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    You can post your dream here, to selp interpret, or have others do it for you
    A dream I had last night.

    I helped Madonna carry something on the street and she gave me a ticket to her concert for that night. (Madonna represents one very nice person on here)

    I then found myself in my downtown area. To get from store to store I had to walk on a ledge on the second floor. I did not know how to get out of where I was and was afraid I would fall.

    There was a lady who was blocking me (represents a not so nice person on here) from getting from one store to another. She was very rude, but someone told her, "hey don't you see he needs to get by and he could fall" so she moved out of my way (reluctantly).

    I then found an office with people working in it. I asked them if I could use their stairway to go downstairs. At first they said no, but one of them said I could. There was a debate as to which route was the best way for me to get downstairs. (represents a person who means well, but denegrates without knowing it)

    What my dream means to me is that I have been on edge. I feel that obstacles are in my way. Some try to help, but are not as helpful as they think they are. In the end I will find my way.
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