"The Internet is Good for Your Brain"! Is there a good reason to visit LPSG daily a

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This fun poll asks you to best describe yourself as a sexual research participant.*

  1. interested in brain activity. *Gee, I've got so much sex on my mind, head's spinning!

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  2. Why is my sex life is a revolving door at Disney's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Adventure

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  3. Testosterone v. Estrogen? Why do I like wearing women's panties on my head?*

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  4. Would lab rats or even sheep fuck humans if they could?*

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  5. hy is SEX on my brain 24 hrs? F**k my job & economy! I want to use my skills as a sexy lab rat!

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  6. Prefer "own" research... Nobody's getting into my head! um, er., pants!

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    "The Internet is Good for Your Brain"!

    :cool: Is there a good reason to visit LPSG daily and often?

    :tongue: Or how about watching porn daily versus reading good book?

    I had a suggestion for the "how it's made" tv show on Discovery's Science Channel and stumbled upon some interesting science stories on the network's sites.

    This article really caught my attention today.

    The Internet is Good for Your Brain: Science Channel

    "WebMD reports on a new study by UCLA researchers, which shows that middle-aged and older adults who frequently use the Web have more highly stimulated brains than their peers who use the Web infrequently. Moreover, the study found that surfing the Web stimulated more..."

    I guess the more interesting research might be: What can be discovered by jerking off daily to internet porn? Now I bet that's a study many men would be interested in participating!

    So if you could design or develop your own sex-related research study (real or make-believe) and were paid to be a participant, what study might you see yourself involved in?

    See more here:

    The Internet is Good for Your Brain: Science Channel


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