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    Just listening to news about Allstate Insurance's plans to drop insurance coverage for many people here in southern Louisiana and to increase rates up to 50% for many others. See: Everything New Orleans

    These are the "Good Hands" people if you recall. Fact is they seem to have a problem though when it comes to paying up for catastrophic losses. See:

    Allstate dropping most earthquake insurance nationwide -

    You have no idea of the horror stories we've had down here with people getting sufficient coverage for flood and wind damage from this company. Now they want to drop coverage for states like Florida and Louisiana.

    Luckily, we were (and are) covered by State Farm. And true to their slogan they indeed acted "like a good neighbor," paying the max coverage (for our losses) without qualm or quibble.

    Allstate?? Maybe they should change their name to Somestates...("Some of the time"). Something for you to consider next time you're in the market for insurance.

    Allstate Dropping Insurance On Homes In Fort Bend - 13 Counties - FortBendNow
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