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The Mansion : How they met


May 25, 2013
New Jersey
100% Straight, 0% Gay
"Time flies when you're having fun" Brianna thought when she tried to remember how long it was ago she met Frank.
"Three weeks? Four?" she wasn't sure anymore.
Brie was at home and staring out of the window.

It is a sad rainy evening. Dark, except for the streetlights shattering their broken shadows over the wet asphalt.
She met Frank on a Friday night in her favorite local bar, The Drunken Sailor. Brie and her friends where out, having the usual fun.
In Brie's case this mend: getting drunk, hooking up with some guy, making out and fondle in the alley and then complain to her friends about the guys and how stupid they all are.

Most times the evening would end with her ending up in the guy's bed, or even worse, the back of his car.
That night was different; Brie wasn't feeling that good so she didn't drank as much as she normally would. It made the night even worse.
Being sober she kinda realized how stupid it all seems.

"Same shit different day" she thought looking around the crowded bar.
She knew the place so well, she knew the people too well.
"Mike with his insecurity" she smiled "Cute, but no idea what to do with a woman". She looked around "Rob who thinks he is god's gift to woman" She shook her head. "Bobby who changes every talk you have into a talk about him". More and more she started to feel depressed. "Jason, acting like the mysterious silent type". She had to laugh "damn what a bunch of losers".
And the worst part was that Brie slept with all of them.

Brie stood at the bar talking to her friends, to be honest it was more a long solo rant. Her friends knew the drill, they loved her but no one could stand this ranting. Every time it was the same old story "boy's this, boy's that". They would pretend to listen, try to nod or hum approvingly at the right time hoping it would be over soon.

Brie had to go to the ladies room, and that was when she ran into Frank.
She had to pass him and when she did he turned around.
"You are a real piece of work" he smiled. Brie stopped, frowned, tilted her head a little bit "what do you mean?" she asked.
Brianna knew Frank, hell….. everyone knew Frank.

Frank was a local celebrity, not the actor or musician kind,
no Frank was just….. Locally famous.
No one actually knew where he came from.
He moved to this area about 10-15 years ago and stories where going round that he came from L.A. , others claimed Florida and some knew for sure he was British.

Frank was a multi-millionaire and, again, a lot of stories where going round about his fortune. “He inherited it”, “He had a big business”, “He invented things”, “He is a computer god” but no one really seem to know where he got his money from.

But everyone loved him. Frank was just a nice, friendly guy who happen to have a lot of money. He didn’t show off with his wealth, the only thing that people knew that he had was his mansion and a 2012 Lotus Esprit sports car.
Frank observed her, his eyes rolled over her body and he shook his head just a little bit. Brie saw this and got pissed; tonight she was in no mood for games.

"Obviously you have no idea what is going on" Frank said.
He got up from the bar, laid 25 dollar on the counter and walked to the door. "Hey not so fast" Brie cried and ran after him.
Frank was surprisingly fast and by the time Brie got to the door he was already outside. She saw him standing on the corner and when he saw Brie he gently smiled, turned around again and walked to the river.

Brie followed but started to get a bit scared
"Damn what am I myself getting into?" she wondered
"he could be some freak, luring me to the river"
She laughed a bit, for some reason she knew this wasn't the case
"but you never know, right?" said the little voice inside her head.

She watched Frank sitting down at the bank of the river on a big stone.
He sat down, leaned backwards and stared over the river.
"Come" he suddenly spoke "I won't hurt you if that's what you think".
His voice sounded warm and friendly and he spoke slowly, like he thought about every word he said.
Slowly she came closer and finally stood next to Frank.

"Sit" he smiled and his hand offered a spot next to him.
"So you're curious about what I said" he simply stated and looked at Brie. "Euh...well....kinda" she stuttered, her eyes flashed up and down, not sure where to look. "I am Frank…. As you obviously know" he said and Brie tolled him her name.

"Well Brianna" he began "I have seen you in that bar many times, and each week it's the same old story".
He nodded a few times "I am not listening in on your complains, but I pick up a few things here and there"

Brie tried to remember if she saw Frank before?
She couldn't tell, but she was not the person that really paid attention to other people. "He is cute" the voice said, and Brianna had to agree
"Hansom as well"

Frank was a bit taller than she was, dressed in all black.
His hair was brown and he had a pair of the darkest brown eyes she ever saw, the kind off eyes that pierce right through you.
He was slim, but not skinny. He wasn't muscled like some guys who train a lot at the gym. But he looked like someone who got his muscles from hard work. His face was gentle and there was something about him that made him look wise and trustful.

She began to wonder why she actually never noticed him before.
"You my dear" he said "You have an identity problem".
Brie frowned "what do you mean?".
He took a deep breath "You blame all your problems on others,
while in fact the biggest problem is you"

Brie raised her eyebrows and Frank continued.
"If you don't know how to love yourself, you never can love someone else"
he smiled. He moved a bit on his rock and leaned forward a bit, he took a stick and started to draw pattern's in the sand.

"You look for love, but you have no idea what you are looking for.
You basically don't know yourself and blame it on others if they hurt or disappoint you". She thought about it and disagreed
"Nah that's not true, I know exactly what I want"

"Do you?" Frank wondered and Brie nodded quickly "Owh yeah".
"What's your most sensitive side of your body?" he asked.
Brie frowned "what the hell is this about?" she asked herself.
"Well?" Frank asked again.
"Euhh" she mumbled "hmm....not sure....right?....left?"

Brianna got confused, sitting in the middle of the night at the banks of the Delaware with a stranger, and it felt that this conversation slowly turned.

"See" Frank smiled "you don't know nothing"
"I see a woman who is afraid to be alone,
and because of that she settles for less".
Brie got angry "And you're going to tell me soon that YOU are the guy that could fulfill my needs, right?
I think you just tell some bull crap, hoping to get into my pants"

Frank laughed "owh no" he laughed out loud
"don't get me wrong". He stood up now and looked down on Brianna
"you are gorgeous, and I guess every guy would love to fuck you".
Frank reached in his pocket and dug up a business card
"including me" he smiled.

"But the truth is that You" and he pointed his finger at her
"wouldn't have any idea what to do with me".
He tossed his card to Brianna, and like a little chopper it swirled on the sand in front of her.

"If you're interested in finding YOU then give me a call"
he turned away from her and began walking,
"otherwise, have a nice live"

Brianna watched him vanish into the night.
She took the card and turned it around a few times.
There was nothing on it except his first name and a phone number.
Without thinking she put it away, curled her legs up and stared at the river. She would sit there till the early sun started to light the day.