The Honeymoon

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    Our bodies were beaded with sweat as I fucked her from behind on top of the hotel bed. The patio door was open, letting the hot Hawaiian air surround our bodies. My wife’s beautiful curved figure quickly bounced back and fourth as I pulled her towards me by the waist. I could feel I was on the verge of cumming. I moved my hands onto her ass and gripped it hard as I ploughed hard into her pussy. She was moaning as I breathed “I’m going to cum.” She pulled herself off my dick and turned towards me on her hands and knees. She grabbed the base of my cock and shoved the first three inches or so in her mouth. I moaned. Then she began to thrust her head back and fourth, pushing a little more in each time. I moaned and flexed with every push. Suddenly, with one hard shove, for the first time in our five year sexual relationship, she jammed my entire cock down her throat so her chin was right against my balls and her nose was pushed against my body. I gasped, arched my back and began to cum down her throat. She didn’t even flinch; she kept my cock down her throat until I had blown my load. I was shaking as she slowly pulled it from her throat and out of her mouth. She was smiling as she stood up on her knees, playfully pushed me over with a tap on the chest. I flopped on the bed back first as I left my mouth open to show my disbelief. She giggled and stated “She came, she sucked, I conquered your dick!!” She did a cute little dance on her knees, shaking her lovely tits around that petite little frame and flopped down beside me looking particularly pleased by her performance. “Didn’t think I’d get it did you?!” she said with a laugh, “maybe that’s all we had to do, have sex like five times in one day!” It was our honeymoon, and we were spending it in Waikiki. We had been fucking on and off all afternoon. My balls felt drained now, I wasn’t sure if I could cum again.
    My wife had been trying to deep throat me for about a year now. My penis is slightly above the normal size, of course stats say eighty five percent of us believe that to be that case. I measure in a just over seven inches long and just shy of six inches around. On the surface I was very blown away by what just happened, however I couldn’t help but feel something crawling in the back of my head. It felt dark and dull. My wife’s statement seemed to pluck a string in me. As we lie there cuddling and joking in our own bliss, I couldn’t depress that dark feeling. It got bigger and bigger until it felt like it was right behind my eyes. I had yet to show anything on the surface and I wasn’t about to start. I excused myself to the washroom. I peed, then turned on the water to the shower and just stared at myself in the mirror. Then the dark filled my vision revealing my worry. The word conquered appeared on the mirror. I thought I would be unbelievably pleasured when my wife could deepthroat my dick. I did feel pleasured but now I started to realize something. I realized that I liked her not being able to do that. That meant that I was enough for her to handle, that she needed to look no further. What if she got board? What if I couldn’t fulfill her needs now? What else to I have to offer? I forced myself to push those insecurities out of my head and concentrate on the love. All you need is love.
    The next day we sat on the beach basking in the warm sun. The sound of the wind in the palms above and the blue waves crashing was putting me to sleep. ‘Beautiful’ I though. Life is good. My wife rolled on top of me and I let out a heave half jokingly. She laughed as I pretended to push her tits away from my face. “Can’t breath! Should have bought smaller ones!” I said playfully. “You picked em out honey” she responded, “do you regret it?” “God no, I love them!” I quickly chimed in. “Good, then you’ll go get me a Kona coffee!?” she said with a giggle. “Sure thing tits….I mean sweetie!” I quipped “Very funny smart guy, go get me a damn coffee!” “Alright.” I slipped on my sandals and headed for the coffee shops.
    After getting the coffees and crossing the street, I worked my way through the sand back to my wife. When I came over the bend a saw her, I nearly yelped and dropped the coffee. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My deepest and literally darkest secret was hitting on my wife in the sand. I just stood there and stared. What to do. Could I play dumb? Would she ask him? I had to think quickly. To fess up now may ruin the honeymoon and embarrass myself in front of him and his friend. I decided to play dumb and commanded my legs to move but I couldn’t. I breathed in and out slowly, forcing myself to act natural and walk to them. I jumped over and sat down beside her right. “Oh honey this is Fred Lamont and his brother Justin,” my wife said innocently. Without even thinking I just spit out, “M…Mandingo.” So much for fibbing. Fred and Justin burst into laughter as they fell on each other. My wife looked utterly left out, but I knew that wouldn’t be for long. “What is a Mandingo honey?” my wife said looking at me quizzically. Before I could answer, Justin said “That be him man!” while pointing to his brother Fred, who was still chuckling. “What? I don’t understand” she said back, “what does that mean?” “That’s my stage name,” came from the deep voice of Fred. I wanted to run. “I use that name to make adult videos” And with that she knew. All the late nights and close calls were for nothing. I had a fetish for watching interracial sex on my computer. I couldn’t get enough. I watched it every time I was alone in the house. The sight of a big black cock stretching out a white pussy gets me off like nothing else. I had been looking at this stuff for longer than I had dated my wife. I never told anyone. In fact, I told her I didn’t like porn period. I raised my head, fearing her look. She looked confused. I knew I had to just be out with it and hope she’d understand. “I’m sorry babe. I haven’t been totally honest with you.” I hesitated. “I…..have been watching porn for some time. Actually, specifically Mr. Lamont’s type of porn. I know I shoul..” “What is your type of porn Fred?” my wife said interrupting me. There was a quick, angry tone to her voice. He chuckled and said very matter of fact, “well, why don’t you ask your boy here? He seems to know my work.” Her head swivelled back to me. Her eyes were burning now; arms crossed overtop over her big tits. “Well,” I said hesitantly, “it’s of the interracial variety. I really don’t know why I like it. I just……like watching that. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” Her eyebrows were raised a little. We all sat there in silence for what felt like and eternity. I was looking a little sheepish and the black guys where looking back and forth and both of us like they where watched a soap opera. She seemed to ponder the scenario for a while. Her look softened and she said abruptly, “well….I wish you would’ve included me in you sexual fantasies.” Then she looked over at Fred and Justin. “You guys know of a good place for a drink around here?”

    To be continued….
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    good start, but it would be a mush better and easier read if you used paragraphs
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