The Ex was the Better Man

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    The Ex was the Better Man

    I first met Tina through an online site. She was very pretty but un-assuming looking. Blond hair, about 5-6 with a great body. She played Vollyball in college and was now in her 3rd year of Business school.
    We had a couple of conversations online and she was very playful. I teased her and was very confident toward her which she seemed to enjoy. She also liked the fact that I was a little bit older than her and had a career already started.

    After about a week I finally got her to meet me for dinner. I arrived early, looking my best. She was a little bit late, but when she finally got there, wow. Her pictures really hadn't done her justice. She looked incredible!

    She admitted that she had lost some weight since her last pictures, and that she had taken a lot of pictures down since many of them where with her ex-boyfriend. This was an understatement, she was a size 0 with enormous tits! She had gone out with her ex-boyfriend Mark for almost 2 years and it had been a messy break-up. I first tried to steer the conversation away from her ex, but eventually I realized it was a lost cause and told he she might as well tell me everything to get it off her chest (which were size D cups by the way, I had a hard time concentrating).

    She told me that he had moved away, and that she was expecting to move up with him once she finished school, but that he had grown tired of the effort needed to keep the long distance relationship going, and had kindof just given up. She spoke with a lot of energy as she was explaining this to me and I could tell she still had very strong feelings about the situation. She had been hurt, and she made it clear to me that she didn't trust guys very much anymore.

    I was so taken by her looks that I completely lost the cocky edge I had in our text messages. I was really trying hard to please her and show her that I was a perfect guy who would treat her right. I took her on a walk after dinner and I gave her a small kiss on the lips before we parted.

    She sent me text messages after so I knew I had done well. We went on a few more dates that same week. Tina was very picky, she only liked certain foods and certain restaurants and I was always agreeing to her demands because I was so into her. She seemed a little distant but she told me she liked they way I was treating her like she wanted to be treated.

    I started buying her things early. Flowers, a new necklace that she told me she wanted. Pretty soon she told me she wanted us to be a couple so we started seeing each other more often. A couple weeks in I was starting to get a little anxious that we hadn't slept together yet. I had become a little more daring in my kissing but every time I tried to advance she would tell me she was tired or that she wasn't ready yet.

    I would usually get mad, but only for a few minutes. I realized that she was worth the effort and I could handle her playing hard to get.

    I continued buying her things and buying her a nice dinner at least three times a week. She usually preffered her place so I almost always drove to her side of town. We would watch the shows she liked to watch and sometimes she would lean her head on my shoulder but not much more than that.
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    About a month had gone by when I got a little more adventurous. One night when we were laying next to each other on her couch I started to slowly rub her large breasts through her sweater. She gave me a funny look and asked, “what are you thinking?”. I told her I wanted to make love to her.

    She told me she wasn't ready for that and that she had been hurt so bad by her last boyfriend that she needed to get over the fact that I wouldnt just leave her when I started getting tired of her. I agreed that this was ok, and that I would continue treating her like a princess so that she would feel more comfortable with me.

    A couple weeks later she told me that her ex- boyfriend had called her and that he was coming back for the weekend. I asked her if she planned to see him and she told me that she might see him for lunch, but that he was too much of an asshole, not sweet like me, and that it would not be anything more than a friendly meeting. She told me that I was her boyfriend and that she was well over her ex.

    On the day she went out to lunch with him i was more insecure than usual. I asked all sorts of questions and she told me nothing had changed. That Mark was still the same asshole she thought he was and she was not at all interested in him.

    That night we went to a party with some of her Business school friends and were surprised to find Mark there. I met him for the first time. He was much taller than me, about 6-3 to my 5-9. I felt a little intimidated when Tina introduced us and he gave me a very cocky smile that I didn't appreciate. Me and Tina basically ignored him the rest of the night so it wasn't a problem.

    I was very insecure that I hadn't slept with Tina yet and I tried again that night after we left the party. She stopped me again this time, telling me that she was too emotional right now with her ex being back in town but that she would be ready soon. I agreed as usual, even though I was still angry that it had taken this long.
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    The next day I went to the Tina's gym and ran into Mark again. He ignored me so I did the same. I was confident to see that even though he was much taller than me, I was in better shape and could lift more weight than him. I went into the locker room to change. I was admiring my toned body in the mirror when Mark also entered the locker room. Once again he didn't even acknowledge me and he started changing for a shower. I could see that he was skinny and not especially muscular.

    I felt more confident knowing that I had a better body than him, and I decided to make the point obvious by taking a shower as well. The showers were seperated on the sides by stalls so I couldn't see him well, but I knew he could see into the open area where peopl entered and I made a point of walking by his stall in a towel so that he could see my finely toned muscles.

    When Mark finished his shower he walked into the open area and I got a major shock. He wasn't covering himself at all and his huge flaccid penis hung almost 7 inches down his leg. All my feelings of confidence drained completely. I looked down at my own 4 inch flaccid penis in contempt. I had never felt insecure knowing that I was average size, about 6 inches hard. But Mark's mamoth dick had been the biggest I had ever seen and I knew that I was tiny by comparison. When I exited the shower I made sure to wrap my towel around my waist immediately to make sure Mark didn't get a look.

    I was very shaken by the experience, knowing full well that Tina had been with Mark and that she still hadn't been with me. I was afraid that when she did see my dick she would think me as very small, I don't think even erect I would be close to Mark's flaccid size.

    That night Tina was more willing, but I was hessitant. She seemed to enjoy this role reversall and she put her hand near my crotch. I tried to stop her but we both knew that she was the boss between us and she just said “whats wrong?” and began to undue my belt.

    I decided to tell her about my insecurity after seeing Mark today. She looked at my flaccid penis. I think my insecurity was causing it to shrink even more than usual and it was barely 3 inches at this time. She acted as though it wasn't a big deal.

    Tina explained that Mark had been the biggest she had ever been with but that size didn't matter to her and that I was fine. I still couldn't shake the image of Mark's massive cock swinging arrogently through the locker room and I was unable to perform. I could not get an erection and spent the night satisfying Tina orally instead.

    Tina acted as though it was no big deal and that she was happy with our relationship.

    The next night I came over for dinner and was surprised to see Mark there. Tina told me that she had felt bad about us not knowing each other and had invited him over for dinner as well. Tina made steak for us and we traded small talk for a bit. Mark was just as Tina had described, very arrogant and opinionated. Several times during dinner Mark had got into a heated argument with Tina about a trivial subject and neither one of them would back away from their opinions. I could see that Tina hated this about him but that she liked they way he stood up to her.

    After dinner me and Tina sat together on the couch to watch TV and to my surprise Mark stayed. Tina went to the bathroom and suddenly Mark got into a threatening posture and got very close to me.
    He said, “now look I know you think you are Tina's boyfriend but you are just her little girl to cry to. She loves me and she loves my cock”

    Mark whipped out his massive cock to prove that he was in charge and it truly humbled me once again. I felt like a little boy looking at his massive manhood and it was out in the open for both of us to know.

    “Now who is the bigger man?” Mark asked me, still threatening as if he was going to fight me if I didn't answer correctly.

    “You are..” I said meekly.

    “Call me sir, you little bitch” Mark said

    “yes sir” I said , afraid of his bullying.

    Mark put his large penis away and returned to his original position on the couch as if nothing had happened.

    When Tina came back from the bathroom Mark grabbed her and started kissing her passionately. Tina looked at me for help, but I was too scared and shocked to do anything.
    “He knows.” Mark said to her.

    Tina tried to resist but this just turned Mark on more and the two of them alternated struggling and kising and I could see Tina's resistance was starting to fade. Mark pushed her to the ground and she was silent as he slowly removed his pants.

    His penis was now slightly hard and had grown to almost 9 inches but was still not completely up.

    Tina let out a gasp.

    “You miss me don't you?” Mark asked

    “yes” Tina replied coldly.

    “Sissy boy, show Tina your cock”

    I didn't move.

    “Don't make me ask again” he said angrily, this time looking into my eyes.

    I timidly took my small 3 inches out to show Mark and Tina.

    Mark started laughing and Tina looked away from me in shame.

    My penis was so much smaller than Marks it was as if I didn't even have a dick, I am sure that Tina felt the same way.

    “Now who's the dick for you Tina? Who is the man here?” He asked her

    “You are Mark. You know I will always love your cock.”

    “You hear that?” Mark looked toward me.

    Tina kissed Mark's cock and began sucking on it . Her mouth was stretched obscenely around his monster and it had now reached an absurd 11 thick inches. I was ashamed to have ever thought I could satisfy this girl sexually as she was taking Mark's manhood deep into her throat. Her eyes were bulging as she gently rocked her head back and forth, making small gagging noises as she looked up at him.

    “Are you ever going to put that little boy dick in your mouth?” Mark asked her

    Tina noded her head no as she continued to suck his pole.

    Tina gagged on Mark's massive cock for almost an hour before he started to groan deeply.

    “Oh yeah baby here it comes!” he yelled.

    Almost as if on command Tina tore off her sweater and undershirt exposing her large bra and breasts. Mark began spewing a thick load of cum onto Tina's titts. He shot three powerful loads, each bigger than I had ever seen. Tina then aimed his cock to her mouth and began swallowing as quickly as she could. Mark was still coming like a horse and Tina couldn't swallow fast enough but she was clearly trying her best.

    Marky finaly starting slowing and he shot his last two spurts onto her forehead, these mini spurts were probably still bigger than anything I have ever mustered.

    Tina looked up at him, her face and breast covered in his cum.

    “You asshole” she said, but she kissed his cock several times in a display of affection.

    Mark quickly left me and Tina alone.
    I didnt say anything for a long time. She finally apologized to me and told me that she still didn't love Mark, but that she couldnt resist him sexually. I asked if I should leave.

    Tina told me to stay until Mark gets back.

    “What do you mean?” I asked.

    “Well this is what me and Mark used to do every night. I will suck his cock and then he will go out to a bar with his friends. When he comes back later I will let him fuck me.”

    I stayed with Tina and watched TV until around 2 am when Mark cam back. Tina was happy to see him and ran up to him as he entered. Mark picked her up and wrapped her legs around him. He carried her to the bedroom and closed the door.

    All I heard for the next hour was screams of pleasure from Tina and her cock worshipping. She kept on saying

    “I love your big dick I will always love your dick” and “Never take this dick from me I need it!” and i could hear her powerful orgasms occur every 10 minutes or so with a loud scream of “Oh god YES!”

    Eventually I heard Tina pleading for Mark to fill her up;.

    “Ive needed your cum for so long, please pump me full of it. Please Mark! My pussy needs your cum!”

    Mark clearly obliged asI heard Tina moaning “yes fill me, Yes thats so good, fill me!”

    I woke up the next morning to the sight of Tina throat fucking Mark again on the couch next to me.

    When he left, I told Tina I was leaving.

    “Ok bye John” she said without even looking at me.

    “You must know that you were just a rebound for me, and now I have my man back. Whatever you thought we had never existed.”
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    Another really good story Biltmore, i really enjoy your writing style. Hopefully you'll continue to write more.
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    Pretty good writing. I seriously have problems with conceptualizing someone debasing themselves, the man and the woman in this particular story, to such an extent. By all means keep writing, but I would like to see a bit more buildup and transition from one scene to another. You definitely have great potential as an author.
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    Good story, and agree with millionman on the overall comments/suggestions for your next story. Looking forward to reading more!
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