please, no. I’ve never been done this before,” she half pleaded.
    “Sssh,” said Neil, and he kissed her hip-bones.
    He lay between her legs and smelt her musky wetness. He licked her hair and ran his tongue delicately over her folds and lips. He sucked on her inner lips, feeling them with his mouth, and he could taste Ros’s juices pouring out of her. As he inserted his tongue, she grabbed his head and pressed it into herself. “Yess,” she managed to say between her teeth as she ground her mound into his mouth. “Fuck me NOW!”
    Neil stopped licking and kissing, and pushed himself to his knees. His cock, heavy and distended, flopped around on his lap.
    “Lie down. I want to be on top.” said Ros. “How big is that thing, for the record?”
    “I dunno- about nine inches?” answered Neil “Is it too big?”
    Ros shook her head and squatted over him, hildong her wet lips apart with two fingers. She pulled his foreskin back and steadied Neil’s enormous penis in her entrance with the other. Her dripping pussy-lips spread over the big head, and Neil watched as Ros tried to accommodate him. She pushed herself over the head, and felt it go past the first muscles.
    “I don’t want to hurt you,” said Neil. ”stop there.”
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