The debauched tales of a red-blooded Mr Gabe

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    The secretary at hand
    ‘Good morning, Mr Kiswick.’ Said Emily; my personal secretary, and every morning, walking into my office, her greeting was the usual and something I did not mind the slightest bit whatsoever, as Emily was a vivacious and charming girl.

    ‘Yes, Good morning.’ I smiled.

    Emily got up, she crossed from behind her desk to open the door for me, and she, just like so many of the women on my floor, was beautiful. Her white blouse clinging to her just enough to lend to my wandering mind. My grin broadened and as I passed, what I at first had never noticed, I had soon come to recognise as her inhaling deeply. I caught her eyes, she flushed, but nevertheless within their depths was a hint of what I took as insinuation. Surprisingly, I found myself laughing inside… We made through the floor.

    ‘Mr Kiswick, your father is already in the boardroom, as are the rest of the chairmen and chairwomen.’-

    “Good morning Mr Kiswick” - “Good morning sir.”

    I nodded in greeting to each of my staff…

    Approaching the tall mahogany doors my father had imported from Italy, Emily in my stride having already briefed me, stopped. Stood in the doorway, in view of the expectant meeting, I turned to her.

    ‘Oh, Emily,’ I began, ‘would you bring me an espresso?’

    She nodded. And again I flashed her a smile, watching her silhouette as she sauntered off. I growled inside, allowing myself to indulge for a fraction of a second…

    ‘Hello, Gabe.’

    ‘Hello, father, hello all.’ I took my seat next to my father at the head of the table, acknowledging the many faces in the seats around, of whom if it weren’t for business, I didn’t really care for. Eddie, a ginger, side parted haired fuck, who at twenty-nine; four years older than me, and the only other person within my age range there, was what I considered a kiss ass. He stood up.

    ‘Thank you for finally joining us, Gabe.’ He said, his voice betraying the resentment harboured toward me.

    Everyone, including myself, had always known he had always vied for my job, and until I had turned up, Eddie had been my father’s number one, his protégé. But what did I care that he had been here already, working hard for six years. It was only five years longer than me, and ok, so it wasn’t exactly fair, but as I nodded at him and simply smiled, knowing it annoyed him for me not to return the courtesy of speech, again I found myself laughing inside. The mocking tone within me recalling the words of John Lyly: All is fair in love and war, my friend, all is fair…

    ‘Have a late night.’ Joked my father.

    Looking at him, I smirked, raising my eyebrows and unbuttoning the jacket of my grey three piece. I knew out of all my brothers I was my father’s favourite. Eddie flashed me a look, then coughed.

    ‘Um - ok. The board of Kiswick communications is hereby called to order. Our sole order of business today is-a -’ Eddie paused, Emily had come in with my espresso and a plate of biscuits. ‘uh, is an acceptance of John Bontecou’s generous offer. -’

    ‘Thank you Emily.’ I flashed at her again my perfect white smile, accidently catching a glimpse of her sweet cleavage as she leaned in. Her gaze was concentrated on placing my cup, but my constantly wandering mind, however, had suddenly caused me to involuntary lurch. In an instant, her green eyes flickered to my crotch, she froze for a fraction of a second, as did I. I didn’t intend her to see. She looked at me, then, before I knew it, had left. I looked up at Eddie, the grin still broad on my face. His eyes had narrowed. For it was office knowledge he had a thing for Emily.

    ‘Uh, to review, we’re really crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s here. Gabe-’ I didn’t know if it was just me, but I could swear the fucker had stressed my name. ‘had a great and conclusive meeting yesterday with John Bontecou and…’ He paused, looking as though he was quickly thinking, ‘and, well actually, yes, all that remains for us is to put it to a vote. Would you like to speak, Gabe?’ Eddie finished and indicated for me. Watching me carefully as he sat.

    I stared at him, knowing he had purposely cut short what he so obviously had rehearsed. Touché - And although I only thought it, I knew my smirk was very telling. I quickly thought about my grandmother’s funeral and stood up.

    ‘Um thank you Eddie. Yeah…’ I began, quickly swivelling the black leather chair to stand behind it, grasping it’s back against me. ‘I did enjoy, or rather I was interested in meeting with John Bontecou yesterday…’ And as I continued, I could tell that within him, Eddie was heaving…

    The whole day up to lunch, was stressful. The board meeting had gone accordingly, and to my great relief, the simmering beef between Eddie and myself had gone unnoticed. I stood in my office looking out at the city. The view was always more magnificent eye-level with the sky-scrapers. A rap came at the door. It was Emily, sweet, sweet Emily...
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    The secretary at hand

    ...I turned.

    ‘Um, Mr Kiswick, what would you like for lunch, sir?’

    ‘Taking orders already?’ I enquired, slightly confused. I looked at my watch, reading it’s gold face. Fuck - it was already 1p.m. I looked up at Emily, and suddenly, found my mind harking back to the impromptu incident that morning. There came a silence between us - I already had a girlfriend, a socialite called Camilla, and although I had grown to love her, the allure of fresh pussy had always awakened my inner Neanderthal - But at twenty-five, monogamy was something I thought I’d give a go. I had been fucking since I was thirteen, and besides this was work, and even though I let myself fantasise, Emily seemed too nice a girl to - simply bounce on my lap. This past year, however, things seemed to be heating between us, after all she did work under me- FUCK - suddenly the beast within me was stirring again, as I envisioned what I had just said in the literal sense. I coughed to clear my throat.

    ‘Um. Just a Sushi platter. And -’ I dug around for a note in my pocket, the sudden sensation of my cotton covered fingers so near my cock was seductive. I let the wad of cash brush against my head - Mmmm - Then, pulling out the money, thinking: didn’t I carry anything smaller than a hundred - was all I could do to suppress the growing pressure of myself engorging. ‘Here, lunch is on me today.’ I said, offering her the note. She giggled, a laugh taking me by surprise.

    ‘Mr Kiswick, I have a company card, and, we actually have accounts with most of the restaurants.’ Emily stated.

    I felt myself flush pink. ‘Ah yes - so we do.’ But something about the way Emily was smiling, put me at ease. I put the note back in my pocket and hunched forward a little, both hands now in my pockets, grappling with myself. ‘Ok, just a Sushi platter then.’ I finished, arranging my semi to the side. But I knew it had been obvious, the tailored suits from Savile Row were always cut a bit too narrow to house a full-blown stonker.

    I caught Emily stealing a glance at my crotch, the second glance of the day. What was she doing? Didn’t she know how close I was to impaling her. She gasped as she saw the outline of my bulge, and even though not full blown, I knew I had a choker of a cock. The amount of times I had been accused of giving Camilla urinary track infection and countless girls before her… I whipped my hands out of my pockets and quickly buttoned my jacket, the left side rudely refusing to sit flat by my hip. I managed a smile at Emily, but she looked flushed. I coughed. Emily looked away.

    ‘Will that be all, Mr Kiswick?’

    ‘Yes. Thank you.’ I found myself saying, my upbringing of too good a standing.

    Emily left. I exhaled…

    The most pink, blushing, ever so slightly parted pussy flashed before my eyes, heavenly girl nectar glistening the opening and licking her anus. My eyes were shut, imagining Emily’s sweet pussy. Her legs splayed open, urgently hungry to receive me. I hadn’t bothered locking my door, no-one would disturb me and Emily was out getting lunch. and although enclosed by glass walls, no-one unless in a helicopter would see me. I couldn’t hold myself any longer, my balls were aching and had swelled. And with the added stress of the morning, I needed the release. I sat in my chair, my sculpted ass perched on the edge, my trousers and boxers pulled down over my blonde furry Spartan legs, around my ankles. My Jacket, waistcoat and shirt was opened over my Gunner Peterson honed abs, and my Ferragamo tie thrown behind my neck. Cum stains weren’t very becoming at work. I was wet, too wet, dripping, and my dangerously temperamental cock felt like marble.

    ‘Ahhh…’ I groaned, beating my uncut meat like a frenzied pubescent teen over a Victoria’s secret mag’. I fucking loved jacking off, anytime and if I could, anywhere. And the feel of my cock’s strength throbbing after every stroke of my masterful hand built accordingly to play with him was insane. I concentrated beating my meat further near the head, too hot to attend to the whole shaft. The sucking sounds were incredibly, offensively obscene, and every time I had opened my eyes a peep at my ambitiously purple veined cock, The sight of my polished head foamy with pre cum that did not stop coming, drove me headier. In my fantasy, Emily was now fingering herself, rubbing her perfectly French-manicured fingers furiously over her clit. I matched her speed.

    ‘yeah - FUCK YEAH…’ The blood forced into my already painfully bulbous head, with each gripping stroke made my cock lurch more violent still. There was no turning back now, I needed the home-run. Between my fingers on my left hand, I tugged back the silky, vein embossed cock skin to the base, my soft fur-like brown pubes sticking to me, wet from my pre-cum - No wait, I thought. I’m gonna cum on my desk. I stood, attempting to kick one trouser leg off. My size fifteen shoes would not permit it. I held the trouser around my left leg, down with my right foot. My cock nastily, and lustfully swung before me, dripping it’s hot pre-cum spluttering on my brown polished shoe like a heavy raindrop. There was a rip; I kicked off my trouser leg. I held back the layers of my suit under my arms, exposing my clenching abs. And now, standing with my legs bent and apart, I grabbed my cock with both fists and tensed my ass, as I violently began thrusting my pelvis, fucking my grip.

    ‘FUCKING TAKE IT - OOOoooo take it my sweet girl - take it.’ I closed my eyes. My cock was a few inches from Emily’s now red raw wet pussy. I plunged the fat cock head into her gloriously too tight, virginal from my cock, pussy.

    ‘OOWWWW…’ I could of shot right then. Wait for it Gabe. I disciplined, relishing my incredible jack-off.

    Emily was on my desk now before me, her legs hoisted over my broad shoulders. With one powerful shove, I let her have all of me, feeling my cock head butt against the all too familiar sensation of the opening to a womb. I imagined her yelp, scream, and too, imagined her nails dig into me. My body was almost convulsing now at the momentum I had built. My heart barrelled against my chest. I grabbed Emily’s tits and with my shoulders pushed down so that her thighs pressed my grip. I shut my eyes tighter still, feeling my face tighten. My lips were pealed back ludicrously over my teeth. My toes left the ground and I pounded the fuck out of my fantasy Emily, now giving it too her ball deep. I was panting, electric currents in my calves forced me to shudder.

    ‘YES! YES!’ My mouth was dry, sweat running down my back and my forehead. This was it, I couldn’t hold it any longer. I clenched my ass cheeks hard-

    ‘AWWWWWWW FUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!’… I zoned out. My body shook with every ejaculation that landed loudly over my desk and the contents upon it. The strong smell of my semen instantly wafted up to me, and like Samson having his hair cut, could feel my strength leaving me… I shuddered at the last squirt accompanied by an ooze trickling out globbily. I looked at my red raw cock, and flicked a strand of cum that dangled from my open piss hole. Endorphin fuelled, I breathed, and released my still lurching cock, tender but rock hard cock. The amount I had cum was astonishing. This will be tedious to clean, I thought. But then, I looked up. The door of my office was open, and on the floor scattered from a paper bag, were pieces of raw fish… SHIT!
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    interesting story and character development and a nice writing style and flare as well.

    thank you greatly for posting and look forward to reading more of the tale.
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    Cousin Edward

    Having speedily dressed, I pulled up my zip and tucked in my shirt. The last remnants of my boner now a heavy mound. Heat flooded my forehead down to my face as the idea of Emily having caught me masturbating left me somewhat embarrassed. How much had she seen?

    Picking up the sushi mess, warily I made to face Emily. What would I say? And my anxiety at the whole situation was only added to, upon seeing that Emily was not at her desk. Had she reported me? Looking out through the glass onto my floor, the answer had come in the form of my father now approaching. Uh-oh…

    ‘Gabe.’ He began, pushing open my doors, his smiling expression, however, caught me off guard. ‘Your mother just called. She’d like you to be at the house this evening. She’s invited her sister over from London so the whole family will be there.’

    Phew! ‘Oh - sure, of course, father.’

    ‘Shall we leave together? I don’t think there’s much more need for us here. I can have the helicopter get us.’

    ‘Sure, sure.’ I nodded.

    My father nodded back. ‘Oh and, I saw you secretary, Emily, is it? She had to leave, apparently she’s had a turn of condition. Poor girl, looked as though she’d seen a ghost. Had she cleared it with you?’

    ‘Yes.’ I answered a little too quickly.

    ‘Good, good. Well, shall we?’

    ‘Ummm - Give me fifteen, dad.’ I said, quickly thinking back to my streaks of cum upon my desk that needed cleaning. It would be most distasteful to let the cleaners attend to it.

    My father nodded and turned to leave, but then noticed my trousers. His brow furrowed. ‘Let’s get Seymour to cut you some new ones, hey. You’d think at twenty-five you would’ve stopped growing by now.’ He laughed.

    And just to humour him, I laughed too.


    ‘Hello Darling.’

    ‘Hello, mother.’

    My mother, a willowy beauty and a former muse for Ralph Lauren, crossed the lawn to greet me, father had quickly run inside having been fit to burst for the toilet since the helicopter ride.

    ‘Oh I do wish that thing wouldn’t make such a racket.’ She said, addressing the slowing propellers-

    ‘Darling.’ Called Camilla, wine glass in hand, now walking out too, across the lawn.

    ‘Hello! I had no idea you’d be here.’ I said, walking to her and grasping her waist, softly kissing her lips that always tasted glossily sweet with a hint of tobacco, my hand finding the nape of her back.

    ‘Oh I do hope you don’t mind. I thought it would be lovely to have all the family over.’ Said my mother.

    ‘Not at all.’ I answered, pulling my mother in with my spare arm and kissing her on the forehead. Both women laughed as I squeezed them.

    ‘I got Alistor to make you your favourite, lobster thermidor.’

    ‘Is it really…’ And Mother, Camilla and I, made for inside…


    ‘They should be here any minute.’ My mother who dearly loved her sister; aunt kizzy, had now taken to pacing the living room. The awaited party hadn’t even been the requisite ten minutes late, yet.

    Aunt Kizzy was my mother’s eldest sister by two years, and had three children, all of whom were boys. My cousins, Edward, Oscar and Piers. I hadn’t seen either in nearly eight years but today, my aunt, cousin Edward (who from what I could remember from the last time we hung out, was my favourite) and cousin Piers, were due to stay at the family home over the holiday period. Now sat with the rest of my brothers, Nate, Jacob and Topher passing time with a quick game of poker. Our respective girlfriends had taken to catching up on what I could only imagine was more of the vapid gossip on the scandals of society. I laughed inside, watching them each so caught up in the other’s juicy news.

    Nate, my oldest brother, and a Wall Street hedge funder, was engaged to a gorgeous Russian by the name of Dasha. ‘Bro, it’s you turn.’ He called, turning to my second elder brother, Jacob,

    ‘Hit me.’ Jacob, a just qualified Neurosurgeon, was now dating Etsuko, a sublime and leggy Japanese girl. Jacob had always had a thing for Asiatic girls.

    The youngest of our pack, Topher, ‘I’m in.’ was in his last year at Harvard and was seeing Harlow, a megastar actress in the waiting. She had just finished shooting her first leading silver screen role, alongside Nicole Kidman. ‘It’s your hand first, Gabe.’

    All of us were relatively the same height, a gene that had to be accredited to my father; the noble Kiswick blood, and giving or taking an inch or so, neither of us, was under 6ft4... But I smirked, knowing I had the biggest dick. At the thought I laughed. And before I could lay my hand; a full deck, the bell had rung.

    ‘They’re here.’ Gasped my mother.

    All of us stood, awaiting our family from across the pond.

    ‘Hey, do you think Edward is still the same?’ Laughed Jacob.

    All of us looked at Nate and suppressed laughter. The last time they were here, Nate had been caught by Jacob getting sucked off by Edward; a drunken night’s experiment. And Jacob had been very swift in relaying it to just us brothers. But in honour of all things brotherly, and the fact that all of us had experimented a little too, all of us had sworn to secrecy.

    ‘You’re an idiot, man.’ Retaliated Nate, blushing pink, sheepishly grinning and playfully punching Jacob on the arm.

    In the background my mother squealed.

    ‘Geez. Someone's excited.’ laughed Topher.

    I glanced at Camilla who smiled at me warmly. I could do with a blow job later on - I naughtily thought as I smiled back. Her tits look amazing in that dress... And then the doors to the room opened, but suddenly my brothers and I stole glances from each other for the look my father wore coming in. What was it? Next second, aunt Kizzy and mother entered, but mother looked to be talking very rapidly and as though she had just seen a ghost.

    “Aunt Kizzy!” All of us brothers called in unison, walking over to greet her.

    ‘Oh my dear, boys, let me look at you, let me look at you!!’

    ‘Hi, aunt Kizzy.’ I said, wincing as she pinched my cheek, making me feel as though ten again. ‘How was the journey?’ I continued, hoping to be spared.

    ‘’twas hideous. Hideous. B.A very nearly lost my bags.’

    I shrugged. ‘Oh I'm sorry to hear that, auntie...Where’s Edward and Piers?’

    ‘Oh, um-’


    ‘Piers!’ Called out Topher running up to hug him. And both being the youngest, Topher and Piers were like best friend cousins. ‘Where’s your-’

    But just then, someone completely unexpected joined the fray. The girls heads swivelled at the newcomer. My brothers as did I gawped. My dad looked at the ground and my mother and aunt Kizzy at each other. A stunning blonde, with a body made for sin had walked in.

    ‘Piers! You dog!’ Chortled Topher.

    ‘The bastard’s landed himself a supermod-’ Began Jacob, leaning in to whisper to me, but was suddenly interrupted, by Piers’ not yet introduced girlfriend.

    ‘Hi guys.’

    My insides leapt, the voice was softer, higher, but I recognised it nevertheless. Nate smacked my belly with the back of his hand, his mouth dropping. Jacob had grabbed my arm. And Topher was now blinking furiously.

    ‘It’s me, Edward. Or… Esme.’

    My mind raced. I was too shocked by the sight of my favourite cousin, now unrecognisable before me, as a gorgeous woman. But although my brain was failing, the part of me that never let me down, gave a small, albeit inappropriate lurch… I gulped.
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    Keep on writing, looks funny now!
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    Goodbye Mr Gabe

    His footsteps from his bespoke shoes, echo. The tall, handsome, suited man walks, his silhouette darkening as he approaches the light. His choice has been made, and now his manner is calm. His confident stride the pace of a stroll. He knows it must happen. And for his only companion, only courage will do... He stops. He turns. And raising his right hand, he salutes you. His smiling warm face barely visible against the bright light waiting. His soft smile now stretches, baring his perfect white teeth. He brings his hand in salute to his mouth and blows you a kiss. The wind catches his hair. His eyes take their last glance. He turns and continues on his journey, his heart full of hope and his mind, the fondest memories... The light consumes him; the bright, heavenly light, until he is gone...

    Mr Gabe has now left the building.
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