The Life of Mark Alexander

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    The Life of Mark Alexander

    A Straight Guy Living an Embarrassingly Revealing Life


    So, there I was, in a pair of my old, flimsy gym shorts with no underwear on of any form, in front of the one person that could turn me on within seconds – Jennifer Lorrel. Mike, Marie, and Tara stood now in the back of the large room, behind the class of eighteen shapely women dressed in short gym shorts and tight tank tops. The three of them had won out and I was in the most potentially embarrassing position of my life. I didn’t know these people and had no hope with Jennifer, so why not go with it? To finish the bet meant not having to hear of it ever again once my three friends had tired of telling the stories.
    So I stood there on stage, painfully aware that I was in the possession of a penis between my legs and that I would soon lose control of it the minute Jennifer came to help me on stage. I could feel my balls free of any support. They were hanging low from my exercise as was my dick. I took a deep breath and called Jennifer on stage…


    Let’s step away shall we? It would seem you have come into my memory far before you should have this time. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mark – Mark Alexander in full. I’m a 21 year old. And proudly, will graduate college with a physical education degree in only several semesters. If you haven’t noticed me around, I work at the local gym. Mainly, I work as a catch-all assistant as my boss Mr. Mathews would put it, but I’ve recently been given some extra pay when I can keep a Friday evening fitness class series going for the boss. It’s an experimental marketing scheme, he says. Since it is only open to non-members, it’s a way to get new members stepping into the gym. Hence, since none of these people had paid for this session, I was the one semi-qualified person willing to do it for what the pay was. I figured it would be a quick buck with no strings attached – I proved myself wrong.
    As I’ve said, I’m a college student – physical education. I’m not the type of guy you would think of though. I’m pretty quiet and actually rather shy. Never had problems in high school and don’t party too much. I’m fit in the way I want to be. None of the heaping muscles crap. I figure, if I am going into physical education I need to be aware of what my students will be like. I want to be fit; I don’t want to be a metabolic machine of muscle.
    I am your average guy. If you haven’t seen me, maybe you might recognize me next time. I’m slightly tanned in the summer, with slightly pale skin in the winter. My hair is black and falls down to my shoulder bone on my back. I keep my hair cut, though, parted in the middle and it usually stays nicely out of my face. I hate haircuts and would let it grow out a bit, but my hair is slightly wavy and I hate having to pamper it even more. The girls like it the way it is. They love running their fingers through it. Can’t go cutting it shorter.
    I have enough muscles to show through a tight tee and am in good shape. I am on the track team at the university and have a second job helping my track coach. He is in charge of the weight room and likes to keep it clean and readied. In all, I have a lightweight runner’s build, light green eyes and a “solid chin.” The chin is something my father often takes family pride in – “good genetics” he says. I leave the room when he brings up that subject. He’s a pretty open guy and doesn’t mind sharing a few intimate details about his sons to close friends. Heh, if you don’t mind, I can tell you a quick story about that. The earlier one will have to come in time.

    My father had invited a few of his poker friends over to watch the Stanley Cup – my father played hockey and coached it until he turned 36. Now he’s got one of those administrative jobs. Whatever the case, my family is knowledgeable then, and big fans of, hockey. The Stanley Cup was a special occasion.
    I have two brothers – one is a twin and one is a younger tike. My sister is two years older than me and my twin, Calen (I call him Cal). Anyway, my brothers, dad, and his friends were all sitting in the game room when the word genetics entered into a debate over the fitness of one of the players on the underdog team. I knew then I should have walked out, but I didn’t – I was only 18 at the time and hadn’t learned to do that no matter what the circumstances. Plus, I didn’t know what was to come of it!
    Now, just to let you know the background of this story. I’ve never seen anyone other than my brothers naked within my family. It was just our way. Dad had seen us invariably. It just happened during changing or his wanting to get something from the bathroom while one of us were showering (usually it was something my mother wanted.). It wasn’t something completely normal for me (to go prancing naked in front of my brothers or dad), but we just didn’t bother joking or talking much about it past the present, of course. So nothing is odd about my family in this except that my dad shares the knowledge he gains through his ability to view and judge. And he judges!
    “Genetics,” he argued vehemently that day, “is a necessity. You got to have good genetics to be a good player – I don’t care how much you practice, Vince!.”
    “Well, Will,” replied Mr. Jacobs to my father, “I suppose your right, but I think practice and endurance has plenty to do with it too.”
    “That ability comes with the genetics though,” said my father, “look at my three sons there. Each of them good stock with the Alexander name printed on them!”
    “They all have to practice,” Mr. Jacobs points our way. Both he and my father treat their boys as if we were trophies for display. And they made sure we never tarnished.
    “Practice is over-rated, Vince. Take sex for instance.” I felt my face begin to warm with my father’s mention of anything close to the subject. “Why, I didn’t practice sex – no Alexander does! My boys won’t either; women will love them!”
    Now, I don’t think you believed me the first time about my dad. He’s a good guy, but, man, he can really embarrass the crap out of me. I’d be thankful if he’d just be a normal balding, 30-something father! Anyway, here it comes:
    Dad pointed straight at me, well, straight at my crotch that is. If you have forgotten, Dad and Mr. Jacobs weren’t alone. Two other of my dad’s buddies stared down between my legs too, just not as…noticeably. “That boy there has a five inch flaccid and balls to match,” my father chuckled just a bit to make a point, “That unit will teach him everything he needs to know about sex – he won’t need practice.” I was silent. What could I have said? It was a true statement – not one I’d run around using to make a point with – but true. I figured this conversation would fade out and tried to wait for it to finish. Again, I was wrong.
    “Now, the twin there –same genetics. I’ve noticed his balls can hang a bit lower. It betters the sperm, ya know?”
    You wouldn’t think any like my father existed in the world, yet someone else did. Mr. Jacobs just sat there and nodded as if it was the pinnacle of my father’s argument. Somehow my father had found the one man in the world that was so straight he could talk about another guy’s bits while sitting in lounge chairs with a Speedo on and drinking wine coolers and still be straighter than anyone else in the world. I was looking over to my brother now. Calen is my twin and complete opposite. He gets along with my father well. They are both a bit loud, a bit obnoxious, a bit full of themselves, and they thrive on competition and betterment.
    Good people with slightly annoying to bullying personalities at times. My brother was one of those who played football, baseball, and wrestling in high school. He plays football now at a university out-of-state. But back to that moment during my eighteenth year:

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    “What do they stiffen to?” Mr. Jacobs moved his attention from my father in the lazy-boy to my brother and I the floor. I again went speechless and it took a moment for me to even realize what he was actually asking us. Who the hell cared at the moment? My brother took the opportunity to polish the trophies for dad.
    “Oh, I think we are about the same. I know I measured seven and a quarter, sir.” My brother was probably right and we haven’t grown much since I suppose. Why anyone would have time to measure their dick while it was hard, I don’t know.
    “Well, my boys are younger than you two, but my guess is that you will beat them out in the end no matter what.” At that, my father jumped from his chair with a loud yell. The Sabers had made a goal and the conversation casually changed directions again.
    Within the next few months I would learn that my eighteenth birthday was the beginning of that time you kept your newest trophies at the front of the display case. We were my dad’s current crowning achievements and he wasn’t about to let them get dusty anytime soon.

    When I stood up at intermission to grab some chips and a coke from the kitchen I found out just how loud my father’s conversation with Mr. Jacobs had been. The game room is the basement and our basement has at least two elongated windows that give one a glimpse of the back yard. The spring day had these windows lifted and opened and that allowed my sister; Mr. Jacobs’ daughter, Anna; and their friend Marie to hear the whole thing.
    I entered the kitchen unsuspecting. I poured two cokes (Cal wanted one, too) and grabbed two bags of potato chips. Out of the fridge I grabbed the dip and figured some pickles sounded good too. My hands were full, so I held one of the bags in my mouth as I turned toward the basement. The stairs were in the laundry room, only a couple of yards or so. The door stayed shut so I poked my head to the screen door of the kitchen, thinking my sister was nearby to help me with the closed door. She wasn’t around, at least, I didn’t think she was. Suddenly the air around my thighs cooled and then warmed drastically.
    My cargo shorts fell to my ankles in a second and it was a second later I realized that it was my boxer briefs too. A managed to muffle a “What the…” and turned to see the culprit, thinking it at the time to be my younger brother, Jake. My eyes widened as I realized my mistake and the grouping of snacks held in my arms were suddenly strategically placed in front of me with some quick maneuvering. My Sabers hockey Jersey was cut short and neither it nor my white undershirt reach passed my waist. The jars of pickles hit the floor and rolled. All you heard though was the laughing of my sister’s friends. My sister picked up the pickles and turned away toward the fridge. Two ten dollar bills were held in her hand and I knew what had happened. Anna and Marie had bought this view.
    In the next few seconds the girls grabbed the bags of chips and the dip went rolling on the floor with the same fate as the pickles. My two hands quickly placed the drink down on the floor near my bare feet and piled briefs and shorts. I was pushed and before I knew it had landed on my ass, my legs spread from side to side and spilt coke everywhere. My sister sighed.
    “Don’t make a mess! I said I’d get one of their pants down for you. Clean up will cost you extra.” My sister closed the refrigerator door and walked out, completely uninterested in my predicament.
    “Lisa!” One of the girls said amidst giggles. “We’ll clean it up, honestly, don’t get upset…” It was Marie, she looked down at me with a widening grin and nodded her head down toward my lap.
    “Your dad was right about you and you shouldn’t worry about those. We aren’t big fans of low hangers, are we Anna?” I could feel my face turning bright red as I was aware of the display the two girls were now getting. My dick hung loosely over my sac which held my two balls sitting side by side on the kitchen tile. It was cold and I could feel a bit of shriveling down there. My hands darted to their places, cupping my balls and covering my dick as I stood up. I was sitting in the soda. My underwear and shorts were drenched as I allowed the girls a few last glances while I reset my clothing to their proper position.
    “Not bad, Mark. Thanks, “Marie said, “Get yourself some clean clothes on. We’ll clean this mess up and take the snacks down to your brothers.

    I did just that. Once I changed out of my clothes and into some dry shorts and t-shirt I returned unwillingly to the game room. Marie and Anna were there bringing in the snacks. My sister, Lisa, past by me, her hand landing on my shoulder.
    “Hey Markie, no sour feelings all right? It was twenty bucks and you have nothing to be ashamed of from what I hear. I’m gonna try to stick with seeing no more than your white ass though, so don’t get any ideas.” She finished her whisper and rounded up Anna and Marie. Finished serving snacks the two looked at me with two of those girlish grins you just can’t help but enjoy, passed by me with a pat to my stomach and disappeared with Lisa for the rest of the day.
    Cal looked over at me with a chip in his mouth and a gesture to my clothes.“Why’d ya change?” I shrugged and probably got a bit red in the face.
    “Spilt the soda on me. The girls helped me clean it up.” As Cal was about to reply my father spoke up, making us aware he had been watching.
    “See what I mean, Mark? You don’t need practice. If you get there attention like that, wait til you tell on about what’s in your pants.”
    I just smiled and gave dad a nod.


    I told you I was going to tell you of the earlier memory, though, so I should get to that now. I was over at Tara’a apartment just a few days ago. A few friends were over as well and we were hanging out, trying to think of something to do. I won’t bore you with listing everyone there that night. The important thing you know is that by about 11:00 that evening it was only me, Marie, Tara, and Mike left. We decided, since none of us were tired, that we would play some poker – no money bets – we were all broke anyway.
    You may be thinking, now, that it was just my luck to lose at a round of strip poker. Heh, you couldn’t get me to play strip poker! There are some things you should probably know first, though. Marie should be familiar to you. In the last few months Marie and I have been talking a lot more than usual. We’ve learned each others class schedules and tend to meet up for lunch or between classes. I don’t know what to think of that yet, but she’s a beautiful girl with a great personality. Her skin always has that tanned sunny glow, her eyes are bright green, and her body has some of the hottest curves I’ve seen on a girl. Her hair is long and kept nice – she wears it in a pony tail a lot. As for Tara, we became friends during college, too, but that’s what we will always be. Mike is actually Tara’s friend, but Marie and I have got to know him well. He’s gay, but cool as heck. He’s a smart guy and I enjoy talking with him.
    Poker, right? We played for about two hours until we couldn’t take it anymore. Tara brought a way out at her turn at deal, “All right, this is it and then you people have to leave my house so I can sleep. Since we can’t find a winner, let’s at least find a loser. The one of us with the lowest hand this round has to do a single act for an entire day while the winning three can tell him or her exactly how.”
    Marie nodded, “I need someone to help clean out my dad’s garage.”
    Mike laughed, “I need someone to clean out my garage if that’s the case. You think that would count as a single act? Cleaning garages?”
    “Sure it would,” Tara said, “But the winners can discuss that when we’re done with this hand.”
    “Nothing that leads to trouble though, right?” I replied.
    Marie nodded as if suddenly worried a bit, “Correct, I don’t want any trouble. Just some help with my garage cleanup.”
    By then, Tara began passing out cards and we went through the motions of five card stud. No one folded. I was left with two pair, which had me feeling pretty confident I wouldn’t be the loser. “Two pair, 5’s and 8’s, king high” I said.

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    Marie giggled, “Then that makes me not a loser on this one!” She sat her hand down with three of a kind in 10’s.”
    “I’m not the loser either,” continued Mike. He placed another three of a kind down in 3’s. Surely, I thought, Tara didn’t have a good hand with the three of us taking so much of her chance.
    Tara smiled and set down five diamonds. “Flush she said. Doesn’t matter what it is, I beat you all.”
    “Damn,” I exclaimed. With that, Marie laughed and rubbed my back.
    “Ah, Markie, my garage isn’t that dirty.”
    “Mine is!” Mike chimed.
    Tara shook her head. “I think we can do better than garage cleaning can’t we?” She asked Mike and Marie to step with her away from the poker table. I was left hearing only whispers and Marie saying something about something being to harsh or to hard to keep out of trouble. She finally said something about discreetness.
    Tara led the way back. “All right, Mark. Since we are both women and Mike here just doesn’t seem to mind the idea too much,” she nudged Mike with her elbow, “We’ve decided on your single act.”
    What’s it going to be?” I asked.
    “You’ll go a day without underwear and, as the bet says, you will do it under our guidance.”
    I had never freeballed in my life, at least, not during the day. At night I slept in boxer briefs, but that hardly counted. “Well, it can’t be all that bad. I can’t do anything that would get me in trouble, so…”
    “So you agree then,” Tara affirmed. I looked to Marie and Mike. Marie seemed unsure, but was following along well. Mike had a grin on his face. Whatever the case, these people were friends, whatever they had planned or were planning, it wouldn’t be drastically horrible. I agreed.
    “All right, sure. You have my agreement.”
    “Great!” Tara replied. “We’ll tell you a date when we decide.”
    And so the grounds were set. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.


    I’m not sure if it was a good thing or not that my parents where away for their anniversary weekend the day Marie, Tara, and Mike showed up at my house. It was 7:30 in the morning. Cal must have let them in, he was always one of those early risers. I woke up to the covers being tug off of me and the room going chilly.
    “What the hell, Jake! Leave me alone,” I moaned and tried to cover myself back up. The covers weren’t there though and my eyes opened as I looked to the end of the bed. My three friends stood looking at me. I lay now on my back rubbing my eyes, still half asleep.
    Tara dropped the covers to the floor. “Good morning, Mark. At least, it looks like you’re having one so far.” Her eyes dropped down my body. Mike was already looking and Marie just smiled over at me. I wore only my boxer briefs at the moment. My hair was messed up from sleep and my face still pale from my interrupted rest. I looked down toward my waste and saw what the three had noticed. I was completely boned, all seven or so inches of me (whatever it was Cal had said). Worse, it wasn’t that it was held against my body by my underwear. Instead, my boxer briefs had gotten stretched out during the night and my hardon stuck straight up in the air. I looked like one of my balls was about to play the bugle and the other was getting ready to raise the flag up the pole. I suddenly remember the dream I was having…That just made things worse. Holy crap was I horny at that moment!
    “The rules are no underwear for the entire day, Mark,” said Mike, “You’re already breaking the rules!”
    Seeing Marie watching only made the moment more arousing. I sat up and folded my legs so I could hide my boner by leaning over it.
    “If you three get out of here, I’ll…”My voice wanted to crack and my face and chest were showing flush. “I’ll get some clothes on and…”
    Mike interrupted, “And take care of that!” He pointed at my crotch. “Oh no, your on our clock today. That will need to wait. Let’s pick him something out to wear, Tara
    Tara and Marie went over to my drawers, looking to see what was inside each. They threw an assortment of my underwear on the floor. Finally they found something they thought was appropriate.
    “Mike, what do you think about these?” Tara asked and Mike nodded.” Ok, Mark, here’s what you can wear for now. No underwear with it though.”
    She threw me my old football shorts from high school gym class. There was a reason it took them awhile to find them. I had forgotten I even had them anymore. They had gotten too short and a bit tight around the legs. I caught the shorts with one hand and a sigh.
    “I thought I was cleaning garages…”
    Marie smiled and looked at me, “I couldn’t resist another good view. You haven’t let me down yet, Markie.”


    The three of them finally left after instructing me to put on the gym shorts and a white t-shirt. The shirt was short and was only to “help take off the chill up there” as Mike said when he saw that my nipples were sticking out a bit. I have to say, I was cold. The shirt didn’t help though and I saw that they still formed to little bumps on the thin fabric of the shirt.
    My penis was still plump but my raging boner had subsided for the moment. I slid off my boxer briefs and put on the old shorts. They weren’t roomy like those that fit me currently. I looked down at my waist and saw my dick was sitting comfortably atop my balls. The thing is, I figured everyone else could notice too. I needed to hit the bathroom before I went down for breakfast so I walked briskly there and shut the door in fluid succession. I locked it, thankful no one was about upstairs yet. Jake must still be asleep and Cal was definitely downstairs already cooking. I took a leak and then stood in front of the mirror, turning my waist sideways as I looked on my reflection.
    I saw what it looked like. I walked the length of the mirror and noticed that the fabric of the front of my shorts seemed to bounce with each step. Not that it mattered, my penis was already slightly pushing against the fabric already. The worst thing about it was that the cloth was rubbing it and my dick was still feeling pretty damn good from my arousal. I could feel it stiffening.
    I don’t masturbate often. I’d never do it in front of someone, not even a brother, so, first, I just don’t get many chances unless I am home alone or both my brothers are gone in which case I can find a room to myself. On occasion though it was a necessity – like today. I pulled my shorts off and sat them on the counter and started rubbing. My dick went hard in seconds, thanking me for not leaving it hanging – pardon the pun.

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    About 45 seconds had passed and a knock came on the door. “Who is it?” I said.
    “Jake - let me in Mark, I need to pee.”
    “In a bit.”
    “I really gotta go, Mark.” He raised his voice and knocked again on the door.
    “You’ll have to wait!” I heard another voice talking with Jake. It was Tara.
    “Markie, hun, Jake wants in the bathroom. Don’t stay in there all morning. In fact, come out now, please.
    I suppose you are wondering why I was so willing to go along with this bet and its effects. Betting was a huge deal in my family. It was something we did and it didn’t normally involve money, usually services. My friends and I kept this same means of betting and we had for some time now, so it was almost a natural reaction. I pulled on my shorts, now with a full erection that wasn’t going to go away in 30 seconds and I unlocked the door.
    Jake’s mouth dropped open. “Whoa, dude, I should have left you to it. Did you know Tara was standing there?” He began to chuckle a bit and passed me by, closing the bathroom door his voice echoing of the tiles, “That must have been a good dream, bro.” Tara looked down again with a smile.
    “We told you to come straight down from changing. You weren’t busy with something else in there, where you?”
    “No, it’s just hard to pee in this state.” I followed Tara down to the kitchen. Mike and Marie sat eating at the table and Cal was rinsing cookware. Tara sat down at a half finished plate. My plate was sitting on the stove, empty. I knew it was up to me to make my plate and sighed. The boner in my shorts couldn’t find a way to stick straight out and it had no where left to go but down one of the legs – its preference, as usual, being the left. I’d say there was just under three inches of fabric left between the end of my shorts and the tip of my penis. I said to myself, “What the hell,” and went to fix my plate.
    “Don’t be embarrassed, “said Mike, “It’s natural, man…natural.”
    “What’s that?” Cal finished the dishes and turned around, asking the question seriously until he laid eyes on me and my cock stuck down my thin short leg. As I said, the legs had gotten a bit tight. They still weren’t skin tight, but with my dick down one of them, it had come much closer. He chuckled like Jake had. “Oh…heh, yeah, Mark, that’s natural all right. You couldn’t have got rid of that before you came down in front of your friends? Put some underwear on to keep that thing controlled.” I could tell he was enjoying this tormenting. I finished setting a sausage on my plate and sat down at the table. Cal set down in the fifth and final seat and looked at al of us. “So explain to me again why Mark here is walking around with his dick sticking out?”
    As he spoke, and I sat down, I felt the shorts tighten more from me being seated. They bunched around my crotch a bit. I could feel the shorts basically cupping my balls and it made me wonder if Marie was enjoying the view she had of them. There wasn’t much to be left to her imagination. Plus, she had the image to go along with it. My erection hardened some more.

    I"ll try to write some more soon...hope this was worth the space!
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    cant believe im the first to comment. very well written, and entertaining story, please dont leave us in suspense too long :smile: cant wait for next installment.
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    You've painted quite the picture that can go in just about any direction.
    Where are you going to take it? I look forward to seeing...
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    We ate breakfast. Well, some of us did. Jake refused to sit at the table, the exact reasons he left vague - I wouldn't have eaten with us either to tell the truth. He took his plate upstairs. I ate some scrambled eggs and that was the end of it. I definitely stayed away from the sausage. I don't know why, but I slowly felt more comfortable. More room appeared in my old gym shorts and everyone began focusing on their morning meal. The conversation had even faded before Cal could get a good answer. I could tell he wanted to know what the hell was going on, but he couldn't bring himself to ask twice. Then, everyone finished, and that was the end to my comfort.
    "Pass the plates, " Cal said," I'll take care of them since bro is busy with other things today." He looked at me with a smirk. It was one of those 'wait till I get to talk with you' smirks. I tried not to notice it and instead remained seated. Tara looked over to me and smiled innocently.
    "Ready for a morning jog, Markie?" She said.
    "You've got to be kindding me," I replied, tilting my head to one side in protest.
    "There isn't any kidding in bets," Mike stated, and I think what your wearing is perfect for a jog today."
    "Agreed," Marie added. She seemed slightly uncomfortable, but the enjoyment was too much for her to negate.
    "I can't do this, guy," I said, "I just can't. THere are so many joggers in this neighborhood."
    "Ug!" Tara exclaimed, "No way are we wasting you here. You'll stut your stuff on campus.
    "Campus? Well..." I was about to protest, but it was Spring Break. No one would be out there, especially know one I actually knew. Bettter than having my neighbors watch me flopping down Trevel Street. "All right, I"ll go through with this one, but this is really pushing the bet, you all know that, right."
    None of them said a word. Tara grabbed my arm and gestured me from my seat. Cal turned from placing plates in the dishwasher and chuckled to himself, saying "I haven't taken my jog yet. I'll ride with you all."

    You would think the car ride would have gone well and that I could have just passed over it in the telling of my story, but you would have though wrong. I don't know what was entirely different about that day. Mainly, though, i was sexed up to the brink. I didn't want to admit it, but I was actually enjoying some of this. Past the embarrassment - I guess most poeple might. Anyway, we got in Mike's car. Cal road up front and the ladies were with me in the back. Again, I should have gotten shotgun first chance I got, but I wasn't thinking clearly. If your one of the types worrying about Jake, don't. He left for a friends house shortly before we left that morning.
    I really felt like a kid that morning during our drive. You remember those car rides during the morning to school or somehting when the road was just to much for your dick to handle? Well, I was such a horned up guy that morning that my penis felt every jolt and jiggle the car offered it. Before long I was leaning forward pretending to look out the front window between the two seats. Tara and Marie had pinned me from the side.
    "Sit back, Markie, that's dangerous!" Tara hit firmly on my chest and pushed me again the back seat. "Holy crap, Markie! Get that thing down. Mike won't be able to see from the rearview mirror.
    "Maybe I don't want to see past it, leave the man and his cock alone!" Mike laughed and Cal proceeded to fall into hysterics.
    I had never been so horny in my entire life. My body was really getting a kick out of this whole fiasco. Remember our small discussion about length, well, I lied. But only because I wanted to impart what I felt in the car at that moment. My penis had to close to nine inches. I guess Cal and I just never experienced anything like I experienced that day - or maybe we just aren't twins. Cal didn't say anything. He didn't dare now. I looked around quickly, not wanting to risk extended eye contact. It wouldn't have mattered. All occupants of the back seat had their eyes on my bulge. Regardless of what tara said, my penis wasn't pointing straight up, there just wasn't room in the old gym shorts. Instead it pushed down the left leg of my shorts and then up into the air. I might as well have painted my dick blue and gone naked, because that's all that was left to the imagination. Marie giggled and that's when I turned red, I'm sure. I moved my legs closer together in a reflex action, but that was a horrible thing to do. My dick spring straight out of my shorts. Marie hugged me.
    "How are we going to find things for you to do without getting into trouble if your gonna have a boner like that the entire time," Tara asked me rhetorically. I barely listened to her. Marie's head was resting on my chest and geez did I like it there.

    Getting tired, so will stop for now. Comments and ideas for Mark's coming day are all welcome!
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    This story has so many places it can go...I can't wait to see where you take it. Keep up the good work.
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    To my surprise my penis relaxed before we made it to the university. It slowly shrunk back beneath the cloth covered safety of my gym shorts. There was still a mound in them, though, to which I was slowly becoming accustomed. Mike pulled the car into a parking spot near our Physical Education building.
    “Uh, guys,” I stated, “I can’t be doing this crap around here. What if coach sees me?”
    “Your worried about that?” Tara asked sardonically.
    “Why shouldn’t I be?”
    Tara laughed. “Have you ever looked in the mirror while wearing your track suit, Markie? Coach and the rest of the track meets have definitely already seen you.”
    I did not quite know how to take that, I guess I had never thought about it before then. “Ok,” I replied, “But this is different.” I was getting bolder talking about my stuff around the group. “In this case my penis is going to flop all over the place. People don’t want to see that!”
    The only replies I received were laughter. We made it to the sidewalk that so many students used for jogging. I was surprised how many students were still around. I guess quite a few lived off campus and walked or drove over to use it for exercise. The lot of us walked along the sidewalk for awhile. Mike and Tara walked up front, followed by myself and Marie. Calen kept to the back, not wanting to be fully counted among the ceremonies.
    “It’s a nice warm day out, Mark,” Marie said, “Wanna give me your shirt?”
    “Nah…,” I began to reply, but Tara turned and rested her hands on both sides of my torso, “Of course he does. We wouldn’t want our star getting hot.” With that she tugged my white t-shirt up and I decided to comply. I now wore just my old, thin blue gym shorts and my shoes. I felt highly exposed and as much as I wanted to complain, it felt slightly free. I was still turned on, but I tried to focus on other things. The women running in sports bras didn’t help. I imagined the view of myself. I wasn’t too self conscious about the exposed parts of me, just the parts that were covered. Looking down, I easily saw my dick sitting there relaxed and to turn into wood with a single gust of wind or a perky set of bouncing boobs. My hand naturally fell to the front of my shorts. I don’t know why, but I kept noticing myself doing that. Now that I think about it, a lot of guys walk around with their hand on the package when wearing gym shorts. The things leave you so venerable, don’t they? Either you have on some boxers which leave your dick hanging their to flop around in your shorts or you where some briefs that push everything up and out. My balls felt like they needed some support and my body couldn’t help but find a way to give it to them. So there we all were, walking along as my supposedly good friends decided on what precisely to have me do. My hand remained centimeters away from my package which, with every passing step I felt more and more aware of. My penis felt heavy, but it remained flaccid and hanging down to the point that I felt it hit the sides of my legs as we walked.
    A guy passed by us and glimpsed down at my crotch. All I could imagine with the half surprise, half grimace on his face was that he got a nice view of little Markie, and that turned me on more!
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    This story is very well written, and I feel it should be continued.
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