the librarians secret

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    i was 18 when i first saw him, the bandit! he made a solo video for "" in a mask and a cape, wanking his cock, his smirk daring the viewer to look at his fat cock, this was my size queen awakening, i saved all his scenes, even his controversial s and m scene, then he vanished off the radar

    the next few years were a whirl of drunken nights out, orgies and cruising, but
    no man came close to matching the bandit, in frustration i took a hiatus, no sex for 6 months, so i took up reading

    thats when i met him.

    i was hunting for Bob Smiths "selfish and perverse" to read for this months book club when i crashed head first into him, this tall slender guy in a sweater vest and beige slacks his glasses falling from his face

    "shit i am so sorry!" i gasped

    "quite alright!" he mumbled picking up his books

    "your a librarian?" i sniggerd

    "you were expecting what? your great aunt maude?" he laughed

    "true, your kinda cute though!" i said not thinking, it had been a while since i had had attractive male company!

    he blushed "thanks, im chris!"

    "danny!" i smiled

    "chris, i dont mean to sound forward but would you fancy a coffee after i get off work?"

    "look i dont know what youve heard about me but that part of my life is over understand?" i said getting defensive, usually if a guy wanted to take me to coffee it ended in them trying to prove themselves to the infamous size queen danny, often falling short

    "danny, its just coffee!" he smiled winking at me

    i blushed "sorry, its been a rough couple months"

    he smiled, "no sweat, see you after work?"

    "sure, id like that!" i smiled

    we talked for hours over coffee about everything, and i opened up to him about my sordid past and he nodded and explained he had been celibate for a year

    as we parted he kissed me on the cheek and left, i couldnt explain it but something about him and his presence was electrifying

    several dates in i decided, i didnt care what Chris had, i wanted to consumate our relationship and make love

    however when i tried, he turned down my advances, "i like you.... but sex ruins things....." i said i understood and would wait til he was ready

    i awoke that day to find an invite on facebook inviting me to a private party at club athena, i hadnt been out in a long time so decided to go

    as i sat down in the coffee shop at our usual table, chris was on the phone

    "i said no barry! i dont care, thats the past, its over, im sorry to hear that, move on barry!"

    "you ok hun?" i asked rubbing his hand

    "just a jealous ex" he smiled

    "you sure you dont want to come to this party? sounds like it could be fun!"

    "nah i got stuff to do but you enjoy yourself, go let your hair down!"

    as i entered club athena i saw for a big club it seemed to be empty

    "hello? im here for the "love in the noughties" party?" i called out

    "we have been expecting you!" a voice boomed

    i felt a hand over my mouth and the room went dark, my last thought being of chris's warm smiling face
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    Nov 3, 2009
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    Canterbury (GB)
    "Good evening Danny" a voice in the darkness said

    "Who the fuck are you? Where am I!?"

    "Your still in club Athena, and I'm Barry masterson, director"

    He walked out of the darkness, his hair was spiked and greasy, he was skinny and smoking a cigarette, his teeth yellow

    "Director of what?" I asked suddenly horrified, was this some torture flick, a snuff film?

    "Adult films!" He smiled

    "This is how you get your actors?" I asked struggling

    "Not all, just one!"

    "Well I won't do it!" I shouted

    "Your cute but its not you we are after, it's your little boyfriend!"

    Chris? Why would he want chris

    A booming knock came from the door

    "Right on time!"

    "Where is he!" Came chris's voice, he barged in straight to my side

    "You I'm baby?" He asked kissing me hugging me

    "I'm fine, what the fuck is going on!"

    "Barry this is low even for you!"

    "What else could I do!" Barry said smirking

    "You have two choices, film one final scene for the studio, to add to your best of DVD, or you boyfriend stars in the scene"

    Wait, chris was a pornstar? Good enough to have a best of? I didn't recognise him

    "Fine, you win Barry!"

    He went to the back room, when he emerged I gasped

    He was dressed like the bandit, in low slung jeans

    "Fine Barry, what's the scene?" Chris muttered

    Barry bought in a skinny young twink and one of the quiet muscle guys acted as a bar man

    "And ACTION!"

    "Excuse me, aren't you the bandit?"

    "I was, once!" Chris said sipping his vodka

    "I have seen everything you were in, is it as big as they say it is?"

    Chris stood undoing his jeans "you tell me!"

    I gasped silently "it is you" I muttered to myself

    The twink knelt and sucked him hungrily he fucked the kids face hard grunting "yeah that's nice you little cock sucker"

    "Nice very nice!" Barry muttered

    Chris stood the guy up bending him over, he admired his ass spanking it, spitting on it, he then rammed his cock in, the twink barely reacted, clearly a well fucked bottom

    "Mmmm so tight!" Chris groaned hammering away balls slapping ass

    I was achingly hard, one of the muscle men knelt getting my cock out he wanked it for me, I was very grateful

    Chris spanked the guys ass hard owning his ass, dominating it hard, the twink seemed to love it, the camera man caught his reactions and chris face through the disguise

    "Shit I'm going to cum!" He growled, not pulling out, he shot his load deep in the twinks ass, pulling out the twink shot all over the bar

    Pulling up his trousers chris looked back "clean yourself up!" He growled throwing the kid a towel

    I shot hard into the muscle guys mouth

    Barry yelled "cut!"

    The crew all left and chris rushed to my side removing the disguise he kissed me lovingly, I looked at him stunned

    "Wha...." I started

    Chris explained that bandit came about as a way to seperate himself from his rough dominating sex life "that isn't me normally, you know that!"

    He became single and needed money to fund his English degree, so he did his first solo scene, he enjoyed the sex and the money but once his degree was over he quit

    "I understand if you never want to see me again!" He muttered

    I kissed him hard on the lips "let's go home "bandit"" I smirked squeezing his soft cock

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    Short, but good !
    You've obviously improved a lot, though.
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