The Gambler Breaks Even

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    Driveway: I rolled the clay chip between my forefinger and thumb. Breifly considered the vast sum of money it represented; immediately forced that thought from my mind and tossed it onto the green felt.

    "I'm all in." I said as I pushed the rest of my stacks towards the middle of the table. My heart thundered in my ears as I watched my adversary accross the table. She was relatively short, probably five - three or four, brown hair, dark eyes, nice full breasts. I couldn't see her ass, but I imagined that it was spectacular. By far the most striking aspect of her features though were her lips.

    To describe her lips as "full" would be a horrendous understatement. Her lips were show-stopping, undeniable proof that God exists and that he loves us. From the moment I sat down the only thing on my mind (besides my cards, of course) was how to get her lips wrapped around my cock. Which brings us to the turn.

    I was holding Big Ace and a King, suited. In my case Spades This is a very good hand. The flop was a Jack of Spades, Queen of Diamonds, and the Queen of Spades. Big cards, her and I were the only ones left in the pot. I was drawing to a royal flush. The highest hand in poker. I figured she must have queen, maybe an ace, and possibly another jack.

    I pushed all my chips into the middle, staring at her lips the whole time, picturing them sliding up and down the length of my cock, circling my engorged head, sucking gently on my swollen balls, milking my dick like the expert I fantasized her to be.

    The rattle of clay chips pulled my back to reality.

    "I call." She said, staring me in the eyes. Then, so quick I wouldn't have caught it if I hadn't been staring, her eyes flicked downwards, as though she were staring at my straining cock through the table. Then she looked back at me, and licked her lips.

    Since all my chips were in the pot and I couldn't bet anymore, we turned our cards over. There was an intake of breath at my hand...a potential royal flush...a lot of people never see one. She flipped her hand. Queen of Clubs and the Jack of Diamonds. She had a full house. Right now, she was winning. She kept staring at me.

    "Ladies," she began "Stuffed full of boys." There was a distinct emphasis on the word "stuffed".

    The dealer fliped a card, six of freakin' clubs. No help to nobody. I need the ten of spades. Ten of spades and I win, any other card in the deck...

    The dealer flips a card. There is a gasp.

    Ten of mother fucking clubs. I lose. Big-time. She leans forwards to gather her chips giving me a clean look at her gorgeous cleavage. I'm not thinking about her tits. I'm not, surprisingly, thinking about the ridiculous sum of money I just lost. I'm still thinking about her mouth. About fucking it.

    It takes a second before I realize that she's standing beside me.

    "Thanks." She says. Her lips shine ruby in the light. She leans forwards so only I can hear. "Four Thirteen." She says very carefully into my ear, letting me hear her form each syllable. Then she leans back, flicks her eyes down to where my cock is stretching the fabric of my dockers near to tearing, and back up. Her tongue runs slightly out of her mouth, along her upper lip, then she sucks her lower one just behind her front teeth and lets a short, deep, breath escape. As she walks away I only barely notice that her ass is even more spectacular than her tits.

    Ten minutes later I'm standing in front of room Four Thirteen, three onces of liquid courage in my belly and an unyeilding obelisk between my legs. I knock once. One second...two seconds...the door opens. A hand reaches out and grabs me by the shirt, hauling me into the dimly lit room.

    She has my shirt of in a heartbeat and her magnificent lips are pressed to my chest. I gasp helplessly as I feel her suck one of my nipples gently into her warm mouth. Her hands run down my body. Expertly she undoes my belt, pulling it from the loops in one smooth motion, her lips never leaving my skin.

    She pauses for a second with her hand resting on the button holding my pants closed. I look down at her and open my mouth to speak. Immediately she plants a warm, wet, soft, luxurious, decadent kiss on me. I revel in the sensation of her mouth. She pulls back and shakes her head slightly. I understand completely. There is nothing to say.

    She plants kisses down my chest and stomach as she lowers herself to her knees. Her fingers pop the first button, then the second, then the third. I can see her lips trembling slightly as she stares at the work her hands are doing. The fourth button comes loose, in turn the rest part. Slowly, agonizingly, she drags my pants and underwear down to the floor. Moment by moment my throbbing cock is exposed.

    As the base of my swollen member crests the fabric concealing it she pauses and exhales slowly. I love when that happens. Then I get my first taste of what I've been longing for since the moment I saw her. Her thick, moist, soul-owning lips close sweetly around the base of my dick. Her nimble tongue touches me gently, then she pulls back and gives up on teasing me. My pants are hauled to the floor and my iron-hard shaft springs up.

    She takes it in one hand, near the base, and slowly begins to slide it back and forth. Her eyes crawl hungrily up the length to the head, nearly purple, glossy and fat, dripping slightly with pre-cum. Then she breaks the rules.

    "It's beautiful." She says as she leans forward and kisses the slit. "So nice and fat and hard. I knew it would be big. I didn't know it would be this." Then her perfect lips part and she slowly slides my cock into her wet, waiting mouth.

    Both her hands come out to play, moving lightly from my cock to my balls, around to finger my asshole gently, then back to cupping my balls, and finally returning to stroke the base of my shaft. Her mouth moves slowly, inorexibly down my erection. First she swallows the head, rolling her magnificent tongue around it, using her lips to their utmost, sucking gently. I nearly lose control. Sensitve to every twitch of my body she grips the base of my cock hard, stalling the inevitable.

    Then her mouth continues its slide down my shaft. I've never met anyone who'd been able to swallow my entire cock, she seemed undisturbed by its length or girth as she took inch after slow inch into her mouth. Ever few seconds she would stop to play with what was already inside her. To slide it back and forth between her lips, to run her tongue under and around it within her mouth. Everytime I thought she'd reached her limit. Everytime I was proved wrong.

    My cock is thick from base to tip and flares massively at the head. I was impressed that she'd sucked the whole of my head into her mouth without hesitation, I expected the shaft to stretch her mouth past what she could handle. I shouldn't have underestimated her lips.

    It could have been seconds, it felt like eons, finally her lips came to rest around the very base of my shaft. The whole of my cock buried in her mouth and down her throat. I felt her moan around me as she took the final inches between her lips. That's when she really started to work. She would draw nearly the whole length of my dick out of her mouth, leaving only the swollen head bewtween her lips, then she would plunge back down, taking the whole thing in one smooth motion. She would take only the first third, or half or three-quarters into her, savour it, play with it. She'd drive the length of it deep inside her, grind her nose agianst my stomach, roll the muscles in her throat around me. I watched as drool mixed with pre-cum drizzled from the edges of her lips.

    I felt her begin to increase her pace and I felt small moans and gasps being forced around my dick. I looked down to see that she'd plunged her hand inside her pussy and was furiously fingering her clit. Again I nearly lost control. My shudders only increased her ardour and her efforts to bring both of us to orgasm increased.

    It began buidling deep inside me, swelling my already overfull sack to gigantic proportion. She had her hand clapsed around my balls as they filed and must have felt it beacause the hand in her pussy became a blur as she fucked herself frantically. Her long strokes up and down my shaft increased in pace and depth. It was like she was trying to swallow all of me. I broke the rules.

    "Oh god...oh fuck jesus god fuck me your mouth it's OH FUCK..." I began to litanize as I felt my orgasm well up from within. Her mouth became frantic on my dick, gasps, moans, small squeals, and muffled screams issuing forth, drool pouring from the corners of her mouth.

    I came first.

    "Oh FUCKING GOD!!!" I began before it disintegrated into a gutteral roar. Her head plunged to the base of my cock, forcing the head down deep inside her. I could feel thick, ropy strands of cum racing up to explode into her stomach. As my dick pulsed inside her mouth she drew back, until just the head was between her lips and powerful jets of cum were shooting into her mouth. Finally she pulled all the way off me and let the last long ejaculations fall accross her lips, chin, and tits. I sagged to the floor, she lay on her back, brought one hand to her lips, spread my seed accross them. She then leaned back down, took the first eight inches of my dick back into her mouth and brought herself to climax, savouring the twitches and throbs.

    I knew I'd found an ace I could keep.

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