The Massage

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    The Massage

    I had never gotten a massage before, until my wife suggested I get one. Here is what happened…

    We were on a cruise, my wife and I, in the Caribbean. The ship had docked at a small island and my wife had just returned form getting a massage in the spa of the ship. Perhaps she was feeling a little guilty from all of the pampering she had just received, while I sat in the bar and got buzzed on rum drinks.
    “You should get one” she insisted, “it will totally relax you”!
    Why not, I thought, I have always wanted to try it, so I went to the spa to schedule an appointment. I was told that the masseuses were working on the island from private cabanas on the “adult” side of the beach.
    The receptionist said she could squeeze me in as the last appointment at 4:00pm.
    “That will be fine”, I said
    “You will be in cabana #5, with Eric”, she instructed.
    Up until this point, I had never considered the possibility of a guy rubbing me down!, but the thought of it kind of excited me. Being somewhat bi, I had enjoyed messing around with guys before. It was mostly j/o and oral experimentation, but I enjoyed doing it! I realized the possibility of anything happening was remote, but it still gave me that flutter in my stomach!

    I reported to cabana #5 promptly at 4:00, and was greeted by a very good-looking guy. He was about 5’7”, smooth, toned and tan. He looked as though he was partially of asian descent, by the shape of his brown eyes and the color of his tan skin. He was wearing only a tight pair of red spandex running shorts, which showed a nice bulge.
    “Hi, I’m Eric, you must be Jon, my last appointment of the day” he said as he looked me up and down. The wheels of my imagination started to turn.
    “Before we begin, lets talk about what kind of massage you want” he said.
    “What do you mean?” I half stammered. He grinned, realizing that I may have mistook his comment.
    “I’m sorry”, he said. “I mean, deep tissue, relaxation, stress relief?”
    “To be honest, I don’t know, this is my first massage” I said.
    “Ah, a virgin” he laughed. He seemed to be carefully studying my response.
    “Well, your in good hands then, Jon” he said.
    “You seem to be in great shape, what do you do for exercise?”, he asked.
    “Mostly cycling” I replied, “and a little gym work”.
    “I should have guessed that”, he said, staring at my muscular legs.
    “I think we’ll go with a combination of deep tissue and some relaxation techniques”, he said
    Not knowing exactly what to do, I asked “do I strip all the way down, or do I leave my skivvies on?”
    Eric looked me in the eye and said, “that depends on what kind of service you want”. I swallowed hard.
    “What I mean is, if you want me to work the glutes as well as the rest of the leg, you should take them off. If your not comfortable with that, you can leave them on, the choice is completely up to you” he said. “You being a cyclist, I recommend taking them off”, he said. There was no smile on his face now. He was completely serious. I really started to feel as though he was trying to feel me out. Or was it all in my imagination?
    “I’m cool with it”, I said as calmly as I could.
    I could feel his eyes on me, as I slowly slid down my briefs. He turned away as I stood back up.
    “Ok, up on the table, lie on your stomach please”, he said as he held up the cover sheet.

    As I lay on the table, Eric turned on some mood music and rubbed oil on his hands.
    “Lets start with the legs” he said.
    He began with my right calf, then down to my foot. It felt wonderful and I began to relax. He then began massaging my hamstring, working his way up to my right cheek. He began to massage my inner thigh and as he did so he gently brushed against my balls. It was hard to tell if this was accidental or intended, so I spread my legs a little to give him better access. I guess he got the hint, as he massaged my cheek, right up near my asshole, he let the back of his hand roll my balls gently against the table. I shuddered and adjusted myself, as my stiffening cock was becoming uncomfortable, pinned against my abs. I opened my legs a bit more. As I did this he suddenly stopped! Had I gone too far? He began massaging my other leg, slowly working his way up to my ass again. Clearly this guy was good at what he did and he was in control! This time, he was not so sly about it. He reached over and got a bottle of oil which he squirted in the crack of my ass. It was warm and slippery and felt wonderful. He worked his slippery fingers right over my now spasming asshole and it sent a warm electric jolt through my entire body.
    “This is all about your pleasure”, he said. “I want to make you feel good, so we can go as far as you feel comfortable”. With this, he stopped the wonderful kneading of my ass and massaging of my outer sphincter. He positioned himself at the head of the table and began massaging my shoulders. He could obviously tell by my twitching hole that my ass was hungry for more of his touch. He quickly worked his way back down to my warm waiting asshole. As he did so I felt something bump gently against the top of my head. He worked his way back up and down my spine, and I felt it again. I lifted my head out of the donut and rested it upon my hands to see what was going on. WOW! I rose to see Eric’s now hard cock practically ripping its way out of the tightly stretched spandex fabric of his shorts. Rather than wearing his meat to the side as I do, he had his sticking straight out the front. It was outlined perfectly by the straining fabric. The long shaft, arcing majestically over the front of his now enormous looking balls. Hanging just below his ample nutsack, was his plum sized cockhead.
    As he worked his way down my back again, he gently nuzzled his dick against my mouth. As he worked up my back he pulled his package away again. It was then I noticed the growing wet spot on the front of his shorts! It was clearly on now! The excitement washed over me. This hot guy was working my ass and was so turned on that his cock was positively drooling!
    I went for it! I hooked my fingers in the waistband of his shorts and asked, “may I?”
    “What ever your comfortable with” was his response.
    As I slid his shorts down over his bulging unit, it literally sprang out at me, as it did a large drop of precum slingshot out at me and landed on my wrist. Without even thinking, I licked the drop. It was salty and sweet and tasted different than my own. Realizing I had done this without even thinking, I stopped suddenly. Noticing this, Eric smiled and said, “I’m clean, just tested last week”. With that reassurance I relaxed again.
    His cock was about 7” long. The smooth shaft had a downward curve to it and was not as thick as the large juicy head. The combination gave the appearance that his cock head was so heavy, that his shaft had trouble lifting it up! His balls were amazing! They looked like 2 walnuts in a low hanging, soft leather bag.
    I had to feel them! I reached out and grabbed his cock at the root, as I did it suddenly pulsed and another stream of precum slowly oozed out of his dilated piss slit, and on to the back of my hand. This guy was wetter than my wife’s pussy! I ringed my fingers around his fleshy scrotum and slowly slid my hand down his ample sack, trapping his big nuts in my grasp, as I admired their size. As I let go of my grip, they swung gently back and fourth. They hung a good 5-6” below his meaty cock!. They barely fit in my hands as I gently lifted them so I could feel their weight! This guys equipment was truly amazing!

    Eric worked his way down to my waiting ass and this time, he stopped his finger at the opening of my pulsing anus and gently slid his finger in. I tensed up slightly.
    “Relax, it’s only a massage, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but this will help to relieve your stress” Eric said in a near whisper. I had fooled around with fingering myself during masturbation, and it felt pretty good, but I had never had anyone but me up inside, until now! As he slowly worked his finger in and out of my hot hole, I began to relax. As he probed my hole, I watched in amazement as his cock twitched and bobbed up and down leaking long strings of silky precum on to the floor. It looked like was cumming, but he wasn’t. I have never seen a cock leak so much fluid. The fact that his turgid cock was cumming over the sight of me, turned me on even more!
    “Our time is almost up”, he said as slowly removing his slippery finger from hot hole. Whatever he was doing in my ass had me on the brink of cumming!
    “No!” I said almost in a panic!
    “Relax, you will be stress free when you leave, I promise”, he said with a knowing grin.
    “Now, roll over please”
    As I lay on my back, my own rock hard cock was pulsing up and down on my stomach.
    “You have a beautiful cock”, he said “long and thick, your wife is a lucky woman, I hope she gives it the attention it deserves!” he said as he moved around to the side of the table, holding his own long shaft by its base.
    “You probably noticed that my cock precums a lot”, he said breathlessly. I could only nod in agreement.
    “Would you like to taste me again?” I just opened my mouth
    As my face was at the perfect height, I noticed that his large balls were now hanging ridiculously low due to the heat in the room. He glided his cock across my mouth and I licked the underside. Then he pulled it away. He firmly grabbed it by its base and milked it all the way to the head, as he did a long rope of sticky sweet precum, plopped on to my waiting tongue. I had seen cumshots that weren’t this big! I savored it in my mouth then hungrily swallowed it down. He then let me lick his large smooth slippery cockhead, clean.
    He threw his head back as my gentle mouth fucking began to give him intense pleasure. Then I noticed his large scrotum began to rise toward the base of his hanging cock. I was getting this guy off, and that turned me on even more!
    Eric suddenly pulled his dick away and moved down toward my lower torso. His still lubed finger , snaked its way under my balls and circled my now spasming asshole before plunging it deep inside me. I was so relaxed that it went in effortlessly. My raised my legs instinctively to give him easy access. He now began to massage my insides vigorously, and the heat built within me rapidly. I reached down and grabbed firm hold of my rampant penis as Eric expertly finger fucked my ass!
    “Don’t touch it he said!” he said “that’s my job!”
    As I moved my hand away, Eric increased the pace of his movements. Then I began to feel a strange feeling. It was a feeling of release but it felt more like I had to piss than I had to cum! It was incredible!
    My hips began pumping furiously and uncontrollably almost dislodging Eric’s magic finger from my anus!
    Eric must have felt I was close as he reached down and grabbed my bouncing meat. Although my cock ached to be stroked off, Eric just held it by its base and pointed it straight up. He was in total control now!
    Then it happened! My cock erupted like a volcano! Thick streams of cum flew into the air and began to splatter on my chest and face. Normally I am good for 2-3 good streams of cum, but I just kept squirting!
    Eric slowed his stroking and each jet of hot sperm that came from my cock seemed to be timed to the movements Eric was making deep within me. I nearly passed out from the pleasure until I felt Eric suddenly stiffen and heard him grunting in a low guttural tone. I looked over just in time to see Eric furiously beating his rock hard meat. His balls were swinging madly and making loud slapping sound against his legs. His sperm was scalding hot against my skin as he shot thick loads across my stomach and my still spasming cock! Where was all of this hot semen coming from, it seemed like Eric had been cumming all day! How could he have more in reserve? It was an amazing sight!

    Eric’s legs buckled momentarily and he sat down in a chair against the wall. We both sat in stunned silence for a few minutes. We were both totally spent. The room was hot and smelled like sex. I could feel the cum that Eric and I had splattered all over my body, mixing with my sweat and running down my body.
    Finally I was able to find the words to say, “I have never cum like that in my entire life!, what did you do to me?”
    “That”, he said still panting slightly, “was a prostate massage”. “ I don’t do that very often, and I have never had anybody respond to it like you just did!”
    “We had both better clean up and get out of here, the ship will be sailing soon” he said.
    As we showered together in the small shower in the corner of the cabana, both of our cocks became rigid again, but there was nothing we could do about it, as we were short on time.

    As we caught the last shuttle back to the ship, Eric spoke, “you know, we still have 4 days left on this cruise, perhaps I can schedule you another appointment”
    “Well, my wife goes to bed pretty early, perhaps a night appointment?” I said
    “That can be arranged” he said as he smiled.
    And a plan began to form…..

    To Be Continued?…
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    That gave me wood! :evilgrin:
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    horny horny story! My precum is oozing too
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    I'll be right back, but I loved it!
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    you got me rock hard and dripping all over the floor.....going to spew soon....
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    I loved this story!! Love massage stories and this was a great one! Thanks.
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