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The Girlfriends Mom

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by Mikey22, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Mikey22

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    Apr 16, 2019
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    Fairhope (AL, US)
    The story of Deb Jones

    The setting

    A farm in the Mississippi Delta. 1960’s
    Deb was born in to a life of poverty, squalor and pure misery. In nothing but a shack. As a teenager she was the oldest of 10 daughters and one son. Cooking, farming and raising her mommas babies was the only life she knew.
    There was no Tv, radio or newspapers. Deb or any of her younger siblings hadn’t been to school in years. Ever since prayer had been taken out of school. Her Daddy took them out of school. Of course there was no trust in public education in his mind anyway.
    The only people they knew as neighbors were the ones that joined them at church on Sunday mornings.
    Sunday which was supposed to be a day of rest. According to the good book.
    But for Deb was just as hard as any day was. As she had to keep all them damn kids quiet while the preacher man preached the word of God.
    Deb and her brother Rob being the oldest were the only ones that ever allowed off the farm. And that was only because there daddy needed there help. Usually loading the truck, at the Feed and seed store. Or the hardware store.
    There Daddy always kept a switch close by.

    “ Don’t either of you talk to anybody in town! “ He said in a threatening tone. Because the Devil was always watching. And he would suck them right in to sin. Deb and her siblings were always told this. And they didn’t dare go against there daddy on anything. Or at least not to his face.
    Quietly Deb questioned these things in her own mind. She was growing restless on the farm. She wanted her own freedom. She ran away at age 13, 14 and 15. Only to be brought back and beaten. She patiently waited for the right time to make that final run.

    It was a summer day outside the wash house, where she was hanging out the clothes that she’d washed by hand. Her momma come walking up, with that same sly smile. While holding her belly.

    “ There’s gonna be another one Deb...Ain’t you happy for me? “
    Deb looks at her mother with despair in her face.

    “ Why momma?...Why???...Why another one? “

    “ Cause it’s Gods will child. “
    It was a woman’s place to stay barefoot and pregnant. And taking care of her man of course. That’s the lessons of life, that her momma had taught her. Up to that point anyway.
    In the back of Debs mind she knew there had to be a better way of life. She was doing all the work and getting no reward. Just more work. And of course another baby, that would take up more of her time. Deb had had enough. This was going to be the day, that she’d been thinking about for years.

    She hugged her momma lovingly. Then kissed her cheek.

    “ I wish you well momma. But I’ve got to go! “
    She then turned and walked away.

    “ But Deb I need your help! “ Her momma yelled out to her.
    Deb just turned, smiled and waved good bye. And that would be the final time.

    She left that farm wearing nothing but a cotton dress. Walking barefoot down a lonely dirt road. She looked over her shoulder often. Expecting her daddy to come in the old truck to take her back home.
    But her parents knew it was her time to go. Brother Rob would soon leave next. And one by one, the others would follow. As they got old enough.

    Deb comes to the small primitive one room church house. She looks at it. And goes in to the cemetery. Where 3 graves side by side were. Another brother and two sisters. That come and died before her. She sat on the green grass, and talked to them. Just as kind and lovingly as she did to her living siblings. She cried a little, and prayed a little. And got up to press herself onward.

    “ I’ve got to find a man! “ She told herself. But it had to be the right man. She prayed again and talked to herself, hoping that she’d made the right decision.

    She comes to a small town. And went in to a small service station. In the restroom. She basically took a bath in the sink, trying to make herself look the best she could, considering the circumstances she supposed.
    Many kept looking at her. As she walked along. Most likely that she was one of those Amish girls. That comes to town from time to time. She looked in to the windows of the store fronts. Seeing all the things that she would like to buy. If she had some money that is.
    Finally she comes to a pool hall. Where she noticed some young military men playing a game of pool. They talked loudly and laughed. From outside she watched.

    She knew what they were only by there uniforms. Her daddy was a WW 2 vet. And he had a uniform similar to the ones they wore. There were others in the pool hall also. But she turned her attention to the military guys. There was something special about them she thought. Especially one that was red headed.
    She struggled with her thoughts about walking in to the place.

    “ Daddy would never approve of me, going in to a place like that. “ She told herself.
    She carefully studied the others in the place. As if she was expecting to see the Devil himself, with horns and a pitch fork. To wave her inside.
    Well she never saw the Devil. But she did keep looking at that red headed marine. She got that tingling sensation. Her nipples hardened, and poked through her dress. Her pussy gets moist. So bad she wants to touch herself. She feels sexy but nervous as Hell. She’d never done nothing like this before. She knew nothing about how to go about getting a man. The only thing she assumes is that nature will take its course.

    She takes a deep breath and walks inside the Smokey room. A juke box playedin the background. She Kept a safe distance from the men.

    “ Look at that! “ She hears a mans voice say. Pointing her out. She hears another man whistle at her. She took another look around, noticing that she was the only girl in the place. She smiles and looks at one of the other tables, and playfully rolls the billiard balls around. The young red headed marine noticed her looking at him. He looked at her. She quickly turned away. Kind of scared like.
    He set up to take another shot, as Deb again rolled the balls around at the other table. He sees her smile at him again.

    Like his own Delta Dawn. She was the prettiest woman, he’d ever laid eyes on. With auburn hair down to her ass. Blue eyes and a cute pug nose, and a freckled face. It was like love at first sight. He noticed her erect nipples. And took a good hard look at her sexy legs and bare feet.
    He intentionally missed the shot, he was taking.

    “ I’m out boys! “ He hands the pool stick over to one of the others. And slowly approaches the sexy young woman.
    Deb almost peed on herself, she was so nervous and excited.

    “ Hi I’m CJ. Jones. “

    “ I’m Deb Parker. “ Deb says with a trembling voice. He then took and kissed her hand.

    “ My friends call me Red. “
    Deb laughs a little, looking at her own hair. That was similar in color to his.

    “ You want to get something to eat? “

    “ Sure I’m starving. “ He takes her hand gently and walks her next door to a cafe.

    They sit across from each other at a table. The waitress brings them a menu. CJ. Studies it.

    “ What would you like to have? “

    “ I’ll have whatever your having. “ Deb replies with a warm smile. This was also a new thing for her. She’d never been out to eat before.
    The waitress returned.

    “ We’ll have the country fried steak, mash taters and gravy. And fried green tomatoes. That okay with you? “ He asked Deb for approval.

    “ Sure sounds good. “
    The two talked quietly among themselves. CJ. Wanted to know more about this beautiful girl. But besides farming and baby raising there wasn’t much to tell.
    She wanted to know more about him.
    He’d just returned from his first tour of Vietnam. Deb had never heard of it. Which shocked CJ.

    He sees the cafe. Had a small black and white Tv.

    “ Hey turn that up please! “ He yells at the waitress. She turned to volume up.

    “ You got one of those? “

    “ Oh no! “ Deb said looking at the Tv. She was facilitated by it.

    “ He’s talking about Vietnam now. “ It was on the evening news, with Uncle Walter.

    “ And Yes we’re winning the war! “ He said like he did every day, at news time. If only that were really true.

    “ You mean there’s a war going on? “ Deb asks naively.
    CJ. Couldn’t believe what he was hearing from her. This girl knew nothing of what was going on in the world. Outside of the farm she’d just walked off of. She watched the screen intensely.

    “ That’s awful! “ She said to him. “ My Daddy was in the war. But he never talked about it. “

    The waitress brings there food. And thankfully the conversation turned to more pleasant things. CJ was originally from Clarksdale. He told her about playing football and all. Which Deb knew nothing about. But she listened closely and was intrigued.

    “ So where did you go to school? “ Deb thought for a moment. She didn’t want to shock him again, by telling him that she hadn’t been to school since the second grade.

    “ Ugh...GreenWood. “ She said thinking back to where she thought she went, when she went.

    “ Nice place. “ He said looking at her again. With his dick growing hard. Though he’d been with many women before. Deb had an innocence about her. He could tell she was pure and special. And he didn’t want to take that from her. Though she was as dumb as a box of rocks. As far as current events went. He knew he loved her. And he could tell how she acted around him, that she loved him to.

    “ This is going to be the woman that I’m going to spend my life with. “ He told himself. Even though they had just met.
  2. BigBen

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    Jun 29, 2004
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    United States
    Nice start...but Greenwood is not actually in the "Delta"...Greenwood is a small town astride US Highway 82...a major east west highway....about 65-70 miles east of Greenville which is on the east bank of the Mississippi River. And since she just walked away from her home that day...she is likely in the same town/county she was raised and had her education in...and worked at the feed store in. These continuity errors cause a distraction...though I understand your effort and this is a good start for this type of story...please continue with it.
  3. Mikey22

    Mikey22 Admired Member

    Apr 16, 2019
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    Fairhope (AL, US)
    Hey thanks for the feedback. Like the character in the story. I’m not the brightest bulb in the box. Lol. I can fix one of the errors. Try to enjoy the story if you like it.
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  4. BigBen

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    Jun 29, 2004
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    United States
    You are welcome...and please continue with the story. I am curious to see how a young teenage runaway in the late 1960s leads to a story line of "The story of Deb Jones", moves forward in time and follows the title of "The Girl Friends Mom" and has something to do with sex with someone who has a big endowment....LOL.
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  5. Mikey22

    Mikey22 Admired Member

    Apr 16, 2019
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    Fairhope (AL, US)
    This might be quite long. Lol
  6. Mikey22

    Mikey22 Admired Member

    Apr 16, 2019
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    Fairhope (AL, US)
    The two of them continued to talk quietly at the cafe. Until the waitress comes along for the last time.

    “ Can I get you anything else?...We’re fixing to close. “ She said, standing there looking at CJ. With the check of course. Deb watched as he got his wallet out, and paid the waitress.

    “ Wow! He’s got money! “ Deb said to herself. It may not have been much. But any amount was more than she had.

    “ Can I walk you home? Or get you a ride? “
    CJ. Asked her.
    Unfortunately Deb almost lost it. Shaking her head no! And brakes out crying.

    “ No! I can’t go back!...Please don’t take me back! “
    CJ takes the crying teenager in to his strong arms. As she cried like a baby.

    “ It’s okay!....It’s okay!....I’m not going to make you go back. “ He kissed her on the head. She pulled away and smiles a child like smile.

    “ You kissed me?...You really like me? “

    “ Yes I do. “
    She closed her eyes.

    “ Kiss me again. “
    CJ leans down and kisses her right on the lips. She puts her arms around him. He does the same to her. They continue kissing. Deb feels that special sexy feeling that she felt earlier. He just feels so right for her.
    And he was feeling the same thing. His long thick cock. Strained in his underwear.

    He pulled away and smiled at her.

    “ I’ve got to find you a place to stay. “

    “ Can’t I stay with you? “

    “ Oh no! I’m staying at my parents house. You can’t stay there with me. “
    He thinks for a moment and takes her hand. He leads her over to a phone booth.

    “ I know someone that can help. “
    He opens the door to the booth.

    “ It’s not the government is it? “

    “ No why? “

    “ Cause a man come from the government one time. He told daddy he was there to help. Daddy hit him in the head. Knocked him out. He drug him up in to the back of the truck and hauled him off, like a fucking dog. He was never seen or heard from again. “
    CJ listened closely. His eyes got wide. His jaw dropped.

    “ Deb are you serious??? “

    “ Deadly!!! “ She said with a blank expression.

    “ No I’m calling my sister Cheryl. She’s a little older than me. I think you can stay with her. Until I get something figured out. “
    Deb again smiles and lets his hand go. CJ gets in the booth, closes the door. He puts a nickel in to the phone and dials the numbers.

    “ Hello “ Cheryl answers

    “ Hey it’s me Red. “

    “ Hey little brother what’s up? “

    “ Hey I met this girl today. She really needs our help. She don’t have a place to stay. Can she stay with you and Jack? “

    “ Red I don’t know. “

    “ Please Cheryl I love this girl! “

    “ Love is a big word Red!...Are you sure? “

    “ Yes I’m sure! “
    He then told her where they were at.

    “ Okay I’m on my way! “ CJ hangs up the phone. He and Deb sit on a bench together. He puts his arm around her. They kiss and talk more. Of course more kissing than talking.

    Soon a blue Impala pulls over and parks.

    “ Oh here she is. “ He walks Deb over to the car. From the drivers seat. Cheryl looks Deb over closely.

    “ My God Red!...Where did you find this girl?”

    “ She found me Sis! “ He opens the passenger side door. Deb sits down in the seat.

    “ It’s going to be okay Deb. “ He assures her. He again gets out his wallet. And takes some money out, and hands it to Cheryl.
    “ Take her and get her some clothes and whatever she needs. If you need more money let me know. “
    He then kissed Deb on the lips again.
    “ I’ll come see you tomorrow. “
    He shuts the door and Cheryl drives away.

    Deb just rode along quietly. She watched Cheryl closely. In disbelief of a girl driving a car or wearing a pair of blue jeans. Her hair was fixed nice. She had makeup on and smelled good. She looks out the window at the passing cars. And people on the side walks. Taking it all in like it was a totally new world to her.

    They arrived at a small brick house.

    “ This is your house? “ Deb asks with a hint of excitement.

    “ This is so nice. “

    “ We got to be quiet. My husband Jack is asleep. He has to get up early for work. “
    She explains while unlocking the front door.
    Deb was amazed as she walks inside. Looking at the shiny hardwood floors. The wood paneling and the nice furniture.

    “ You can stay on the couch tonight. “
    She leads her in to the hallway. “ This is our bathroom. In the morning you can take a shower or bath. I’ll get you some clean clothes to wear. “

    “ Wow! In door plumbing??? “ Deb couldn’t believe it.

    “ You don’t have a bathroom where your from? “ Cheryl asks curiously.

    “ Oh no! We got a toilet. Daddy calls it the shit house. It’s out in the back yard. We just use the creek to take baths in the summer. And use a wash tub in the kitchen during the winter. “ Deb explains.

    “ And how many of you are there? “

    “ I’ve got nine sisters and one brother. And momma has got another on the way. “

    “ Oh my God!...Girl what century are you from??? “

    “ century? “ Deb asks with a blank expression.

    “ Never mind. “ Cheryl gets her a blanket and pillow.
    “ Make yourself comfortable. And just ignore the noise that may come from our room. Jack wakes up kind of frisky sometimes. “
    She walked away toward there room, with a sly sexy smile.

    Deb curls up on the couch. And in no time she heard that familiar sound. Cheryl moans loudly. As Her husband Jack pounded her pussy.

    “ Mmmm!....They’ll have a house full of babies in no time! “ Deb said to herself. As they did it, Deb thinks of CJ. She hopes and looks forward to the day. That he’ll be fucking her. She reached under her dress. Rubbing her hairy pussy. And vigorously rubbed her clit. She softly moans to herself. Trying to imagine the action going on inside Cheryl’s room.

    “ Oh God!!!...I’m gonna cum!!! “ She hears Cheryl scream. Deb rubbed her clit harder, and made herself cum, in perfect sync with Cheryl.

    “ Oh that felt good! “ Deb said to herself. She curls up in the blanket.
    Suddenly the bedroom door opens.
    Deb peeps out of the blanket. And watched as Cheryl’s husband Jack stepped out in to the hallway.
    He was completely naked. Walking toward her. He turned in to the bathroom. His cock going soft. She looks at it hanging there. It looked quite long and thick.
    Inside the bathroom she hears him moan, while he takes a nice long piss.
    She jumped a little hearing the toilet flush.
    He walks out of the bathroom and looks right at her, looking right at him.
    He smiled and nods at her.
    She took in his look. He had dark long hair. That went down past his shoulders. Much longer than what she’d ever seen on a boy before.
    But Jack wasn’t no boy. He was a full grown man at 25. Standing at about 6’4 and weighed more than 200 LBS.
    He turned away from her, slowly he walks to the kitchen. Deb sees his hairy ass. And his big balls hanging between his legs. He walks in to the kitchen and takes a cigarette from an open pack. He strikes a match and lights it.
    Cheryl then walks out, wearing a short robe. Deb lays back down and closed her eyes. Cheryl looks at her husband.

    “ Damn it Jack! We’ve got a guest!...You don’t need to be walking around like that! “
    She goes in to the kitchen and takes his cigarette, taking a draw from it herself.

    “ Sorry Babe! “ He said with a big smile.

    “ You know you made a big mess in my pussy! “ She said glancing down at his cock again.

    “ I know! “ He then leans down and kisses his wife sweetly.

    Cheryl pulls away and walks in to the bathroom. To clean up Jacks mess.

    “ Ain’t we going to do it again??? “
    Deb then opens her eyes and looks in to the kitchen. To see Jacks big cock growing hard. Jack again catches Deb looking. He smiled and winks at her.
    From the bathroom the water was running.

    “ Hell No! You stud your going to get me all sore and all! “

    “ That makes me think I’m doing something special Babe! “
    Cheryl laughs

    “ Yeah right! “ She says with sarcasm.

    “ So that’s Reds new girlfriend? “ Jack asks looking over at Deb. As she again pretends to be asleep.
    Cheryl joins him again in the kitchen.

    “ Yeah leave her alone!...She’s kind of strange. But nice. Red gave me some money. I’ve got to take her shopping and fix her up to look like a girl supposed to look. “

    “ She’s not one of those Amish girls is she?...They say those girls are wild as Hell! “

    “ I don’t know about that. But she’s from way out in the sticks I think. “
    She grabbed hold of Jacks cock. And leads him back in to the bedroom.

    From the living room. Deb heard Jack moaning. As Cheryl took his big cock deep in to her throat. Giving him a nice deep blow job. And eventually she milks his big balls dry for the night anyway.

    As all of that went on. CJ returns home.
    Finding his daddy on the front porch, having a smoke.

    “ Red you keeping late hours ain’t you Son? “

    “ Yeah I guess I am sir. “ Red says hanging his head. His daddy offered him a cigarette.

    “ You know I know your a grown man and all. But you need to try to get home a little earlier. Your momma worries about you. “

    “ I know...I met a girl today I really like her. “

    “ Oh really What’s her name? “

    “ Deb Parker. You know any Parker’s? “
    His daddy thinks for a moment.

    “ Yeah I know a Parker man. He’s kind of a loaner. Sometimes he sells produce down at the Farmers market. I didn’t know he had any kids though. “

    “ He’s got eleven of them. And one on the way. “

    “ How old is she? “

    “ I don’t know. She’s got a body like a woman. But a mind like a child. “

    “ She ain’t retarded is she? “

    “ No! She ain’t like that. She just don’t know nothing! Hell she didn’t even know there was a war going on! “

    “ Well before you start throwing that big dick of yours around. You better find out how old she is. Your back home in Mississippi and not in no whore house in Saigon! “

    “ I know daddy I know! “

    “ Where did she go to school? “

    “ She said Greenwood. But she acted like she didn’t want to talk about it. I just left it at that. “

    “ Greenwood is a long way from here. Hell that mans got a farm just a short ways from here. If he’s got eleven kids. They’d be going to school where you went. “
    Red nods in agreement.
  7. Mikey22

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    Apr 16, 2019
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    Fairhope (AL, US)
    “ You know Son there’s something funny about this situation your describing. “

    “ Yeah I offered to take her home. And she just freaked out. Crying and she looked scared to death. “

    “ Where is she now? “

    “ She’s over at Cheryl and Jacks house...There’s something else to. I think her daddy killed a man? “

    “ Are you serious??? “

    “ Yeah She said a government man came up to there house. And said he was there to help. She said her daddy hit him in the head, and hauled him off in a truck. “
    CJ’s dad stood there in carful thought.

    “ You know Son years ago. There was a truancy Officer that went around checking to make sure kids were going to school like there supposed to. I haven’t seen that man in a long time. There might be something to it. But you better keep that kind of shit to yourself. That Parker man is kind of strange. No telling what a man like that might do. “

    “ Yeah your right daddy. “

    “ Go kiss your momma goodnight. And get some sleep. “

    “ Yes sir daddy. “
  8. Mikey22

    Mikey22 Admired Member

    Apr 16, 2019
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    Fairhope (AL, US)
    Next morning Cheryl’s house.

    Deb woke up early with the sunrise. Just like she always had done.
    She stretched and went in to the kitchen. The sliding glass door was open. Jack was outside sitting in a chair, lacing up his work boots.
    She stands at the door, watching him.

    “ Good morning “ He said to her kindly.

    “ Hi I’m Deb. “

    “ You can call me Jack. “ He sits back up, takes a sip of coffee. And reached for a pack of smokes. He offered Deb one.

    “ Oh thanks. I used to roll these all the time for my daddy. “ She takes the cigarette and carefully breaks the filter off.

    “ Like them strong? “ Jack strikes a match and lights it for her.

    “ I’d like to try something else that’s strong to.”
    Jack followed her eyes, right to his crotch.
    All night Deb tossed and turned. Still having that sexy special feeling. On one hand she knew by her religious up bringing. It was wrong. But she was a young woman now. And she just didn’t know how much longer she could wait for the real thing.
    And being fresh off the farm. Away from her family. And being among young men like CJ. And Jack. That just made her want it more.

    Cheryl walks in behind Deb. She can tell Debs checking out her man. And though she didn’t know much about Deb. She knew her husband well. And for sure she didn’t want to leave them together for long.

    “ Time for work Jack. Me and Deb got a lot to do today. “

    “ Bye Deb. “ He said with a smile. He then kissed his wife goodbye.

    Jack gets up and finished his coffee. He lights his own cigarette and walks out.

    “ The stores open at 9:00. Lets get you cleaned up. “ Cheryl leads her back to the bathroom.

    “ Get that dress off! So I can see what I’ve got to work with. “
    Deb takes off the dress.

    “ Girl where are your delicates? “

    “ My What??? “

    “ Your underwear! Your bra and panties? “

    Deb just stands there dumbfounded.
    Cheryl turns on the water.

    “ Get in! “ She hands her a washcloth and some soap. Followed by a bottle of shampoo and conditioner.

    “ What’s that? “

    “ It’s for your hair. This one first, then this one. “
    Cheryl shakes her head at how dumb this girl is. She turned her back and gave Deb a chance to figure things out for herself. After a few minutes of lathering up and rinsing off. Cheryl hands her a razor and her husbands shaving cream.

    “ I’m a girl, what’s this for? “
    Cheryl couldn’t believe what she’s hearing.

    “ Under your arms, your legs. And by all means trim up that bush between your legs! “

    “ You mean my pussy? “

    “ Ugh...Like Yeah!...Ain’t no man going to want to go down on a mess like that! “

    “ Well What should I do with it? “
    Cheryl sighs and opens her robe. Showing Deb her own neatly trimmed triangle above her pussy.

    “ You can do whatever you want with it. Just clean it up some. “
    Cheryl closes her robe and leans against the bathroom counter. Supervising Her brothers new girlfriend.

    “ You know my brother told me he loves you. And he doesn’t say that often to many girls. If you want to make him a good wife. Your going to have to learn to keep your self up. Deb listened to her. And hearing that he said he loves her. Made her feel good.
    Deb carefully trims out around her pussy. She shaved her legs and under her arms.

    “ The hot water is getting cold. “

    “ Yeah you got to work fast. It don’t last long.”
    Cheryl reaches in and turned the water off. She hands Deb a towel to dry off.

    “ It’s just nice not having to boil it first. “

    “ Yeah there’s been a lot of changes since you obviously came along. “ Cheryl says with a laugh.

    Cheryl gets a comb and runs it through Debs long hair.

    “ You’ve got beautiful hair. But you need a new style. I think we’ll start at the beauty shop. “

    “ What kind of style? “

    “ Oh I don’t know. You like my hair? “
    Cheryl’s hair went down past her shoulders. It had curl and body to it. Where Debs was long straight and flat. Parted on the side.

    “ Yeah I like how yours is. “

    “ There’s all kinds of pictures and magazines at the beauty shop. You can pick out any style you want. After all Reds paying for it. “
    She made sure she said that. Hoping that Deb would appreciate that her brother was spending his hard earned money on her.
    She took her in to the bedroom. And tossed her a pair of bell bottom jeans.

    “ Try these on! I’ll have to buy you some panties and a bra. I’m not sharing my underwear with you. “
    She watched Deb put the pants on. She tossed her a tee shirt.

    “ We’re going to have to get you a bra!...People talk when they see a girl going around without one. “

    “ And what do they say? “
    Again Cheryl’s jaw dropped.

    “ You don’t want to look like a slut do you? “

    “ A slut?...What’s that??? “

    “ A whore!...You do know what that is don’t you? “

    “ Yeah I’ve heard of that. “
    Cheryl wasn’t sure she believed her.

    “ You’ve got a lot to learn! You can look sexy. But you don’t want to look like a cheap whore! There’s a fine line between the two. And you don’t want to cross it. Do you understand what I’m trying to say??? “

    “ I think so. “
    Again Cheryl wasn’t convinced.
    She opens up her closet.

    “ What size shoe do you wear? “ Deb looks in to the floor of the closet. Seeing all the different styles of shoes Cheryl had.

    “ I don’t know. “

    “ Why does that not surprise me? “ Cheryl looks down at Debs feet.
    “ You need a pedicure to. “

    “ A What? “

    “ Never mind Reds going to pay for that to!...Sit down. “ Deb sits on the bed. Cheryl grabs Debs right foot. “ Deb your feet are like cow hide!...How long has it been since you wore a pair of shoes? “

    “ Ugh...Since I went to school. “

    “ And how long has that been? “ Cheryl puts Deb on the spot! She wants a truthful answer.

    “ Second or third grade. I can’t really remember. Kennedy was in office. I remember that. “

    “ You know he’s dead right? “

    “ Yeah Daddy talks about that. “

    “ So you went to school in 1960? 61? 62? “

    “ I was going when that woman took prayer out of school. “

    “ Madalyn O’Hair?...You know who Madalyn O’ Hair is? “

    “ Yeah that’s her. Momma and daddy cuss her every day. “

    “ Well you know Deb. If your mom and dad were good Christian People. They would pray for that woman. “
    Deb hangs her head and starts to cry.

    “ I know!...I know! “

    “ And they also would have let y’all go to school. They’ve really done y’all an injustice. It’s 1968 Deb How old are you? “

    “ I really don’t know. I just know I’m the oldest. “

    “ Well I’m 24 Jack is 25 And Red is 19.
    You know you supposed to go to school until your at least 16. Where were you born? “
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    “ At home. “

    “ What about a doctor? Did a doctor ever come to your house? “

    “ No just Mrs. Grimes up the road from us. She delivered me. I delivered my mommas last two babies myself. “

    “ Oh my God! So there’s no record of any of your births? “
    Deb just gives her that same dumb look. Cheryl reaches in to the closet. And grabbed a pair of black flats.

    “ Try those on. There a size 6. “
    Deb slides the shoe on to her foot.

    “ No it’s to tight. “
    Cheryl brings out a pair of flip flops.

    “ Wear these. And when we get back we’re going to get you some moisturizer and lotion on those feet. A woman’s feet are supposed to feel soft to the touch. A man ain’t going to want to cuddle with a girl with feet like yours.

    The girls were then off to the beauty shop. Cheryl wanted to get there early. Cause the hairstylist, and the woman that does the manicures and pedicures was going to have there hands full with Deb. That was for damn sure.
  10. stustu

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    Florida (US)
    Great story development.
    Looking forward to Jack's physical description and checking out
    more of his prowess. Initial introduction sounds promising.
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    Same day CJ’s house.

    At 5:00 AM sharp. CJ rolls out of bed. Just as if he had his DI from Paris Island kicking him in the ass. He cranked out 200 pushups 200 sit-ups and 200 squats. Then in his fatigues and boots he was on his own 10 mile hike. A ritual he did daily no matter what.
    He returned home and in his backyard. Hanging from his own childhood swing set. He finished his workout by cranking out some pull ups and chin ups.
    His mother from the kitchen window watched.

    “ I’m worried about Red! I just got this sick feeling he’s not going to make it through that damn war! “

    “ Be proud of him Honey. He’s living the dream that he’s always had of being a marine. “ His dad try’s to comfort his mother.

    Red comes in. He kisses his mother on the cheek. And pours himself a glass of orange juice.

    “ Son What are you going to do today? “

    “ I’m feeling restless daddy. Maybe I should hunt me a little part time job or something. “

    “ Oh Hell no! Son enjoy your time off! Your only with us for six weeks you know? “

    “ I know daddy. But the longer I’m off. The weaker I get. And the weaker I get. The stronger Charlie gets. I can’t let Charley beat me daddy! “

    “ Charley is not going to beat you Son. “

    “ Daddy you taught me to be a patient hunter. And I going to hunt every square inch of that third world shit hole. Until I find him. And I’m gonna kill him! And keep killing him. And nobody is going to stop me! “

    Even on the other side of the world. CJ had his game face on. And his head in the game. With a determined look. And the discipline, confidence and training. He knew the mission. And though he enjoyed his time with his family and his new girlfriend. Part of him wanted so badly to be back in the jungle. Helping his brothers do what had to be done.
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    Debs first shopping excursion

    Cheryl took Deb straight to the beauty shop. And put the girls right to work.

    “ She wants a hair do like mine. “
    Cheryl tells Sandra the beautician.
    And she gets right to it.
    Pam the nail expert gets right to work on Debs nails.

    “ Your really getting the works Deb. “ Cheryl tells her, as she gets her fingers, toes and hair done in the same appointment.

    “ Pam have you ever seen feet as bad as hers are on the bottom? “ Cheryl asks with interest.

    “ Can’t say that I have. Y’all need to mix up some Vinegar and Epsom salt together in hot water. Soak for 30 minutes.That will soften them up in no time. “

    They were then off to the stores. Where Cheryl of course took over. She grabbed up Deb some jeans and a few shirts. Then to the underwear.
    Cheryl gets her a 5 pack of bikini panties. Then to the bras.

    “ What size you think I need? “
    Deb looks down at Cheryl’s big luscious breasts.

    “ Well I’m a 42 DD. Your not as big as me. I’d say your a C. “ She grabbed up a 38 C. “ We’ll start out with this one. Now let’s find you a dress. “

    In the dress department. Deb kept looking at white dresses. And Cheryl notices.

    “ Why do you like the white ones? “

    “ Because it represents purity. “

    “ Why does that answer from you not surprise me?...Have you ever had anything other than a white dress? “

    “ No “

    “ You need a change Deb. “ Cheryl picks up a red dress and holds it up to Deb. “

    “ Why red? “

    “ Cause it’s sexy!...You need a sexy dress! “
    Cheryl looks around a little more. And grabbed up a black one.

    “ That’s for a funeral ain’t it? “

    “ Not necessarily. Every girl needs a little black dress. It’s versatile. You could wear it to a job interview. Or to school if you want to go back to school. And men love to see a girl in a little black dress. “ She hands the dress to Deb. And points to the dressing room.
    “ Go try it on! “

    Cheryl follows and stands outside the dressing room.

    “ Cheryl I need help with the bra. “

    “ My God Deb. Have I got to do everything for you? “
    She steps in to the small room with Deb. And shows her how to put on the bra.

    “ How’s it feel? “

    “ I don’t know! Kind of restrictive. I guess. “

    “ That’s what it supposed to do. Look at yourself in the mirror from the side. It holds everything in place, so your tits don’t flop around everywhere. “

    “ Now put the dress on. “ Cheryl steps out of the room. Soon Deb comes out wearing her first little black dress.
    Cheryl looks Deb over closely.

    “ Oh my! Red is going to love this!...How’s it fit? “

    “ It’s comfortable. I guess. “

    “ Perfect!...Now lets get you some shoes. “
    Cheryl leads Deb to the shoe department. The salesman comes to them.

    “ Ladies can I help you? “

    “ Yes measure those big feet of hers and see what size she needs. “

    “ Yes ma’mm. Have a seat miss. “
    While he measures Debs feet. Cheryl studies all the different shoes.

    “ Okay She’s a 7. “

    “ Great get her a black pair of flats. And that pair of four inch pumps. “

    “ High heels??? “

    “ Yes Deb. A sexy girl in a little black dress needs a sexy pair of heels to go with it. And that drives the men wild! “

    “ Really? “

    “ Yes Really! “

    The salesman returned with the shoes. Deb try’s on the flats first and walks around a little.

    “ How do they feel? “

    “ They feel good. “

    “ Perfect now try on the heels. “
    Deb sits and watched nervously as the salesman slid the new pair of high heels on to her feet. “

    “ I don’t know about this Cheryl. “

    “ Don’t worry Deb. You got to learn! “
    Deb slowly stands, trying to steady herself.

    “ Now walk. “ She stumbles along in a clumsy walk.
    “ It’s her first pair of heels. “ Cheryl tells the salesman.

    “ I can tell. “ He says watching with amusement.

    “ Oh Deb! That is your look! “

    “ You Really think so? “

    “ Oh yeah! Just wear the heels around the house for a few days. Your going to be a pro in no time....Now go change. We got to pay for all this stuff. “

    Deb returns with all the clothes in her hands. They stop off at the makeup counter. Cheryl picks her out a small starter kit.

    “ I hope Red gave me enough money for all this. If I get in to Jacks money. Your going to owe him big! “

    “ And What will I pay him with? “ Deb asked with a hint of concern.

    “ Oh I don’t know....Maybe a blow job or something. “

    “ What’s that??? “
    Cheryl lets out a hysterical laugh.

    “ Oh girl you got a lot to learn! “

    The cashier rang up all the items.

    “ Oh Deb you cut it real close! Red gave me just enough. “

    They walk toward the car.

    “ Cheryl What’s a blow job??? “ Deb asks again.

    “ Just think about it for a while. I want to see if you figure it out. “

    They return home. Cheryl gets the makeup kit out with a mirror and shows Deb how to put on the makeup.

    “ Here again Deb There’s that fine line between sexy and looking like a whore. “
    Cheryl sits back and looks at Debs face.

    “ That’s Perfect! This is the look you want to strive for...Now sit over there on the couch. I’m going to get you something for those feet.”
    Deb mixes up some vinegar and Epsom salt. With hot water in a dish pan.

    “ Now put your feet in here and relax. “

    And then Jack comes in.

    “ Oh wow! Who is this girl? “

    “ Ain’t she hot?? “ Cheryl asked her husband.

    “ Oh yeah! Without a doubt! “
    Jack then walks back outside.
    Just as Red drives up.

    “ Hey Red. That girl you sent over here really cleaned up good. “
    Red kind of took offense to the tone Jack used saying that. He knows how Jack can be.

    “ Jack you better keep your hands off my woman!...I’m going to be her first! “
    Jack backs away from him.

    “ Calm down brother! I ain’t going to mess with her! But you better get a ring on that girls finger real fast! And take her off the market. Or somebody else damn sure will. “

    “ It’s funny that you say that Jack. “ Red pulls a ring box from his pocket. “ I was just on my way to do that very thing. “
    Jack slapped Red on the back.

    “ You a good man Red. “
    He follows Red back inside the house. When Deb sees Red walk in. Her eyes and face just lights up. She smiles with excitement.

    “ Oh your so beautiful! “ He tells her.

    “ Did I do good? “ Cheryl asks with excitement.
    Red turned toward her and nods.

    “ Oh Cheryl you did Damn good! “
    He kneels down in front of Deb.

    “ Deb I’ve got an important question for you. I know we just met and all. And if you want to think about it. I’ll understand. But I only got six weeks. And I’ll have to report back to base. And it won’t be long after that until I go back to the war. “
    He then opens the ring box. Debs jaw dropped as she marveled at the diamond ring.

    “ Is that for me??? “

    “ It is if you marry me. “

    “ Yes!...Oh God yes! “ Deb lunged from the couch and pulls Red to her. They kiss passionately.

    “ Hot Damn Cheryl!!!...You and momma got a wedding to plan! “

    “ I guess we’ll have to trade that little black dress in for a white one after all. “
    Red breaks the kiss and turned to look at Cheryl.

    “ Did you get her a little black dress??? “

    “ I sure did. “

    “ You ain’t taking it back! You take her back to the store. And get her whatever white dress her heart desires! “

    “ Red do you have any idea what you have spent on this girl today??? “

    “ Cheryl I don’t give a damn! About the money! For the rest of my life I’m going to spoil this girl rotten! And I want her to look like a queen! “ He turns back to Deb they continue to kiss passionately.
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    Debs first taste of cock.

    The next day. After another trip to the dress shop. Cheryl drops Deb off at the house, so her and Jack can run some errands.
    Since Debs alone. She decides to clean up the house a little. To show Cheryl and Jack she truly appreciates all the things there helping her with.
    So she goes in to there room. To make up there bed.
    On Jacks night table. She spots one of his fuck books.
    She’d never seen a book like this before. She just turned through the pages. Checking out all the sex. She then comes to a picture of a girl sucking s big cock. And the blow job term then becomes relevant to her. Yes she’s going to learn fast. Sitting on there bed she looses all track of time. And suddenly Jack and Cheryl comes in, catching her with the book.
    Deb is startled. She throws the book down.

    “ Oh I’m sorry y’all! I shouldn’t have been in here. “

    “ It’s okay Deb. “ Cheryl said. Her and Jack come in and sit on each side of Deb.

    “ Lets see what you were looking at. “
    Jack hands Cheryl the book. It was open to the page of the girl sucking the guys big cock.

    “ Do you do that? “ Deb asks Cheryl.

    “ I sure do!...All the time! “

    “ What’s it taste like? “

    “ Oh Deb it’s good! You would love it!....Would you like to try it? I’ll share Jack with you and show you how. “
    Deb looks puzzled.

    “ But wouldn’t that be the same as me cheating on Red? “

    “ Oh no!...Not at all Deb. “ Cheryl places her hand on the crotch of Debs jeans.

    “ Your only cheating if you give away your pussy. Your going to save that for your wedding night with Red. But your lips tongue and hands are a different matter. And besides giving a good blow job is something you really need to know how to do. And me and Jack can help you with that. “

    “ But what about the unclean thing and the sex laws in the Old Testament? “
    After hearing this one Cheryl looks at Jack.

    “ Go wash your cock! And get it clean! “
    She then winked at Jack. As he gets up to go to the bathroom. Cheryl turns to Deb. She puts her hands on Debs shoulders. And looks at her making sure she’s paying attention.

    “ I promise you. Jack is going to get it clean. Now Deb you’re going to have to put the Bible away, except for Sunday mornings. So you can let yourself go. And live a little bit and have fun. Your to up tight with this kind of thing. “

    Jack comes back in to the room. He stripped completely down, for the girls. His clean cock was at full mass. He stood there between them, flexing it.

    “ Wow! Jacks really got a big one! “ Deb said looking it over closely.

    “ Go ahead and touch it. “ Cheryl told her. Deb just runs her fingers over it.

    “ Have you ever seen a cock up close like this? “

    “ No I’d only seen my brothers cock, when we’d go skinny dipping. But his cock is tiny compared to this. “ Jack was so thick. Deb could barely get her fingers around it.

    “ Is Red this big? “ She looks at Cheryl.

    “ He’s not as big as Jack. But he’s a decent size from what I remember seeing. Your going to be pleased with Red. I promise. “

    Cheryl then takes Jacks cock from Deb.

    “ Squeeze it a little harder and do it this way.”
    She stroked Jacks cock up and down.
    Deb then takes a turn stroking it.
    Jack flexed it in her hand.

    “ Oh it feels so strong! “
    Cheryl then takes it and stroked him a little harder. A drop of pre cum oozes from the head.

    “ Oh look Deb! “ Cheryl then stuck out her tongue and licked the drop of pre cum. Deb watched the sticky goo as it strung from her tongue to the head of his cock.
    She then went all the way to the base of it. And gave him long slow licks, up to his swollen mushroom tip. Deb watched as Cheryl opens her mouth wide. And goes down on him. Taking his cock into her throat. She watched as Cheryl works her jaws lips and throat just right. She then comes up and lets Deb try it.
    She to gives it some good licks.

    “ Hey I like this! “ She said just before going down on the first cock she’d suck in her life. She took her time. Taking just the head in. And slowly she took more and more.

    “ Doing good Deb! Keep it going! “ Jack encourages her. He holds her head and gives it to her a little deeper. Slowly Deb gets more aggressive. She tastes more of his pre cum.

    “ Use your hands and coddle his big balls. “ Cheryl told her.

    “ I think she’s got this babe! “ Jack said smiling at his wife.
    Deb then grabbed the base of his cock. And stroked and sucked at the same time.

    “ Make him come Deb! “ Cheryl said cheering her on.

    “ Oh yeah! It’s going to be a big one! “

    Jack then holds Debs head and blows a big load of cum in her mouth. She gags on it. His hot seed runs down her chin. Jack pulls out and just Jacks the rest of it off. All over her pretty face.

    “ What you think Deb? “ Jack asks. Deb just licked the cum from around her lips. And wiped it from her chin. And sucked it from her fingers.

    “ I like it! “ She said with a big smile.

    “ With a little practice you’ll be able to take and swallow the entire load. “

    “ I can’t wait! “ Deb said with excitement.

    “ Now don’t tell Red we taught you that. You just need to surprise him with it. “ Cheryl said.

    “ And when you get your own place. Just be waiting on your knees at the door. He’ll come home with a smile every day. “ Jack said
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    Atlanta (GA, US)
    This is a great story so far...please continue!
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  15. Mikey22

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    Fairhope (AL, US)
    As Deb lay on Cheryl and Jacks couch that night. She couldn’t believe how much her life had changed in just days. Back at her own home she was nothing but a slave. And was hardly ever treated with any love or dignity. And now she was living a dream. That she prayed would never end.
    And then there was Jacks big cock. She couldn’t get her mind off of it. Never had she’d imagined herself sucking a cock. And she discovered that she loved it.

    From Cheryl and Jacks room. She could hear them fucking again. She slid her hand inside her panties and touched her own pussy again.
    Her and Reds wedding date was set for the following Sunday. She just hoped she could wait that long. She wanted what Cheryl had so badly. Not only in sex but she wanted the companionship of a true life partner. Who would love and cherish her. She wanted so badly for that person to be Red. But the future of being married to a military man. That would be gone away to war for months or years. With the possibility that he could be killed at any time. Oh how in the world could she cope with all that stress.
    She thinks of sex again. Never in her life had she thought about sex so much. She continues to master bate. Trying to imagine what her first real fuck would feel like. Her virgin pussy was so tight. She’d seen his bulge in his pants. And Cheryl said he was big. Not as big as Jack though.
    Maybe that would be a good thing.
    Taking a cock as big as Jack for the first time, would have to hurt.
    She hears Cheryl scream out again. As she climaxes.

    Jack again walks out of the bedroom. He noticed Deb was still awake. His cock was still hard, and glistening of wetness. He walks toward her. She sits up on the couch.
    He stands right in front of her. She grabbed his cock. It felt strong and hard. He’d not yet shot his load. Deb opens her mouth and goes down on it. Tasting the taste of Cheryl’s pussy on it. She’d never imagined herself desiring another woman either. But the pussy taste on his cock intrigued her. She aggressively sucks it. Out the corner of her eyes. She sees Cheryl standing in the hallway naked watching them.
    As Deb sucks Cheryl watched as Deb slid her hand inside her new pair of panties. Rubbing her clit.
    Cheryl walks over to them. Jack moves over a little. Giving his wife some space. Cheryl gets down on the floor between Debs spread legs.
    She takes hold of Debs panties. Deb lifts herself off the couch enough to allow the panties to come down. Cheryl touches Debs pussy. Her touch felt so gentle. She then parts her lips and starts licking her pussy.

    Everything Deb had been taught her whole life. Told her all this was wrong. But it felt so good and right. She blocks out those lessons in her brain. And lets herself go and gives her pussy to Cheryl, as she sucks Jacks cock for all it was worth.
    She feels Cheryl’s lips around her clit, sucking hard.
    She feels Jacks cock pulsing as his seed flows from his big balls. And erupts in her mouth. The first blast hits the back of her throat. This time she keeps his cock in her mouth as rope after rope of his spunk, fills her mouth.
    She felt her own orgasm building fast. Suddenly her legs lock against Cheryl’s head. Holding her there as she feels the most awesome feeling she’d ever felt in her life. As her own juices flow. As it passed she released Cheryl’s head. And Jack pulled his softening cock from her mouth.

    Cheryl smiles as she gets up. She then gently kissed Deb on the lips.

    “ I love you. “ She said softly. Her and Jack then walk back to there bedroom. Deb lays back on the couch. Recovering from this.It was just the sexual release she desperately needed. Her mind races.

    “ What does this mean? “ She asks herself.
    “ A woman just ate my pussy and kissed me. Then told me she loves me. “
    Was she gay? Was she bi? Was this a one time thing? What does this mean for her and Red?
    So many questions. But no answers. Deb knew it was exciting and felt good. She gets up and goes to the kitchen for a drink and a smoke. Pondering over in her head about what just happened.
    She returned to the couch and eventually drifts off to sleep, wondering what the next day would bring.
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    fuck yes.
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    Next episode please
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    Yes let’s get another chapter
  19. phonehome

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    The guy has other active stories to write for
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    Fairhope (AL, US)
    I know man I know! I got an active imagination. I haven’t forgotten about the others. I’m working on them to.
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