The Cuckold

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    Bard: "I didn't realise it was this small Julie. It's tiny!"
    "Oh I don't know Pam, it's not that small. It does it for me," my wife replied to her friend.
    "Well that may be so but all I can say is you have had a sheltered life. I've seen quite a few cocks but not like this. I'm really sorry about this Julie, but I'm not going through with it."
    "You won't fuck my husband? But you...."
    "I know I know, but....look....a woman has standards. John's cock is pathetic babes. I mean it's like pathetic. If I fucked John it would be just plain embarrassing. I certainly wouldn't enjoy it and I doubt John would either."
    "Hold on there Pam," I interceded. "Let me be the judge of that. You are a fine looking lady and I'd love to fuck you. We did all agree to this after all. I get to fuck you and then your husband gets to fuck my wife."
    "John," replied Pam, "Be realistic about this. Pete has a big cock. I mean a big cock. He fucks me long and hard with it on a regular basis. Your penis wouldn't touch the sides. How big is it?"
    "Your cock. How big is your cock?"
    "I don't know. I've never measured it."
    "Hang on," said my wife,"I'll get a tape."
    And so this was the bizarre situation I found myself in. After a rather drunken agreement during an evening with friends, my wife Pamela, her childhood pal Julie, her husband Peter and I agreed to share partners. Two weeks later I was lying naked on my bed with the best erection in years. Pam, still standing before me, had partially undressed down to her brief red underwear before abruptly changing her mind. My wife was standing to one side still fully, but sexily clothed in a tight black dress, deperately defending her husband of ten years. She quickly disappeared and then reappeared with a sewing tape. Walking over to me, Pam took it from her.
    "Let me do this." she said. "We want a fair measurement after all."
    Despite this entirely embarrassing situation, and to my eternal credit, I had still maintained one of my best erections. Pam was quick to measure it, but was oddly reticent about touching it.
    "It's ok," I said. "It won't bite you know."
    "As a said John, I have standards to maintain. Right, erm...."
    Pam proceded to measure my straining penis.
    Then in a suspiciously triumphant voice she said, "Just a fraction over four inches."
    "Well that's ok, surely?" my wife said.
    "Not for me babes," replied Pam. "And I doubt ok for any woman who has been with another man."
    "Now wait a minute Julie, you knew me before I married John. I've been with...."
    My wife then stopped herself from continuing and glanced at me with a rather flustered expression. I couldn't help look back at her with what must have been a degree of shock. I knew Julie was no virgin bride, but I'm not sure I liked what she was about to say.
    "Look, you two," said Pam. "Julie, let me watch you two fuck. Unless you want to suck John off Julie?"
    "So you are adamant you are not going to fuck my husband?" said my wife.
    "Positive. But let's make the best of a bad job. I think it's just as well Pete couldn't make it."
    "Seems odd he couldn't all of a sudden." This from my wife with just a little too much regret for my liking.
    "Well," said Pam, "you know how it is with his work. Besides, I think he may have got cold feet."
    "Look! Somebody do something!" I was desperate for some kind of release.
    Shrugging and making up her mind my wife came over to the bed and kneeled down, still clothed, on the floor. I moved forward slightly and hung my legs over the edge of the bed. My wife reached over and took my throbbing cock in her hand.
    Whilst absently playing around with it she said, "You mean Pete doesn't want to fuck me." This a statement rather than a question.
    "Oh babes", said Pam. She knelt besides my wife and put a loving arm around her, absently glancing at the action."Not at all. Peter would love to fuck you. But after sobering up I think he had second thoughts about this foursome wife swap thing. I won't fuck John, but you can still fuck Pete. Of course you can."
    "Yes babes, really."
    And there was I, naked on my bed before a fully clothed wife, a partially clothed friend, receiving a half hearted hand job whilst they discussed sex with another man.
    "John?" My wife asked looking into my eyes.
    "Sheesh. I don't know. This whole thing has gone pear-shaped. Let's talk about it later on."
    "Fine!" With this Julie slapped down by cock and stomped off out of the room. Pamela, still kneeling before me whispered, "You best be careful John. Julie is a fine looking lady. Don't go thinking she doesn't know about other men. We grew up together remember? I'm not saying she had a load of men before you but I know she had a few. You have a tiny cock John. Unusually small. The chances are those men were bigger. In fact it's certain. Some may have been much bigger. Think about that when you next fuck her. She needs to be satisfied. I don't know the details about your love making but just think about this. No dildo or vibrator can replace an erect penis. And every once in a while nothing, and I mean nothing can do it like a big fat cock!"
    With this Pamela stood up and was about to follow my wife. Changing her mind she knelt back down and took my cock in her hand. With no lubrication she then started to pump my cock. My first reaction was to reach down and stop the assault but refrained for fear of further diminishing my battered manhood. Her assault - because assault it was - was quick and hard. Never once looking down she just stared into my eyes with a rather sardonic pitying grimace, until not 30 seconds later I ejaculated from a sore penis.
    "That maggot belongs in a cage, John." With this she stood up and headed to the door. When closing it she shouted back, "and not because it's dangerous."
    Confused, bewildered, embarrassed, angry and rather upset I made my way to the shower.

    That night my wife and I slept together, but nothing more. Also, and very unusually, my wife wore a night shirt. As a rule we both sleep naked, except when Jane is on her period when she will wear panties so as to discourage any half dreaming indescretion. We had been married a decade and were pretty much a happy couple. Both working in middle management with two healthy children. Our house was comfortable, if not grand, in a respectable suburban area of town. As is always the case, sex had settled down into a pretty routine sort of affair, and one I believed we were both satisfied with. Only with hindsight did I begin to think on that drunken evening when this disasterous sexual adventure was hatched. Maybe Pamela, Jane and Peter hadn't been so drunk after all? Maybe only I was drunk? And just maybe the plan hadn't been on a whim after all? Could it be that the three had a little arrangement and had "sprung" it on me only after careful thought and planning? All these doubts started to creep into my line of thought during the days, and then weeks after that first encounter. Pamela, although a likable and stunning 40 year old blonde haired beauty was known for her frank and undiplomatic comments in all things. Despite this both my wife and I enjoyed her company and even appreciated her honesty. Her whispered words that day began to haunt me.
    And every once in a while nothing, and I mean nothing can do it like a big fat cock!
    There is no doubt Jane was upset when I wasn't quick to agree to Pete fucking her. Since then, Jane had been unusually evasive about the whole affair. More and more I began to convince myself my wife was unhappy with my small penis, my low sexual stamina, and probably even what may be my poor love-making skills. More and more I convinced myself Jane was desperate for a really good long hard fuck from a man with a really big, fat hard cock. More and more I convinced myself my wife of ten years wanted to fuck Peter.
    You best be careful John. Julie is a fine looking lady.
    And don't I know it. 39 years of hour-glass brunette. Sex on legs. A real trophy wife. I think around three weeks after the encounter I made up my mind. We had started to have sex again but I sensed something was missing. Determined not to lose my beautiful wife I decided to put that something back.
    We had both settled down for sleep, this night without sex.
    "Jane, babe?"
    "I've been thinking."
    "Mmmmm - what about?"
    "Do you love me babes?"
    "Huh? What's this about?"
    "Do you love me?"
    "Oh honey, of course I love you. You still worrying about the other week?"
    "Yes and no. Look babes I want you to do something for me. It's really important to me and it's something I absolutely want you to do."
    "Oh my. Goodness John. You serious?"
    "Never more."
    "Well you know I will if I can and if it really is that important."
    "It is. And I want you to promise not to say a word after I tell you what it is. I want you to sleep on it. Then think about it tomorrow. When we come to bed tomorrow we will make love and then you will say just one word before going to sleep. That word will be yes or no."
    "Oh my John. Well ok I promise. This is so unlike you."
    "You ready?"
    "As I ever will be."

    "I want Pete to fuck your brains out."

    End of Part 1.
    Written 6.12.2003

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    Bard: When my wife and I got up for work the following day we were both rather quiet. I think we were a little engrossed in our own thoughts and possibly a little embarrassed too. It was one of those things when you had decided upon something and it ended up as all talk and never really came to anything. I wasn't sure this was the case in this situation, but was sceptical my wife would actually say anything that night. Anyway, we both did the things we needed to do and then went to work.

    That night, things were again pretty typical of a week night after work. I seem to recall it was a Thursday and so we were both probably looking forward to the weekend. After the kids were safely in bed we were relaxing in the couple or so of hours of "quiet time". Julie wasn't long to suggest an early night.
    "I think we have some business to attend to," she said matter of factly.
    Looking forward to a night of passion we both went upstairs. I immediately noticed a change in my wife. She was more alive and confident than usual. More assertive. As soon as we were in the bedroom she undressed and stood naked before be as I sat on the side of the bed taking off my own clothes.
    "Do you think I should shave my pussy?" This whilst fingering herself. Totally uncharacteristic from her.
    "Erm," I replied, "sure - you would look good."
    "I think I will. I think I will have a tattoo too."
    "Really? I didn't think you liked the idea?"
    "Well, is seems things will be changing some don't you think?"
    With these last words I already knew she had agreed for Pete to fuck her. Now naked, the effect this knowledge had was rather disconcerting. I had a powerful erection and felt as aroused as I did that day on the bed when I thought sex with Pam was imminent.
    Julie, still standing above me, looked at my erection.
    "You know John, Pam was right. Your penis is very small."
    "Well I prefer to describe it as 'compact'". I said this with a little humour but was very shocked at Julie's sudden frankness and honesty. Everything about the night was so different - so strange.
    "You know what the word will be after you fuck me don't you?"
    "Oh my yes baby. I know you have made up your mind."
    "I certainly have. So John, you best fuck me like you have never fucked me before. I may have no need for a small penis soon."
    Again I chuckled but was actually shocked at these last words. Especially since they were spoken to sternly - so firmly - and whilst Julie was looking directly into my eyes.

    We then proceded to fuck. To this day I wonder if this was one last deciding factor in the way my life turned out. I was so determined to fuck Julie well, and had such a hard erection, I was clearly just too keen. Julie too, was particularly well aroused and lubricated. Without going into too much embarrassing detail I orgasmed very quickly. So quickly Julie had barely warmed up.
    "Sheesh babes, I'm sorry about that,"I apologised.
    "Doesn't matter John."
    "Hang on a while and we can try again."
    "No John. I've had enough of your cock." I wasn't sure if she had meant this last the way it came out. It almost sounded like she was tired of my love-making as a whole and not just for that night.
    "And the answer John."
    "Yes Darling - what is the answer?"This as if I didn't know.


    End of Part 2.
    Written 9.12.2003
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    Bard: So it had been decided. Peter would fuck my wife. I suppose it had been inevitable this was going to happen but what was concerning me more at that time was the subtle and not so subtle changes she was showing. Sometimes, and to be fair, her regular loving self but at aother times strangely assertive - especially sexually. She had also developed something of an acid tongue. Could this be Pamela's influence I wondered? The odd comment biting deep - arousing and re-arousing my suspicions this whole thing had been planned. An original and half-hearted drunken idea for a wife swap had now become a simple act of cuckoldry - my wife was to fuck her friend's husband with, astonishingly, the full blessing of all concerned. Full blessing? Had I somehow been manoeuvred into this? Following the disaster with Pam it was my idea Julie fucked Peter - or was it?
    All these thoughts were flying through my head the following morning. Julie was in good spirits and so I took the opportunity to clarify a point she made the previous night.
    "Julie darling?" I said.
    "Yes darling?"
    "About last night."
    "Something is puzzling me and I wondered if you might clear it up?"
    "And what would that be honey?"
    "You said something about tiring of my cock? Not needing it any more?"
    "Mmmmm. I can see how it could be confused, but I was a little annoyed."
    "I know - I'm sorry about that."
    "About cumming in 10 seconds flat?" She giggled.
    "Well yes, but I did offer to try again."
    "I know John. Look John, I love you. You are my only one. You know that don't you?"
    Whilst saying this she walked up to me and draped her arms around my neck, pushing her luscious athletic body up against mine. She kissed me deeply and I responded eagerly.
    "Maybe I mean't I don't need your cock to love you?"
    "Does it excite you John? Pamela tells me Peter is very well endowed. She says the contrast between your small penis and his big fat cock is enormous. Does it excite you to think he will fuck me? I know it excites me. After I learn what it is like to be fucked long and hard by a big fat cock I might not be interested in your little todger any more."
    "Stop teasing Babe."
    "Who? Me?" She said with big innocent eyes whilst rubbing my crotch through my trousers.
    "Ok Julie. I admit to being excited. But also a little troubled by how this thing has developed. I feel as if things are getting out of control."
    "Oh sugar. No need to fret. Things will work out fine. I have known Pam forever and Peter is such a sweet big man."
    "In more ways than one by the sounds of it."
    "It was your idea he gets to fuck me John."
    "I know Julie. Arrange it for a time when we can get all together. I have an audit next weekend and we have the kids to think about."
    "So you want to watch Peter fuck me?"
    "You bet I do!" This with more humour than I had managed for some days.
    "Ok baby. I'll phone Pam from work. Now look at the time - we will both be late!"

    And so I continued to share troubled and exciting thoughts throughout that day at work. In the afternoon I decided to ring Julie up and ask her if things had been organised.
    "Hey babe. Was wondering if things have been organised?"
    "Sure have honey."
    "So what's the deal?"
    "I've rung my mother and she says she will have the kids next weekend. Pete and Pam will be around next Saturday afternoon and can stay all weekend if we like."
    "Huh? But my audit? I won't be at home all weekend?"
    "Mmm. I thought about that. Erm ... tricky to fit everything together. Pete has business trips and my mother has things to do too."
    "I'm not sure I like the idea of you three together without me."
    "Oh Poo John! When Peter couldn't make the first meet you didn't mind. Peter didn't insist we rearrange things. He was prepared for you to fuck his wife without being there. Seems a little selfish of you darling. Besides - you will be there. Just not all the time."
    "Well ... I'm still not sure."
    "Look John. All this uncertainty is messing with my head!"
    "Ok. You are right. I'm being selfish. But I want to see stuff happen next weekend."
    "Fine. Peter will get to fuck me all weekend as many times as he can then. You are forced to be able to watch some of the times."
    "Huh? Well ... putting it that way."
    "I knew you would agree. Gotta go babe! Work calls."
    And so yet again things had somehow sort of slipped through my fingers and arrangements had been made I still wasn't sure about.

    What on earth was happening?

    End of Part 3.
    Written 10.12.2003
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    Bard: And so the following week my thoughts were anywhere but on my work. I was distracted and confused about the coming weekend. So - my lovely wife Julie was adamant she and Pete were to have sex. I eventually resigned myself to this and decided to make the best of it. I would do my best to enjoy the situation as much as Julie, Pete and probably Pam were going to. The following Wednesday evening I decided to bring the subject up once again. "Pam Dear?"
    "Yeees darling?"
    "Was wondering if everything was still on Saturday?"
    "Oh my goodness yes John! Saturday and Sunday you mean. I can't wait!"
    "You certainly seem to be looking forward to it Julie."
    "You bet I am darling - it's very exciting - you are the only man I have had for such a long time."
    "erm ... was wondering why we haven't had sex ourselves since ....."
    "...the other night? I know - really John, I just want to save myself up for a really good weekend. I want to go without for a few days and so will surely enjoy things even more."
    Seeing the expression on Julie's face and the clear good humour the prospect gave her I decided not to persue the matter any further. "It will certainly be something of an adventure," I said.
    "Certainly will," she winked.
    The following day at work it occured to me how embarrassing it would be to orgasm so prematurely in front of Pete. If Pete really was as big and skilled as Pam suggested then I decided I wanted to really pull out the stops and prove myself whilst performing before them. For the life of me I couldn't really decide upon any technique I could use and eventually decided to just go with the flow. Before I knew it, Friday evening had arrived, the children had been taken to their grandparents and we had that 'quiet time' before bed.
    "So Julie," I said, "here we are and all set."
    "God John, I can't wait. I really cannot wait. Pam has been telling me more and more about Pete. I'm so looking forward to it."
    "I'm still struggling to cope with all this Julie."
    "And I'll be struggling to cope with his big fat dick!" She giggled but soon changed her tone when seeing my own expression. "Oh John - poor John. Don't be so concerned. Everything we be just fine, you'll see."
    "Yes ... we certainly will."
    "You want this too John? For me? Please say yes."
    And as always I did exactly that.
    "Yes Julie. Of course."
    "That settled then. We will all have such a good time."

    Everything was set. The following day I was to become a cuckold.

    End of part 4.
    Written 15.1.2004
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    Bard: And so Saturday came. I had slept little that previous night, my thoughts and emotions in turmoil. I found the prospect of watching Pete fuck my wife rather exciting, but am sensible enough to know the implications of such an act could cause serious problems. My own masculinity and sexual prowess deeply threatened. Never-the-less, the day had finally come, and today my lovely wife Julie would be fucked by a man with, if rumour had it, a much bigger, fatter, and longer cock, and with sexual stamina and skill in abundance. In short, I believed my wife, as did she, was going to get fucked long and hard like she had never been fucked before. In summary, Pete was going to fuck her brains out.

    When I awoke I realised Julie was already up and about. Getting the things she needed to do in just her skimpy translucent neglige.
    "Good morning darling," she said enthusiasticly.
    "Morning," I replied instinctively.
    "You best get dressed because Pam with be around in about half an hour."
    "She is coming around to help me get things prepared."
    "What is there to prepare?"
    "I need to sort the sitting room out and there are a few female things to attend to."
    "I see, but things look ok to me."
    "Naaaah. It's not every day a woman gets to be fucked by another man with such a big fat cock."
    "erm ...I guess not. You haven't had second thoughts then Julie?"
    "Oh darling," Julie replied. She came over the bed and sat down next to me. She absently stroked my hair. Then, "I love you John. You know that. This is pure hot sex. Nothing to do with love. It is my chance to see what it is like to get fucked long and hard my a man that knows what he is doing."
    "You mean I don't?" I whispered hesitantly.
    "It's not so much that John. Your love making is ok and has done it for me in the past. But you do have a very small penis and do orgasm very quickly. I want to know what it's like to be fucked properly."
    "By a real man?"
    "Don't be silly. You are a real man. You are the best husband and father a woman could wish for. Besides, I think you may be rather excited about this thing too."
    Whilst saying this she pulled the covers off my naked body to reveal an admittedly small but very hard
    morning erection. I looked down and grinned.
    "See," she said, and prodded my cock with her finger.
    "You best finish me off babes."
    "Finish you off?" her tone suddenly hard - a reminder of the sometimes odd manner she had begun to adopt. "I have no use for for a cock so small any more John."
    She then did something even stranger, and something I wasn't sure I had interpreted correctly with my still sleep addled brain. She gripped my cock tightly in her right right, completely covering and hiding it in her small petite grip. Reaching behind my head with her left hand and rubbing my hair she looked directly into my eyes and said, "Your cock is pathetic John. Pam was right. It is a tiny, deplorable, distressing, feeble, sorry excuse for a penis. I have decided not to feign interest any more in such a feeble, piteous maggot of a dick. From this morning I will not touch it again and am warning you never to try and bring it anywhere near my beautiful body again."
    "Huh? Don't tease me......." But she was standing up and walking out the bedroom. Then another totally uncharacteristic act. She turned to face me at the doorway and recahed down to her pussy with both hands. Unable to see what was happening because of her neglige I knew she was masturbating. I had never seen her do this before and we had rarely even broached the subject of masturbation.
    "God," she moaned, "I need a real cock." With this she turned again and left the room.

    I was gob-smacked. I was completely taken aback and shocked. I could not believe what I had just seen and heard. If I hadn't known better I would have thought I had just been with Pam. Just been with Pam? Was this all Pam's doing? Again that strange nagging thought this whole thing had been orchestrated. Trying my best to ignore my best erection in months I noticed the time.

    Snapping out of a weird sense of unreality I got out of bed and got ready for work. I considered taking the day off but knew of all days I couldn't take a day off today. And Pam, Julie and Pete knew that too.

    Soon ready, I went to the kitchen for a drink. Julie handed me my cup. "Julie," I said.
    "I've never seen nor heard you do anything like that before. I almost thought you were serious and not teasing."
    She smiled at me and said, "Well today is a rather special day."
    "Sheesh babes, you are hot. That role-play thing you just did got me going some how."
    "Role-play?" She lifted an eyebrow.
    "Don't give me that." With this I drunk up and kissed her. I reached behind her and squeezed her bum. She responded and kissed me more deeply.
    "Now off to work.........." pushing me around and towards the door. I was just about to shut it after me when I heard her finish the sentence with another word I couldn't quite make out. So preoccupied was I, I nearly walked staright into Pam.
    "Oh. Hi Pam."
    "Hello John, I'm round to help your wife. Your wife is getting fucked by my husband today John." This in a voice just a little too loud and I looked around to make sure nobody could over-hear.
    "So she tells me Pam."
    "I'm ready now." She then opened her coat to reveal a gorgeous naked body. Pam was wearing nothing but a coat and shoes. She was completely clean shaven from the neck down. She was beautiful and I was quickly reminded of the unattended erection I had only lost moments before.
    "Sheesh Pam. You are beautiful."
    "Why thankyou John," she smiled.
    "I look forward to seeing more of it later," I grinned.
    "Maybe you will see some of it .....cuckold."
    Then, with a fluid movement she was through the door.

    I cannot remember driving to work. I can't remember too much about being at work that day.

    I do remember wondering when Pete was due to be at our house.

    End of part 5.
    Written 18.1.2004
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    Bard: To this day I cannot believe I actually managed to get anything done at work. Stock taking and audit can get pretty confusing pretty quickly unless you keep a tight reign on it. My concentration was wandering to say the least. Eventually I just couldn't take it any more and rang home. It rung what seemed an eternity before Pam answered in a rather breathless voice.
    "It's John."
    "So I gathered. What's up?"
    "I was wondering if everything was ok over there?"
    "Why shouldn't it be John?"
    "Well.. you know are things?"
    "Fine John. Things are fine."
    "Good. Look, is Julie there?"
    "Of course John."
    "Could I speak to her Pam?"
    "Not really John. She's a little busy at the moment."
    "Oh. Why - what is she doing?"
    "John. What do you want? Why are you phoning up?"
    "I erm ... well ... was curious about stuff."
    "Look John. Finish your work. Everything is fine."
    "Good. erm ... Good. erm ... so what is my wife doing?"
    "John. You know very well what she is doing. Put the phone down and finish your work."
    "I need to know Pam."
    "No, John you don't need to know."
    "No Pam. I do. I need to know what my wife is doing."
    "You mean you want the details?"
    "Well...yes. I suppose so."
    "Well ok. If you insist. Right now your wife is on all fours, naked but for a pair of stockings and stilletto shoes. My husband is standing behind her and teasing her pussy with the head of his cock."
    I knew this would be happening but still couldn't contain my shock.
    "I see,"I said.
    "No you can't see John. You wife is acting like a bitch in heat. She is begging - begging - my husband to fuck her. Now I'm going to them and am going to watch her cuckold you. I'm going over to them and watch my husband fuck your wife's brains out. I'm going to watch him give her the fucking of her life. And John?"
    "She won't go back John. After my hubby has fucked her - fucked her well and properly with a big long thick cock she will have no need for you in the bedroom."
    "I see."
    "No you don't John. And it's a good job. Your wife is hot John. She is a mess. She is howling in frustration. I mean howling. Now I'm going to them and am going to guide that thick cock into your wife."
    With that the phone went dead.

    Your cock is pathetic John. Pam was right. It is a tiny, deplorable, distressing, feeble, sorry excuse for a penis. I have decided not to feign interest any more in such a feeble, piteous maggot of a dick. From this morning I will not touch it again and am warning you never to try and bring it anywhere near my beautiful body again.

    Sheesh. Was all this really happening? So my wife was actually going through with it. All this time I think a part of me thought it may be some sort of silly teasing game. Or could it still be? Well I had to find out. The work had to wait. I decided to go home and find out one way or the other for sure.

    End of part 6.
    Written 31.1.2004
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    bluefrogtool: and we wonder why average to small dicked guys have complexes.....
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    6inchwonder: a little dicked guy...I found this VERY, VERY hot!!
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    wvalady1968: Excuse me!! Six inches isn't little!
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    6inchwonder: It is on this board! ;)

    Plus it's not very thick....still a damn hot story!
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    Almost4Inches: Ive never read a story like this. Im glad my ex never did this to me.
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    Bard: I sometimes wonder how safe my driving was that afternoon. It wasn't a long journey home but I certainly wasn't showing due care and attention. Fortunately the local constabulary didn't take any undue notice and I arrived at my house safe in body - if not in mind. After parking up I strode over to my front door to find it locked. Looking around I saw there was no sign of Pete's car and wondered if he had arrived - or had ever had any intention of fucking my wife. Juggling my keys I unlocked the door to find it bolted. erm. ok.
    Not to be deterred I walked down the side of the house, through the gate and around the back and tried the kitchen door - locked. Shit. ok. I walked further along to the large glass patio doors to try my luck with those.

    Then I heard the screams through the sound resistant glass.

    I didn't have time to reach the door.

    I looked into the lounge and every emotion known to man washed over me like an ocean tidal wave. I stopped and stared. My jaw dropped. I forced a swallow and stared some more. I was numb. I was completely at a loss what to do.

    All I saw I had imagined a thousand times but with the knowledge all this was a fantasy. A big tease never to materialise. Such things didn't happen in the cold light of day. Such things were for idle drunken talk and fantasy. Such things were the stuff of dreams.

    Lying on her back, on the carpet, lengthways with the patio doors was Pam. Lying not more than 6 inches from the window. She was naked. Lying over her, embracing her and kissing her deeply was my wife. She not so naked. She was wearing red stockings and garter belt, red stilletto shoes and a red neck scarf - all new to me. The kissing was deep and passionate but not continuous - for between kisses she was making gutteral noises and screams animal-like in their intensity. Pure raw lesbian sex stuff. No emotion here. No love or tenderness - just pure raw 100% lesbian sex. My wife Julie though was on her knees, each either side of Pam's legs. Her bum was sticking up into the air - again not more than 6 inches away from me. 6 inches. 6 inches. That isn't how I would describe what else I saw. Also on his knees and behind my beautiful wife was Pete. Slapping my wife's buttocks with his left hand and steadying himself by pressing his right hand down onto Julie's lower back. And steady himself he needed to do.

    God it was big.

    He was pummelling his huge throbbing cock deep into my wife's saturated cunt with enormous mechanical thrusts. Deep, deep, deep he thrust, then 4 inches out, then another 4 inches, then after another 4 inches just the tip of a bulbous, glistening cock-head teasing my howling - howling- wife. Then with a cock three times as long as my own and four times as thick he rammed the tool back into my wife's screaming body.

    "FUCK ME!" she screamed.

    And fuck he did. Oh my God did he fuck her. With a foot long cock four times thicker and three times longer than the maggot she was used to Pete drilled his man-meat into a woman out of control. Julie had lost it. She was in a world of pleasure and pure intensity rarely visited by those of this earth. Looking at me for the first time, Pete turned his head slightly and smiled to me through the glass. Sweat poured from his face but on and on he pumped. Deep, deep, deep, full length rythmic thrusts battering my wife's cunt. Every time the penis began to emerge Julie's labia stuggled not to leave her body with it. And just as half the head remained - another thrust ever more vicious into depths my dick could never hope to match. Three times deeper Pete's cock plunged, four times wider it stretched. And my wife shouted and howled like a banshee possessed.

    "Oh God you bastard! FUCK ME HARDER! Don't stop Pete! Don't stop you bastard!"

    How long they had been fucking I do not know. Julie and Pam were covered in sweat. It too poured from Pete's face like a boxer's in the 15th round. This was unbelievable.

    But I had to believe it. Clearly this was meant for me to see. Everything was set up. I stood there dumbfounded. This was pleasure unbounded. I could not possibly hope to give my wife what she was now getting. Her pleasure was immeasurable. She was reaching planes of ecstasy I could only dream about.
    And still Pete fucked her. And still he thrust into her swollen, bruised battered cunt with power and vigour unmatched.

    And then he slowed a little. Then much more to a near stop. But stop he didn't. I saw his lips move and something said and a rare moment of sanity saw Julie turn her head and look me in the eye. Vacant eyes stared into mine as she mouthed the word, "John". I stared back stupidly. Then, Pam said something and things started to change. Pete removed his huge cock and took a step back. My eyes were glued to the monstrosity. Such a thing was unnatural and defied the laws of physics. Yet erect it remained, and at an upward tilt ready to continue. Shining with Julie's love it glowed a dull red like that of a spring sun-set.

    Julie callapsed onto Pam and was quiet for the first time. Gently rolling my wife off her and onto the carpet Pam rose to her unsteady feet and opened the patio door.

    Seems the afternoon had just started.

    End of Part 7.
    Written 11.2.2004
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    Jan 1, 2000
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    6inchwonder: Mmm...damn this is a hot story!

    Hope John has to whip his little one out for the others to see/taunt/make fun of, and even put it up against Peter's huge cock!

    Very good stuff, Bard!!!
  14. Imported

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    Jan 1, 2000
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    Bard: And so I walked into a dream. Or was is a nightmare?
    As I walked into the room Pete was first to say anything.
    "Your wife is quite a fuck, John."
    "So it seems," I whispered in reply.
    Pam helped Julie to her feet and they both sort of staggered into the middle of the room. Space had been made to make several people comfortable.
    "So you really went through with it," I said to my wife.
    "Of course," Julie replied breathlessly. "And I'm so happy I did. I'm still not sure if sex with Pete and Pam is especially good or not yet."
    "What she means, John," interceded Pam, "is Julie doesn't know if the sex she is having with us only seems so good because you are such a pathetic fuck."
    "Well ... I ...that's." I was lost for words.
    "Get undressed John," said Julie, "I want to try something."
    Following Julie's instructions I then did as asked and started to undress. Pam faced me in all her brazen nudity with hands on hips. My wife Julie sat down on the floor and motioned for Pete to join her. He walked over but remained standing. I was soon naked.
    "Come here," said my wife.
    As I walked over to Julie she gipped Pete's huge cock. I was soon standing just in front of Julie and by the side of Pete. We two men standing, facing Julie who still sat. Julie gipped Pete's monster with her left hand and now held my penis, already erect, in her right.
    "I think you can appreciate the problem John", she said.
    Pam walked over and stood behind Julie and looked down at our two cocks.
    "John," said Pam, "how big would you say Pete's cock is?"
    "Erm ... I don't know."
    "Well I'll tell you John. Pete's cock is three times longer and four times - that's four times thicker than your pathetic excuse for a dick."
    "And I'll tell you something else," she went on,"just in case your wife is too ashamed to tell you, my husband Pete has just given your wife the best fuck of her life. You saw it for yourself John, that is what sex should be like for your wife. That is the sex she deserves and you cannot give to her. Look at it!" I looked down at the little flesh of my penis I could see not obscured by Julie's grip. I then looked over again to Pete's huge organ.
    Pam continued, "I'm astonished Julie ever let you fuck her with such a pathetic maggot of a tool. It's not going to happen again John. Julie knows what it's like to get fucked my a real cock. A real man. She now knows all too well what it's like to get fucked properly."
    "Huh? Julie?" Again I really didn't know what to say.
    Julie looked up from the two cocks she held. She was clearly mesmerised by the direct comparison of penis size.
    "It's true Darling," she whispered. "It's best if I admit it now. Pete's cock is awesome John. He's been fucking me all morning. I can't get enough of it. Sex is so good - sex with Pete is any way. John, I'm really sorry - sex with you just doesn't do it for me. Your cock is pathetic."
    "Then you are serious about me not fucking you any more?"
    "Oh honey - there will always be a place for you in the bedroom. Of course there will be. But certainly not intercourse. Other stuff yes. But I don't want this, " she gestured and squeezed my penis a little, "inside me ever again."
    "I see."
    "You are welcome to help out though. You can give me oral and kiss me and stuff, but from now on I will only fuck a nice big cock."
    "Like Pete's?" I said.
    "Oh God yes! Look at it John. I wish you knew what it was like to have a cock like this fucking you. It's what a cock should be like. I'm just sorry yours is so very small. Too small."

    Then something happened which finally convinced me all these episodes had been be planned and orchestrated. And it was a shock.

    "We have something for you," said Pam.

    They certainly did.

    End of Part 8.
    Written 15.3.2004
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    Jan 1, 2000
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    bluefrogtool: someone needs to explain the whole humiliation thing to me....

    cuz all i feel is BAD for this guy.....if you get turned on watchin yer girl get banged by a big dick that's one thing....but to have your lover tell you that you will never make love to her again cuz "your little maggot is pathetic"...

    after reading this I wanted to off myself.......i just don't quite understand the attraction to the humiliation....could someone try to explain it to me?

    this story just makes me feel so damn bad for this guy....and he's ficticious! seriously...i hope he goes and finds a good woman and not a whore for a wife by the end of this......
  16. Imported

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    Jan 1, 2000
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    bluefrogtool: man....that poor could his wife....ghaaaaahhh....

    yeah i can't read this story anymore....
  17. Imported

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    Jan 1, 2000
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    ushouldtryme: i wonder what they have for him???

    ive noticed that she said she will only fuck "a nice big cock"... maybe they are gonna give something to him to help him out in the penis department... or maybe im just imagining things... ::)
  18. Imported

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    Jan 1, 2000
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    trickyasafox: i have a feelin the poor guy is definatly getting it in the pooper. i too dont understand the humiliatioin thing, but eh whatever flips your skirt i guess. i definatly woulda killed myself if i ever get married and my wife says that to me
  19. Imported

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    Jan 1, 2000
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    6inchwonder: I think this is smoking H-O-T!!

    I get off sometimes on the humiliation thing, not all the time, but what is more demeaning then to be measured against another guy like this and fall sooo short...nothing! The dressing as a woman or forced to lick toes or whatever, I don't get that, but the whole mental humiliation is intense and so primal.

    Can't wait to read the rest! I'm betting he takes it (or a strapon) either up the ass or suck it...
  20. Imported

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    Jan 1, 2000
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    lloyd_838: [quote author=trickyasafox link=board=Fiction;num=1070677254;start=0#17 date=03/15/04 at 20:59:43]i have a feelin the poor guy is definatly getting it in the pooper. i too dont understand the humiliatioin thing, but eh whatever flips your skirt i guess. i definatly woulda killed myself if i ever get married and my wife says that to me [/quote]

    The part that hurts and stimulates me at the same time is the guy's naive rationalizations that "sex with his wife was Ok", they were happy up 'till then, etc. If I am any example, that is how us little dicked, low testosterone guy rationalize.
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