The future after Massachusetts

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    Congratulations for the human rights !!

    Thousands of gay and lesbian couples are expected to apply at Massachusetts's town and city halls for marriage licenses soon as Monday, the first day any state has recognized same-sex marriage in US history.

    But what will happen in the near future ?

    Despite Republican Gov. Mitt Romney's insistence that a 1913 law prohibits gay residents of other states from marrying in Massachusetts, couples from California to New York will be among those exchanging vows turning the state, overnight, into the de facto gay wedding chapel of a nation. The move will undoubtedly complicate the politics of and widen the culture war over one of the most divisive yet personal issues in American life. As out of state couples return home, they will force new clarifications and confrontations over everything from hospital visitation rights to spousal benefits on the job.

    New York's attorney general has said his state, which has no defense of marriage act (DOMA) prohibiting gay unions, will recognize the Massachusetts licenses.
    But what will happen with people who live in for example in Oklahoma with banning gay marriage laws are they moving? Make a plan to leave Oklahoma if the legislative tide turns against them?

    I hope that Boston nor Massachusetts will be a di$neyland for free, modern and liberal gay people and where city halls and chapels will be money making facilities
    a la Vegas. I know that money doesn't discriminate but people do.
    Let us hope that more states will recognize this right and prevent a population move.
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    While shaving this morning, I realized that the two big stories in the U.S. today are the 50th anniversary of Brown v Board of Education and legal marriage of gays in Massachusetts. Ironic, that a major milestone for the big civil rights issue for my generation should occur on this anniversary.

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