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    I walk into the gym, past the reception where theres always a beautiful, slim, huge-titted girl who winks at me...
    I go into the mens changing room where theres always a huge group of lads getting changed...
    I take of my jeans, t-shirt and shoes so im left in tight boxers showing the outline of my big cock.
    I put on my shorts and vest and run up the stairs to the gym floor...
    What i see now is purely art... a wonderful round shaped perfect, juicy ass bouncing up and down on the treadmill, she runs faster and her buttocks slap each other, I imagine her pussy is getting very wet, I want to her to stop and let me lie down underneath her and suck her wet pussy... I sit down at any machine as I am embarrassed because I have got an erection... more women are walking around showing off their huge breasts, they all wear leggings which is a turn on because I sometimes see there camel toe!
    The young woman on the treadmill slows down and stops, turns around and gives me a wink... I wink back, she comes up to me, I say "your beautiful" she pauses for a moment and comes closer to me... she takes my hand and looks around, no ones looking, she takes my hand and puts it under her shirt, then pushes my hand up toward her breasts, she is wearing no bra, I feel her huge juicy tits, I get another erection, she sees it and touches the tip of my cock... a woman walks past and smiles as if she wanted to join in... to be continued...
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    May 3, 2010
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    Good start!

    Great start!
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