The Judge's Creative Sentence - After a crime spree, Kevin finds himself in a unique predicament


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Aug 3, 2023
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The Capture

Kevin eyed the package on the porch from across the street. The fit 22-year-old pulled his face mask down over his face. He got such a rush out of pulling off different heists & stealing. It was exciting and fun. He was good at it. Since his teenage years, he has gone uncaught.

Kevin sprinted across the street and grabbed the package. He put it in the bag with other packages he had stolen earlier, wondering what he will get, hoping it will be something cool.

He fled down the sidewalk only to see police lights light up behind him.

"Shit!" He yelled. He had been being watched the whole time.

An older woman was within feet of where, walking to her car. Kevin snatched the keys right out of her hand and yelled for her to get out of his way.

Kevin got in the car, put the keys in the ignition, and began to speed through the town, trying to elude the officer on his tail.

When Kevin turned down the block of one street, he realized a couple of cop cars were already at the other end blocking it off. The one cop trailing him finally arrived behind him. He was closed in.

He got out and began to run. Three cops on his trail. He tried to juke the two officers in front but one grabbed him by the arm. He slapped his arm away and kicked the other officer off of him who went to grab him.

The third officer caught up and brought him down, and they finally got him into custody.

"We've been trying to get you for ages. You have been putting this community through it for years. Enough is enough. You're under arrest".

The Sentence

Several months had passed.

The whole trail had been worrying for Kevin, but he left court with a satisfied smirk on his face.

The judge wanted to do a creative unconventional sentence for him to give him a chance. Though he had a long list of serious charges, He had never been in trouble before. The Judge also wanted to experiment with a new method of justice.

He offered Kevin to be an attraction at the county fair coming up. The deal was, he would face tickling, feet, gunge, pies, and spanking. How well he was able to endure all of this for all 7 days of the fair would determine how much time he did.

The judge asked Kevin if he consented to having all of this done by the public. Kevin happily said yes.

"Then it is final, Kevin, You have victimized the public for a long time. Now, the tables will turn. I hope you learn something from this" The judge said.

The judges hammer slammed down, making things final.

Kevin had not been tickled in a long time, but to him, this sounded like a walk in the park. In his mind, he was likely gonna get no time at all! He could not believe the judge was letting him get away with everything. He could not wait to get this over with and get back into his old thrills and crime lifestyle.

The Fair

The day of the fair came. It was a beautiful sunny day. Kevin arrived early. He was made to sit on a chair.

His legs were stretched out straight and the bottom of each heel was put on a button.

His arms were stretched out horizontal and each hand pushing a button that had been set up on either side of him.

He was sitting on a button.

His back was pressed against a button.

The back of his head was also pushing back a button.

An officer from the courts explained to him how this would work.

"OK so per the judge, anytime one of these buttons is de-pressed, you will get a week in jail. You'll have to arrive here all 7 days of the fair. You'll be here every day for 3 hours."

Kevin shook his head in understanding.

"Easy peasy" he said, sticking his tongue out.

The officer rolled his eyes at his immaturity. He handed him a glass of a dark blue liquid.

"Per judges instructions you will have to keep this dyed water in your mouth every day as well. It's a very dark blue so we will be able to see if any of it spills out. Even the smallest bit leaking out is an automatic 1 month in jail, on top of any other time you rack up" The officer said.

"OH I won't be racking up any time, but I appreciate the instruction" Kevin said with a smile before snatching the glass and filling his mouth with the liquid.

Kevin took his place on the chair, all buttons now pressed down and the liquid in his closed mouth.

The judge set up his section outdoors. A vendor had a booth set up, not too far from him selling tickets. All profits are to go to a charity as a way for Kevin's sentence to give back . The tickets were:

Upper Body Tickling $20

Feet Tickling $20

Feet to Face $20

Gunge & pieing $20

Spanking $20

Feathers $20

Full package deal (participate in all events) $100

It was time to begin. The vendor called out to anyone who purchased the feather ticket. A sign was displayed stating: FEATHER TICKLING NOW IN SESSION FOR 30 MINS.

Anyone who had purchased just the feather ticket could approach and begin tickling and tracing all over Kevin's body with just the feathers.

He was completely surrounded by people.

The feeling of the feathers on his neck and ears were especially dreadful. He moaned in discomfort. He couldn't really turn his head away or pull away in fear of releasing one of the buttons.

Kevin wore a shirr with sleeves cut off and his shorts. His shirt was lifted and his whole stomach was exposed.

Someone twisted a feather in his belly button.

Other people glided the feathers down his arms and legs.

The back of his knees got him good. He had no idea that was a ticklish spot at all.

Kevin just stayed still and moaned. Praying for this all to end quick. The feeling of the feathers was not intensely ticklish but almost more irritating. He couldn't stand it.

The ticket vendor then announced all the pie/gunge people could come over whenever for the next 30 minutes. A sign was put up for this round.

A table displaying all sorts of cream pies, condiments, and buckets of who knows what was on display.

One at a time people approached. They would smush a pie in his face. Squeeze certain condiments all over him and his face, or dump the gross gunge buckets all over his head. Some went behind him and pulled his short back dumping buckets of stuff in them, or the same for pouring stuff down his shirt.

Some people got creative and were mixing buckets of certain foods, condiments, and other stuff and pouring it on him. Some stuff smelled horribly that he thought he might barf, but he kept it together. He could NOT dare open his mouth to throw up because then he loses the blue liquid as well.

Finally, this round was done, and he was hosed off. He looked as clean as he started before, but now he was wet, which annoyed him.

The vendor then called out to anyone with a feet tickling ticket and put the respective sign up.

A bench was set out by where his feet were. The first person who got to him scraped just one finger up his size 12 sole.

Kevin squealed and instinctively pulled his foot/leg back.

A horn noise went off, signifying the button that had been de-pressed.

The ticklers, as well as spectators watching and filming and taking pictures, laughed and clapped.

"Shit..." Kevin thought. That's one week...

He put his foot back outstretched and pressing the button down.

The tickling on his soles went on and on. People dancing their fingers up and down his soles.

Wiggling between the toes.

He flexed and curled his toes and soles but did not dare release the buttons. His whole body tensed up, and he kept screaming and moaning with his mouth closed, holding the liquid.

Finally, the foot tickling was done. Kevin was breathing hard, some tears rolling down his now red face.

The vendor announced anyone with a foot to face ticket could come by for the next 30 mins and put the respective sign up.

High chairs were placed on both sides of Kevin as well as one in front and behind him.

Someone in the chair behind him rested their soles on each of his shoulders. Wiggling them.

Ugh Ew feet! He thought.

He instinctively pulled his head forward, releasing the button. The horn went off.

"Fuck!" He thought. He put his head back. Soon, all 4 chairs were filled. He was surrounded by feet. Planted on his face. Rubbing all over it. Curling their toes around his nose.

Someone rubbed their toes over his lips.

"Come on... open up. Let's see that liquid spill out," they said as they laughed.

Some smelled. He tried not to barf, of course not wanting to lose the liquid.

He tried to hold his breath; people noticed.

"Can't hold your breath forever, have to breathe sometime, and our feet will still be here. Just turn your head away or get up if you don't like it," the person said, making everyone laugh.

Finally, this round was over. Kevin breathed through his nose... fresh air thankfully.

The vendor called out to anyone with an Upper Body Tickling ticket to join for the next 30 mins and put that respective sign up.

Kevin's pits, which were exposed, were unbearably ticklish. One person stood behind him digging in.

He screamed and squealed with his mouth closed. It got to be too much, and he leaned forward to escape the armpit assault. He released both hands' buttons, the head button, and the back button from leaning forward.

He moved back to position, and the tickling continued. He was screaming through his closed mouth. Tears streamed down his face as the pit tickling didn't let up.

Some people approached poking at his sides and tickling his tummy.

One person drilled their finger deep and hard into his belly button.

This was the closest he came to losing the liquid on his mouth, as he almost let out a real, open-mouth scream.

His right hand flew off the button and grabbed and threw the person's hand away from his navel.

The horn blew. He wanted to keep his hand there to guard himself, but he quickly returned to the button.

The belly button tickler laughed and fist bumped with others, proud they were able to get that reaction.

The person in his belly button began to basically finger fuck it.

Kevin was being over-stimulated.

His body was basically vibrating as he focused so hard on not moving and releasing any of the buttons.

Kevin's eyes were bugging out. Tears flowed. He could NOT give up. He could not let these people win anymore.

The noises coming from his closed mouth were a mix of muffled screams, laughs, and moaning.

With his big eyes popping out, tears running down his face, and his body shaking, he looked like he was having an exorcism done.

A never-ending cycle of hands from ticket holders just kept replacing other hands that left.

Finally, this round was over. Kevin could barely even breathe.

The vendor put up the final sign and called for those with tickets for the spanking round.

For this last round, Kevin was brought out of his chair and put in a real stockade. He was hunched over standing up with his hands and head locked in. He was hand to stand on 2 buttons on the ground. The same rules applied, if these buttons are released, that is a week.

A line formed for the spanking ticket holders. They were given paddles.

Whack after whack. Kevin yelled but managed not to release the buttons or liquid.

The longer it went on, the harder it got, as his assitant became more tender.

Some people got right in front of him and took pictures at the moment of impact. He wanted to spit the blue water in their smiling faces but had to control himself.

As they were nearing the end, his legs began to shake.

It was getting too hard to do. He squealed and tensed his body with each of the remaining spanks.

Finally, time was up.

It was definitely gonna hurt to sit tomorrow, he thought.

The court officer approached him.

"Okay Kevin, Day 1 and you racked up 6 weeks in jail. 6 days to go. They only get harder and more people join and get interested the longer the fair goes on. Good luck and see you tomorrow..." he said.

Kevin didn't know if he would make it through the whole week or if he could even bring himself to return tomorrow. This was the hardest thing he had ever done.... He walked away breathing hard, wet, and in a stunned silence. At this moment, he was starting to have second thoughts about everything that had gotten him in that position.

"Fuck.... tomorrow is only day 2" He thought, "If this is where our justice system is headed, Maybe that crime lifestyle is not for me..."

Author note: Hope you enjoyed, feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you thought. Would make my day!

Was the judges sentence to far or did he get let off Easy?

Would you attend his fair attraction?

If so, which ticket(s) are you buying to participate in?

Or just as a spectator?


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Another hit! I think the judges could've been a little harsher with our guy, he needed more punishment haha... I would definitely attend and buy the whole package, I wanna take my sweet time on each "punishment" or maybe even receive them myself, who knows.
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Aug 3, 2023
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Another hit! I think the judges could've been a little harsher with our guy, he needed more punishment haha... I would definitely attend and buy the whole package, I wanna take my sweet time on each "punishment" or maybe even receive them myself, who knows.
Thanks! Love hearing your thoughts always. What more punishment would he need? Love to hear you would get the package deal.