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    humongous: After a long and hard tour of his latest album, Eminem was
    glad to
    finally sit back and relax in his newly owned mansion. He sat down
    in one
    of his fresh smelling off-the-industry-line black leather chair. His
    new and favorite place to kick back. Especially since it was right
    in front
    of his four 72'' TVs that had been put together on the wall.
    He was exhausted and eventually found a good porno to jack
    to. It was a gang bang of two 16 year old looking girls. Of course
    all porn
    star women do. Eminem pumped his rock hard 8" cock while he thought
    titty-fucking the blonde girl. Oh, he could almost feel her. After
    his arm
    started hurting he stopped and watched the rest of the movie. He had
    suddenly found an interest in one of the black guys in the movie.
    His sexy
    ab muscles and rippling pecs, practically ten inch penis surging in
    and out
    of the whore getting fucked so rough. He took his cock out, spit on
    it and
    inserted it in the girl's ass. Eminem was getting more turned on by
    the man
    than the cute slut. He suddenly took his cock in his hand again and
    started jerking off to the thought of getting it in the ass from
    that big
    beefy stud.
    Eminem was pumping his dick so hard he thought he would
    shoot his
    load across the room! Finally he thought more about having the man's
    in his mouth. He could almost taste it in his mouth. Finally he
    and shot five times over and over except the bad part was he got the
    shot directly in his eye.
    "Oh fuck man!" he said as he made his way towards the
    going to rinse out the cum in his eye. He wanted to get it before it
    dried. He could just picture the headlines "Rapper Loses Right Eye
    Of Misdirection". He over exaggerated too much.
    He then went to his master bedroom and went to sleep in the
    nude as
    he always did thinking about the men's cocks in that video. He
    himself he would only fantasize but never actually try any of the
    gay shit
    out. With that in mind he slowly drifted off to sleep.

    The next day Dr. Dre came over to discuss and maybe write
    some new
    songs for the next planned album. Eminem gave Dre his own key
    because he
    could trust him.
    He knocked on the door a couple of times but no answer, so he
    pulled out his key and tried to open the door. When he finally got
    it open
    he walked in yelling ''hello? Marshal? Hello? Ya home?" He guessed
    he was
    still asleep so he went up the stairs and up to his room. He found
    lying there, completely naked. Dr. Dre had been secretly fantasizing
    Eminem ever since he entered his studio.
    He saw Eminem's cock twitch around his golden blonde hairs.
    licked his lips and walked closer to this lovely blonde god. He
    reached out a hand and touched it. It immediately got hard and Dr.
    slowly jacked him off. Eminem started rolling around so he decided
    to stop
    and just wake him up.
    "Ay yo. Em. Dog? Get up."
    "Oh shit," Eminem said as he rose from his state of
    unconscienceness "I'm up, I'm up"
    "Get dressed and meet me in your studio downstairs." "Sure,
    whatever." He said yawning
    While Eminem got out of bed, Dre saw his ass as he bent down
    to get
    his sweats from last night. Oh he had a nice round ass; Dre just
    wanted to
    fuck it so hard. He'd give anything to just touch it. Well, before
    started getting suspicious, Dre decided to go to the studio Eminem
    to install downstairs.

    When Marshall finally came down to the studio, he saw Dre
    writing. He sat down by him and looked at the new song ideas he was

    Bitch Get the Fuck Out
    Kill the Cowboy
    I'm Back Again Mothefucker

    "I know," Eminem added "Porno Slut"
    "Don't ask"
    "Hey yo, Dre, can I show you somethin?"
    "Sure, whatchu got to show me?"
    "This." Eminem pulled out his five-inch limp cock.
    "What the hell are you doin fool?"
    "Giving you a little preview of what you saw this morning?"
    "I felt you this morning. I know I really shouldn't be doing
    but I've been wanting you for a long time and I said I wasn't gonna
    anything about it but I just couldn't help myself." He said as he
    Dre's face toward him and planted a long deep hard kiss.
    Dre and Eminem both loved it. They rubbed their tongues
    enjoying each other's tastes.
    All of a sudden Dre pushed Eminem away and fell to his
    knees. He
    undid the button to Eminem's pants. The zipper was already down. Dre
    felt the cock up and down as it got rock hard again. He jacked
    Eminem off a
    little while, nice and slow. Eminem was enjoying himself so much.
    Dre must
    have done this before to another guy, or Dre just jacked off a lot.
    way he didn't care. Then Eminem felt Dre's warm mouth on his cock,
    tongue was licking all the way around his mushroom head, and oh he
    definitely had done this before. Eminem was just about to
    shoot. "Ooh,
    keep going baby, this feels so good" by this time Eminem had taken
    head and was slowly face fucking him. He increased speed till he let
    know he was gonna cum. He started screaming as his seven shots of cum
    blasted out his 8 inches into Dre's hot mouth. Dre's mouth wasn't
    even big
    enough to handle that much of the load. Some of it dribbled down his
    as Dre swallowed little by little enjoying the taste. He then stood
    with a half-filled mouth of Slim Shady's cum in his mouth and kissed
    him. Eminem liked it a little too much and couldn't help himself but
    the taste of his own cum in his mouth and share it with Dre.
    "Turn around and bend over." Eminem said to Dre. Dre took
    off his
    pants and did as he was told. Eminem had an ass fetish. He loved
    asses not
    matter sex or race. He slowly started from Dre's back and pushed
    down on
    his Joe Boxers as he went down Dre's hot crack until he found his hot
    asshole. He licked up and down the whole and stuck his tongue in and
    swirled it around. Dre was in extacy. He was moaning so loud by the
    and the sensation of this hot rapper who had his tongue in his ass.
    "Ooh keep going stud. Oh hell yes."
    Eminem stood up and stood Dre up as well. He then went and
    sad down
    in the chair Dre was sitting in and spread his legs. Dre knew just
    what to
    do, his 9" cock was so long and hard, Slim thought he would never
    get the
    whole thing in.
    Dre came over to him; Eminem spit on Dre's dick and slowly
    him off so the hot cock would be lubricated. Dre slowly lowered
    himself and
    stuck himself inside Eminem. It hurt Marshal like hell, he couldn't
    it, but he wanted it. Dre pushed all of his 9 inches in, inch by
    inch, and
    then out. He pushed it back in now and out again. He gradually
    speed and as soon as Eminem knew it, Dre was fucking his hairy white
    ass at
    full speed, after what seemed like an hour, Dre yelled "Oh shit man
    gonna cum."
    "Cum in me baby, I want you to! I want you cum smeared all
    in my
    ass!" "Aaahhhh, ahhhhhh oh shit!" Dre could feel Eminem tighten up
    ass as he came. Suddenly Eminem started shouting that he was gonna
    cum. The
    orgasm he was having was so intense. He screamed as he came. Almost
    clear shots of cum. At the ninth one, it shot so far it hit Eminem
    in the
    eye again!
    "Ah shit! Not again!"
    Dre pulled out of Eminem's hot sweet ass with a small pop.
    "C'mon man," Dre said, "Lets go take a shower."
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