The Locker Room

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    I waited in the locker room for them to arrive. I was excited by the
    background smell of athletic sweat in the room, and ready to do as I was
    supposed to. It was a lonely wait.

    Then I heard their voices approaching. Laughing, and congratulating
    each other for their enjoyable exercise. They came into the locker room
    and saw me waiting for them. They looked at my body, noticing that I
    had been spending a lot of time working out. I looked at their
    beautiful sexy bodies, hot and sweaty, covered with sexy lacrosse gear.
    They had wonderful looking shoulder pads that I would have loved to jump
    on and hard helmets with lip guards hanging from them. They were
    wearing coarse-knit football style shirts, which gave hints of their
    strong bodies underneath. Their sexy legs were visible, and covered
    with soft hair. I looked up their legs at their shorts, where the real
    treasures were hidden.

    I was wearing nothing but a pair of Speedo swim trunks, and had oiled my
    body so all my muscles, and my washboard abs glistened in the dim locker
    room light. Bill, the team leader, approached me and pulled my virile
    body towards his clothed and padded body. We thrust our tongues into
    each other's mouths sinking into a deep french kiss. I loved the feel
    of his familiar muscles throbbing against mine. The other men on the
    team gathered around my body, feeling the smooth curves of chest and
    powerful biceps.

    As I kissed the team leader, I slipped one of my hands down his shorts,
    to feel the moist sweaty prick held captive by his jock strap. I felt
    him moan with pleasure as I stuffed my hand down deeper, then slid my
    other hand under his shirt and pads to feel his firm stomach. His hands
    slipped down my back, their passage smoothed by the oil, and slid under
    my Speedo suit. I felt the pressure of the spandex holding his hands
    tight and close to my body. I felt his middle finger reach all the way
    down and slip into my awaiting hole. His prick was hard with
    excitement, and mine was struggling to get out from under the spandex.

    The other team members were involved in similar embraces with each
    other, feeling their firm sexy bodies through the soft athletic pads.
    They had fun sharing their mouth guards, and allowing their saliva to
    mingle. Some of them were already shedding their shorts and exposing
    their penises to the air to prepare for an exciting adventure.

    We all broke apart, knowing it was time to get more serious, and headed
    to the exercise mat by the lockers. Bill laid down on the mat, and I
    removed his clothing. I pulled the shirt off his chest, revealing his
    broad upper body, pulled his pants off, slipping them gently down his
    handsome legs and leaving just his sweaty jock strap. I laid on top of
    him, my Speedo resting on his jock, as I carefully removed his lacrosse
    shoulder pads. Finally, I slid his jock strap off, leaving his penis
    free to stand straight up in the air. His brawny masculine body was
    completely exposed before his teammates. I dove down on his rock hard,
    and slipped it into my mouth, sucking with all my energy. A couple of
    the sexy blonds on the team, slipped theirs into his mouth, and he
    worked on both of their pricks at the same time, using his tongue to rub
    them off against each other. My left hand stroked the pubic hair around
    his rigid stick, and as my right hand slipped under his naked body, I
    drove it into his open asshole. I could smell the slight aroma of sweaty
    underarms, which increased my excitement.

    One of the taller team members slipped off my Speedo shorts, and thrust
    the tip of his stick into my rear. I felt some pain as he slowly
    slipped it deeper inside. This excited me further, so I began sucking
    with more fervor. As Bill moaned again, I could feel the sexual energy
    flowing through his body below me. Two of the lacrosse players were
    sucking on Bill's nipples, making them hard and erect, while I continued
    on his penis. The athlete on my back was very excited, and thrusting
    faster and faster. I wanted him to cum inside me. I wanted them both
    to come inside me. I felt the youth on my back grab around my chest,
    feeling my rigid pectorals, digging his fingers into the flesh around my
    nipples, as he energetically slid his penis in and out of my vulnerable
    hole. Then a young man with light brown hair slid under my naked body,
    and covered my penis with his mouth. The feel of his wet tongue on my
    dick almost put me over the edge. I reached my free hand out, and
    grasped his bone tightly. I could feel the thrusting from my back
    transfer through my body and felt my penis slip down the throat of the
    athlete below me. I felt touches sliding all over my lubricated body,
    and lust flowing betw een us all. The pounding in my ass reached a
    peak, and I felt him cum in my body. The pleasure was so much that I
    sucked Bill's penis deep into my mouth, and my penis released its juices
    into the eagerly waiting youth below me. Bill writhed with pleasure,
    and released a powerful spurt right down my throat. Our mutual orgasms
    released spurt after spurt in rhythm, until we were all spent.
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    I rested with them for a while, then slowly untangled. There was sperm
    covering some of the others, which was excitedly licked off. Some of
    the members had to shed the last of their encumbering lacrosse pads, and
    then we all headed for the showers.

    I got into the showers with them, and watched the hot water flow over
    the handsome hunks on the team. I shared a shower with the team captain
    Bill. We stood close enough so that I felt his hard nipples touching my
    chest. I could feel his rock-hard prick pressing against my body, just
    as mine pressed against his. I let my hands flow down his broad bare
    back with the water, and they came to rest on his tight buttocks. He
    grabbed me in an embrace around my bulging shoulders, and we fell again
    into a deep tongue kiss.

    I grabbed the shampoo, and took a look at some of the wonderful things
    the other men were doing with each other. I rubbed the shampoo into
    Bill's dark brown hair, and rubbed some of it over his small amount of
    chest hair, and his underarms. I helped the flowing water rise the soap
    out by rubbing my hands gently into his scalp. I then grabbed the soap,
    made a nice lather, and began to cover his body with suds. I used my
    chest to help rub the soap into his body. I enjoyed rubbing it down his
    powerful biceps and his wonderful forearms. I then knelt before him,
    with water all over, and cleaned his penis first with my mouth, and then
    I rubbed suds into his pubic hair until his penis was squeaky clean. I
    turned his body around, and concentrated on his rear. I put lots of
    suds on my fingers, and slipped them deep into his asshole.

    Since I couldn't get my fingers as deep as I wanted to, I put suds on my
    penis, and drove it in and out of his ass, pushing the suds deep inside
    to clean him. As I did this, my hands continued to rub suds into his
    public hair, and up and down his shaft. I continued this for a while,
    then stopped before it went too far. As I rubbed suds down his muscular
    legs, he kept trying to pull my mouth over his penis, but I didn't let
    him, since there was more to come.

    When I had finished, I took a look at how the other men were
    progressing. One of them had his head buried in the ass hole of
    another, while a different couple were mutually rubbing soap into their
    genitals. The contrast of flesh and dark pubic hair was a wonderful
    sight to behold as soap and water flowed down everyone's bodies.

    Then my partner got to work. He took the shampoo and rubbed it in my
    head, his long fingers massaging my scalp. He rinsed that off and
    started rubbing soap over my lean body. His strong firm hands pressed
    against my body with extreme confidence. He rubbed my nipples with soap
    repeatedly, exciting the rod between my legs. He rubbed lower and lower
    until he was rubbing my balls and pulling them. His gentle hand stroked
    my prick a few times, then his mouth slipped over it. He licked up and
    down it a couple times, then began to suck in earnest. The pleasure was
    enormous from the combination of his sucking and rubbing my balls. My
    prick grew longer and harder and I started bucking, thrusting my prick
    in and out of his mouth. He stopped before it was too late, letting my
    penis calm down without releasing its payload. Then he continued down
    the curves of my legs, keeping the lather even over my body.

    Now that we were nice and clean, we hugged each other and watched the
    antics of the other men. One of them was soaping up his penis and
    rubbing that on his partner, in a tedious but enjoyable process. A
    small group had formed a butt fuck ring, and were swaying under the
    shower spray. When they saw we were basically finished, they pulled
    their glistening rods out, and finished up their showers.

    When we stepped out of the shower, Bill just stood there and let me do
    the work. I grabbed one of the white towels from the pile. I stood
    right behind him, so I could see every droplet of water on his athletic
    body glistening in the light. I rubbed his hair dry, ignoring the water
    dripping from my naked body, and concentrated on the sexual power
    locked in the docile body before me. I reached my hands around his
    powerful arms, and rubbed the towel deep into his chest with very slow
    circular strokes, allowing me to feel his muscles yielding under my
    touch. I pressed my dripping chest against his back, feeling the warmth
    of his body, as I towelled off his wonderful stomach muscles.

    Then I reached the object of my goal. I rubbed the towel roughly
    against his penis, around his scrotum, and into his public hair. It
    felt so good to be standing behind him, and holding my hands against his
    private parts. I let the towel fall to the floor, and stroked my hands
    across his upper thighs and grasped his boner with one hand and his
    balls with the other. He placed his hands on top of mine, and help me
    rub my hands all over his genitals. It was so exciting that I knelt
    behind him, and slipped my tongue into his clean asshole.
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    Currently Houston Texas
    That's HOT man!
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    Los Angeles
    I busted a nut reading that.
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    ditto here! that was a hot story.
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    Intended result : a throbbing hard-on, lots of pre-cum followed by a splatter of white protein on abs, pecs, and chin.
    hmm hmm good,
    Thanks, eh.
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